Worried about Nutrisystem foods melting in heat?

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I am about to place my very first Nutrisystem order. I am concerned, somewhere on these boards I remember reading about some products arriving melted due to's VERY hot here in Vegas, should I be concerned?.

Do they ever mail with ice packs? Sorry if this sounds clueless, just new to Nutrisystem and don't want my food to arrive melted or unedible. Thanks!..

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Your question was: Worried about Nutrisystem foods melting in heat?.

You probably have a UPS customer service center nearby that you can have your shipment held for pick up in. You will need to contact Nutrisystem Customer Service as soon as you receive the shipping notice with the UPS Tracking number - they will contact UPS to hold the package for you. I did that with my last shipment and ALL of my chocolate items were fine (no soup or mangled shapes o'chocolate). I live in Alabama and the summer heat and the non-air conditioned UPS delivery trucks don't mix, as I'm very sure the same holds for Vegas (I lived there for 3 years, too)...

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I'm on Maui, & last on the UPS delivery list, so melt happens, espe(ially during summer months. I don't know what the deal was, but nothing in my last shipment was squishy. How'd they do that?!..

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Thanks for the replies! When I placed the order, they told me that if anything is damaged or melted they will replace it..all I have to do is call. But, even if they replace them, they will most likely melt as well! LOL.

I like the idea of having it held at the UPS center. Thanks! Can't wait to get started!..

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Wow! that's the first I heard of replacement..

I order less but eat it any way - it's still yummy!..

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I have picked mine up at the ups distribution center before. I just track it and when I know it's coming I call them and they hold it for me...

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I changed my address to the UPS center and now it's listed as HOLD for PICKUP. I check the tracking and then when it says Out For Delivery I know it's there and I can come get it. I zoom up there at 9am and it's just fine .....otherwise it would be 6pm after sitting on the hot truck all day!.

Works like a charm!..

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I have it delivered to my office. UPS comes by in the morning..


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