Medifast recipe for Yummy Chocolate Cookies!!!?

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I finally found a fairly decent cookie recipe!!! Woo hoo!!!! I am still fussing with the recipe but my first effort did pay off rather well.

Chocolate Cookies.

1 packet Maple Oatmeal.

1 packet Hot Cocoa.

2 packets Splenda.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

1/2 tsp almond extract.

2 tsps SF Chocolate Syrup (you may add more to flavor it more).

1/4 cup of water (give or take - work with it to find the right consistency..

Mix the dry ingredients together first. Next, add the wet ingredients. Slowly add the water and stir as you go. The consistency should be thick and sticky, like the scones or drop biscuits. Drop batter onto Pam sprayed cookie sheet. I made 6 nice sized cookies easily.

This makes 2 meals of 3 cookies each. These cookies are a soft cookie but the big thing is they actually LOOK like a cookie! Obviously, they aren't the real deal but they are quite tasty! Enjoy!!..

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I'm going to modify this recipe for all of you. I found a way to make it taste even better, no weird aftertaste, and you can make several at once. This recipe makes 18 cookies/6 meals. This is nice because you can make so many up and they keep nicely in baggies.

Amy's Chocolate Cookies.

3 packet Maple Oatmeal.

3 packet Hot Cocoa.

6 packets Splenda.

1 1/2 tsp baking powder.

3 tbls SF Chocolate Syrup.

2 tbls SF Hazelnut Syrup.

1/2 to 3/4 cup of water (work with it to find the right dough-like consistency.).

On two cookie sheets, spoon out 18 cookies of even size. Bake in separate batches - 400 degrees for 8 minutes. Let cool and enjoy...

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Just tried these. Fab-u-lous. I paired 3 of the cookies with a vanilla shake (it's 7 here and I had two more meals to get it). It's like milk and cookies. mmmm mmmm!!!..

Comment #2

Hi Amy!.

I just want to thank you for taking the time to whip up all these delicious treats!!! I have not tried these cookies yet, but I know it will be delicious!!! I'm addicted to the scones and the chocolate bites!!! Thanks again!..

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Great recipe!!! I just made these on this soggy Sunday afternoon..

I changed this up a bit. I added coconut extract and about 3 tsp of coconut flakes.



Comment #4

Should the cookies spread a little when they bake? What consistency should the "dough" be so I know how much water to add? (You know how Medifast thickens as you let it sit...) I haven't tried the recipe yet, had a bad experience with the recipe on the box. Thanks for the help!..

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I am so glad you all like the recipe! They are real life savers when that ol' chocolate craving hits! Plus, they keep really, really well!.

Maureen - Yes, the cookies will spread, about like a "normal" cookie would spread. They end up at about 3 inches in diameter. So, they look like and are the size of a real cookie. I don't wait for the mix to thicken. I plop it out on the cookie sheets immediately. The dough should be about like a drop biscuit or oatmeal cookie dough (real, not log) consistency.

Rick - I haven't tried the coconut extract but I bet it is good! I am also thinking of trying Black Walnut extract. Thanks for the tip!..

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I'm assuming that you could also make 6 cookies too, one per each meal, or would that mess up the recipe?.

I like to have one big fat cookie!!!.

Thanks for the rockin' recipe!..

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I tried these cookies over the Labor Day weekend. Boy, are they DELICIOUS!! The hot cocoa really gives them a wonderful flavor without the soy taste. I like using it in various things, too. Thanks for your recipes. I find it very helpful to use the recipes so I don't get bored. They help somuch with cravings when I'm feeling deprived.



Comment #8

Phae - I think the only change to the recipe would be the cooking time. If you want a giant cookie, go for it!!!.

Eileen - I am so glad you like the recipe! They help me greatly with my monthly chocolate cravings. I made a batch this weekend with coconut extract instead of vanilla and it was really tasty. I look forward to my cookies every day!!..

Comment #9

Hi all, this is my first reply to any posts and I have to say I really liked the cookies. I made these up for a camping trip so I would have something fast and quick while others were "smoring". And they taste great. I had 3 servings left and went to eat one yesterday and found (yuck) white fuzzies on them! So great recipe, but remember to refrigerate what you don't eat!! An expensive lesson. Thanks for sharing your great recipes and ideas...

Comment #10

Does anybody know if you can use a chocolate shake instead of the hot cocoa? I don't have any cocoa yet, but I just got some sf chocolate syrup and i'm anxious to make these!..

Comment #11

I went ahead and made these with a shake instead of cocoa because I was desperate to find a good cookie recipe. I will say, it is the best recipe I've tried so far. They did taste better the next day, more flavorful and very real cookie texture. Someone mentioned adding coconut flakes, and I think that with a little coconut and almond extract would make for a great macaroon!! I guess you might use a vanilla shake for that.

Thanks for the recipe!..

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