Will Medifast work for teenagers? (13 yrs old)?

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Question I have... Will Medifast work for teenagers? (13 yrs old)? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. So I basically seem to lose 2 lbs a week. I know it's in the right direction and what not but when I think about how long I need to be OP at this rate it seems SO long..

Does anyone have any advice for staying positive and not getting overwhelmed?..

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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Congrats! I'm hoping for the same rate of loss..

What I'm doing is breaking that down into little periods so I can focus on those short term successes. My first goal is down 25 by DHs birthday. Then the next is focused on when we are hosting a huge party and the final is the holidays when we host yet another big event and I want to look HOT finally for that one (which is funny cuz it's in Alaska so I'll actually be looking hot while freezing to death!)..

And within those bigger goals I'm seeing smaller ones....I want to be down at least a size when we do our staff dinner party in may. And it goes on from there with little areas of focus on he little accomplishments..

And finally this will make you laugh....I read things like your ticker! That chit is motivating to me! You are so much further down the road and still losing and I find that encouraging!..

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I have a spreadsheet on my computer that lists out lots of tiny mini goals. I have a set that are "down 5 lbs, down 10lbs". Then I figured out all the "BMI of 25, BMI of 24" weights and listed those. Then I put in all the 180s, 170s, and the 10% loss, 20% losses. By the time I was done, I had a long list of mini-goals that are never more than 2-3lbs apart (and many even closer)..

It may sound ridiculous, but it keeps me focused on reaching just the 'next' goal (which is always an achievable goal) rather than where I eventually need to be. Seeing all the little checkmarks add up gives me something to continually refer back to and see my progress too..

Good luck!..

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Oh what I wouldn't give to average 2 lbs a week! You have to realize that in my book, that makes you one of the luckiest people I know. My average is .5-1 lb a week. It took me 7 months to lose 50. Pleas remember that you will have larger losses as well as smaller. What's important is that you are losing. You likely didn't gain the weight over night.

Just hang in there are look at the success you've had so far, rather than how far you have to go. Who knows if you will continue to lose 2 lbs a week, or if you may start to lose faster?..

Comment #4

I agree to set smaller mini-goals. I get myself a charm for my silver charm bracelet for every 10lbs. I buy the charm when I'm 7 or 8 lbs down and that really motivates me to get to the next decade so I can put it on my bracelet. Right now I'm 1lb away from my cute little sailboat charm..

I also joined my first challenge in January and that was really helpful. I'm now doing another on that is for Summer. I like reporting my weight to this bigger group and tracking my progress my mini-goal in June...

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Would you mine posting this spreadsheet? That sounds like something I need - seriously! I would appreciate it! Or you can PM me if you'd rather! But it might help others too if you don't mind sharing!..

Comment #6

I would LOVE to consistently loose 2 lbs a week! But, I look at it this way - it will be 3 months tomorrow and I'm just shy of loosing 30 lbs and being halfway to my goal!.

Slow and easy.....

Comment #7

I would love to see that spreadsheet too!.

Thanks for the responses. I guess I think about some events coming up that are weeks away and think excitedly oooh I can be thinner for that. Then when I do the calculation it's just not that much. For example we are going on a cruise for Memorial day. Thats 7 weeks away. Only 14 pounds if I continue to be 2 lbs a week..

Thats not going to get me to onederland as I was hoping for when I started 5 weeks ago. Oh well, I shouldn't make goals like that I guess...

Comment #8

The next 4, 5, or 6 months will pass one way or another. Enjoy the ride and your shrinking body, no matter how long it takes to get to goal.

I've found weight loss goals for events can be the most stressful way to lose weight...

Comment #9

Just don't have to reach goal before you start reaping the benefits of being on-plan. Enjoy the moments along the way. Also, 2 lbs a week is better than the alternative....being off-plan and possibly gaining more weight. Right? It's all about perspective...

Comment #10

My losses are typically in the under 2 pounds per week range. I.


Feel bad about it, because I ask myself this question:.

How much weight was I losing per week before Medifast?.

(Answer: NONE)..

Comment #11

I've found that it helps me to focus on the "one day at a time"..

But I did figure out that I have a trick that's getting me there a little easier..

Here's an example:.

I was looking forward to breaking 170 first thing in the morning (i'm at my lowest then).

I did it and I did a "happy dance.

I then started looking forward to not seeing 170 no matter what time I stepped on the scale (that turns out to be about another 5 pounds).

I do another happy dance..

I then look forward to breaking 160.

And so on....

The shift in my attention, back and forth and back again, is helping me to stay focused on the immediate goal and it seems to make things go faster. I just figured out what I was doing this morning..

The reason the "weight no matter what" number means so much to me is that I'm kissing each segment goodbye forever. For instance, I will NEVER see 180 on a scale EVER again. Not fully dressed. Not in a drs office. NEVER..

I just kissed 170 goodbye and it felt GREAT!.

Now I've shifted to seeing 159.8 for the first time. Only three pounds to go..

If I look at how *little* I've lost in the last week, it gets depressing really fast. And I will NOT look at how far I have to go. All I worry about is today...

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Thats how I feel today. I only lost 1 pound this week!.

Hoping that next week I see another big number! BUT I am thrilled that in 1 month I lost 15 pounds. It is jsut hard to see that small number on the scale...

Comment #13

You and I started of at about the same weight. I know it can be very frustrating at times because sometimes the sacrifices seem to overshadow the benefits from maybe "eating." However, I started focusing on one week at a time. I asked myself, "What can I do different this week that may trick my body into loosing more weight?" I found that this motivated me to drink more water, walk more and stay consistant. Good luck, stay focused and believe that YOU CAN DO THIS!..

Comment #14

I have averaged under 2 pounds a week since I started MF, so don't get discouraged. Like others said, break it down into smaller mini goals. I have mine listed in my signature line. I have to do it that way and not get too concerned about a timeline or how long it is going to take me. I know it's hard to see others losing at a faster rate, but losing is losing in my opinion...

Comment #15

I have averaged 2 pounds per week as well, it does add up fast. I understand getting overwhelmed about how long it will be till goal, but you will be feeling (and looking) better way before goal. Smaller sizes, smaller waist, etc. So it's not as if there is nothing good until you reach goal, does that make sense?.

I also agree that 2 pounds per week is way better than no pounds per week.

Consistent weight loss is the key. It sounds like you are doing that so keep it up! Even if it takes you one year or longer on medifast, you still have the rest of your life to be skinny! I remind myself of that often. I can sacrifice one year being 100% on a diet to be healthy and feel great for the rest of the years..

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