Weight Loss with Wu Long (Tea)



Wu Long is also pronounced Oolong

Many weight loss programs require eating smaller meals and exercising. But what if you could merely drink those pounds away?

This product is so powerful that many have seen a loss of 50lbs in 1 month. You likely already drink tea and/or coffee, so why not drink the tea that will help you shed those unwanted pounds?

Chinese Wu Long Slimming Tea, claims to burn over 150 percent more calories than your normal green tea, by reducing fattening effects of carbohydrates, clarifying skin, and reducing saturated fat absorption.

Drinking the tea will typically show results in 30 days. According to the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, Japan's Shiga University of Medical Sciences, drinking this tea about 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates will lower the amount of insulin your body usually produces after eating carbohydrates.

The benefits of drinking Wu Long tea include:
- younger looking skin
- healthier teeth
- a strengthened immune system
- contains antioxidants
- this is a natural product
- reduced percentage of free radicals within your body by 50 percent within 15 days.

It's recommended that you drink a cup of tea 15 minutes prior to breakfast and lunch. It also contains about as much caffeine as a cup of green tea which is less than a cup of coffee. So if you are not sensitive to caffeine you are welcome to drink more.

Fun Facts
It is believed that Wu Long (oolong) tea first began to be produced at Mt. Wu Yi Shan (in Fujian Province) at the end of the Ming Dynasty, roughly 400 years ago.

In order to enjoy the rich aroma and flavor unique to oolong tea, the delicate art of drinking it was developed. This fine art of drinking tea involves using a tiny teapot and a tiny teacup. So, it has been seen that chinese people have adopted this style of drinking tea for generations and is still practiced today.

However it is difficult to make delicious Wu Long tea. However since the development of canned Wu Long tea, it has become a normal part of the japanese lifestyle.






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