Your favorite Nutrisystem foods?

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Ok, on Tuesday or Wednesday next week my husband and I each have our first boxes coming (!!!!!). I know that some of these questions have already been asked in some of my previous posts, but I want to make sure I know what I need to be doing to start this off right..

First of all, for the first week the guy set up the favorite foods list. Does anyone have a list or a guess what food might be on that? I want to be prepared for doctoring up..

I found the list of recommended grocery foods. I am going to for sure be getting fresh veggies to put food over, mushrooms (we both love them), fruit (and cut some up to put in cereal and such)... but is there a rule of thumb about how much vegs./fruits/proteins each of us should consume a day with our meals, or does it depend on what we are getting? I am pretty sure someone already told me 3 to 4 fruits/vegs. a day? Is that two and two? Where do we put in the carb. and dairy?.

Someone mentioned I should just enter my meals into the daily tracker, but we don't have internet at our home (I am at a coffee shop right now)..

And this may sound like a silly question, but how long does the food stay good in the box? I am not exactly sure what it is coming, and we will be checking the spot a few times every day (it can't come to the main door because we live in an apartment), but would the food keep ok for a few hours if we don't get to it in time?.

Thanks for any help!..

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Your question was: Your favorite Nutrisystem foods?.

You may find some helpful tips in this thread...

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Just remember that there will be some chocolate stuff in the box probably and if it gets too hot where your box is placed, it might get "melty." All you have to do, though, is just bring it inside and let it cool off or just put those items in the frig or freezer for a while. Hope you enjoy everything you get and do well on the program!!..

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Welcome. What exactly do I need? A fork, the rest will come naturally!..Love Eileen..

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You will get a food journal in your box when the food comes. The basic plan is all self stable foods, so you don't have to worry about getting it into a frig or freezer. But as others have said, the chocolate bars will come melted during the summer. Just stick them in the 'fridge when you get the box and they will re-solidify.

Your journal will tell you about the food add ins. However, that information can also be found on this sight. You can click on the My Program tab. That should take you to an on line journal. Make sure it matches the plan you signed up for (basic, silver, diabetic...) and you will be able to see what types of foods you are to add to each meal. If you have over 100 pounds to loose you will add a low GI carb at breakfast and dinner and a fruit at dinner in addition to the foods listed on your planner.

Then if you go to the Tips and Recipes tab and click on the recommended food lists, you will see what is recommended as add ins and how much is considered a serving. That will help you with your initial shopping.

I highly suggest you take this time between now and when your boxes come to clear out all the off plan foods from the house. Just throw them out (or if unopened give them to a food bank). It is so much easier to stay on track when there are no foods in the house to tempt you off plan. And you are going to need space to put the foods you recieve. We talk about getting out BBB (big brown box) when we talk about getting our food orders. A month's worth of food is a lot and you will need space to store it.

Welcome to NS! This is a really great program and it really works when you work the program..

I wish you much success with your journey...

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TZ- I noticed how you set a reasonable small goal, reach it and then set another goal. How clever! That way you do not set yourself up to fail so quickly and it does not become overwhelming. What a great idea! You feel better losing a 10-15 pound goal, than thinking I have to lose 60 pounds. That tip should be passed on to newbies kiddo...

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This is some general Newbie Advice:.

1. Clean out your cupboards because a month's worth of food takes up a lot of space. You might as well shove all that other stuff to the side..

2. Here is a basic list of grocery items that will help you out at first. Of course you'll have to tailor it to your likes, but if you are overwhelmed, get these and you'll be fine the first week. Nutrisystem requires you to supplement their food with fruits, veggies, proteins, fats, carbs, and dairy..


Fat Free (FF) yogurt (find some that is 120 calories or lower with at least 7 grams of protein more is better, but no more than 3 grams of fat).

FF milk.

Low fat string cheese.

Turkey deli meat.

Veggies other than potato or corn.


Whole wheat rolls (120 calories or lower).


Peanut butter.

FF salad dressing (probably 2 kinds).

Lots of salad makings (no croutons).

3. Drink ALL the water. Nutrisystem says at least 48 ounces a day but I'd shoot for 64. Other drinks with no calories, caffeine, or sodium also count as water. Caffeine is allowed, but doesn't count as water..

4. Eat ALL the food. Leaving out any of the add-in servings will slow down your weight loss and is not healthy. A big part of Nutrisystem is learning about proper nutrition and portion control..

5. Weigh only once a week. Weight (espeically in women) fluctuates a lot from day to day. Waiting for a week helps ensure you don't get discouraged. Nutrisystem is NOT a quick diet plan. It is a very healthy way to lose weight slowly while teaching you how to properly fuel your body.

But it DOES work as long as you stay on plan most of the time..

6. This biggest tip to succes on this plan is to hang out on a support board (my favorite is the 50+ Support Group but you can find many others that may be more appropriate for you). It is the perfect way to get support and information and to be a bit more accountable.

7. Exercise is an extremely valuable tool on this program. If you can get even 15 minutes a day in, you'll be on your way. If you can build up from that at least 5 days a week, you'll not only lose faster, but you'll be amazed at how much better it makes you feel physically and emotionally in a very short time. This program works without exercise just more slowly..

8. Have FUN because once the pounds and inches start disappearing, this program is very exciting and your motivation will feed on your success. Good luck and WAY TO GO making such a fantastic choice for better health and fitness. Good for YOU!..

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Most of the food has a 12-18 month shelf life. Here is the secret decoder....

NS Expiration Dates.

This is from a previous post, I don't know who posted it but it explains the expiration dates:.

Most items have two letters followed by 5 numbers. The letters represent the plant where it was made. The first 2 numbers are the month, next two numbers are the day and the last number is the year the item was packaged. Each item is supposed to stay fresh 12 to 18 months. This is a packaging date system, not a best by date as listed on some products. For example AB01019, your package was made at plant AB on January 1, 2009..

There is one more system of dating with the Julian date. If you have 5 numbers a space and then more number with a semicolon, then the first two numbers are the year, the next three the day of the year and the last numbers are the military time.

For example if this was your code 07179 18:25, then your product was manufactured on the 179th day of 2007 at 6:25 p.m...

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Yes, the idea of needing to loose 140 pounds was overwhelming. I couldn't conceive it, and knew I needed to be able to celebrate long before I will reach 140 pounds. I'll be half the person I was when I finally reach goal. That takes a lot to wrap one's mind around. In fact, I celebrated every 5 pounds I lost. Just with small things like flowers from the grocery store, a new top, etc.

Maybe because I'm a pediatric OT and have had to learn how to celebrate the small successes my clients make, I just instinctively set myself up with the small minigoals. It works for me though...

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I just started today... and we started without me hitting the store first.

I would suggest you have some Oatmeal, Fat Free Yogurt, FF Milk, Fruit (we had peaches in the fridge), lettuce (and other salad veggies), FF salad dressing, and green beans..

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All that info will come with the box. Meal planner is a small booklet, it is great. You will get some info to get started and then it pays to read the daily posts. You learn so much more. Everyone (pretty much) is great here and will be very helpful. Also call for help anytime- they are great too.

(Unless ordered frozen meals)- if basic plans it is all pre cooked and just store it in a pantry, back room, closet, bin, whatever. May want to stick bas in refrig to unmelt them. Food lasts much longer than you will have it- there are expiration date info on these sites- how to figure it out. But you won't need to worry. People have said they have had it over 6 mo.

As for how many fruits, vergs, etc a day-that info will be in the box. You don't have to eat it in the order given- but have to eat it all and drink 48+ oz. water a day- that is a biggy. You eat about every 2 hrs..

Welcome- it is a great program. Slow down and breathe- I know it is exciting..

You are gonna do just fine...

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You may find some helpful tips in this thread...

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