Your favorite Medifast crackers?

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Next time I'm thinking of ordering some of the Medifast crackers (snacks)..

Do you have a favorite? If so, let me know. Also, how do those fit in.

To the plan. Do you just have them every once in a while, or are you.

Enjoying daily?.

Please share..

Comments (17)

Yeah, I was just thinking of them when I pulled my chicken and wild rice soup out of the crock pot..... mmmmmmmmmm crackers......... LOL..

Comment #1

I know some people love them, but for me the crackers aren't worth the cost, either in money or calorie count.

I can't get my head around how something with 60 calories and 12 g of carbs is a snack, especially when it is put up against 3 celery sticks, 17 cals and 4.1 g carbs, or SF Jelllo 10 calories, 0 carbs. Hey I was starving last night so I had 3 celery sticks, AND a pot of SF Jello..

Seriously, I bought them once and struggled to use them up, but each to their own. If I really need a snack, or a crouton type experience I prefer to use 1/2 a pack of cheese puffs, far tastier...

Comment #2

I buy the crackers once per monthly orderso have them occasionally. I like to crush them up and add to canned water packed albacore tuna or canned water packed Alaskan salmon. I add 1 T of egg beaters, some herbs. Then"fry" the tuna or salmon patties up in a pan with PAM..

Tasty! Just remember to weigh your tuna or salmon before you make the patty..

Also- the crushed crackers (either type) make an awesome coating for turkey cutlets. Same thingweigh out your turkey cutlet breast. Then dip in just a bit of eggbeaters. Then into the crushed crackers. Add some pepper and spicy Mrs. Dash.

You are allowed a bit of olive oilI generally eat some olives for my healthy fat-so often rely on the PAM for frying..

Good success in the program!..

Comment #3

The crackers are a " must have" for me with the chili. Not eating it otherwise.

Also if TOM is making you ravenous, a Laughing cow lite wedge on a package of crackers will do the trick! at least it does for me..

I like the veg crackers best..


Comment #4

For me it's simple math. I lose 1 to 1.5 less pounds in the weeks I eat the crackers. Everytime I've eaten the crackers I break 100 carbs for the day. I stay away from them now...

Comment #5

I love the crackers! It's the perfect pick-me-up if I'm feeling bored with my normal rotation of shakes/oatmeal/drinks..

Like reikime, I eat them with a wedge of lite Laughing Cow cheese..

It's definitely not a daily thing for me, because I will avoid having a snack unless I NEED one, and when I do, this is what I turn to. I've never noticed it slowing down my weight loss, but ymmv.

I've only had the multi-grain flavor (I didn't even know there was a garden veggie flavor!)...

Comment #6

I've only had the garden vegetable crackers and I thought they were good with the soup every now and again and was thinking about grinding them and using it for a coating on chicken one night....

Comment #7

I keep them on hand for recipes! I used it in my stuffing for Thanksgiving, and Cauliflower Latkes for Hanukkah..

I want to make spinach balls and will use it in there. Guess I use them as breadcrumbs to make some favorite foods! I am thinking meatballs!..

Comment #8

I don't do snacks since I'm a slow loser, sorry. I've read some great ideas for using them in the recipe section, though, that has me thinking I should get a box just to have for some Medifast recipe fun...

Comment #9

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