Will Medifast lead to anorexia?

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Is anyone else out there afraid this will lead to Anorexia? Or if are any ex-anorexics out there afraid this will encourage anorexia?? I am afraid of the high feeling I get from this and wanting to just have 6 Medifast meals a day no Lean and Green.. I think I am sabotaging myself due to this fear... any thoughts?..

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I'm at goal and in maintenance. I don't care about food anymore and have a completely new relationship with food. I eat to live, not live to eat. My old behavior was to think about my next meal when I was eating a meal..

This program will NOT lead to anorexia, I don't think. You are in ketosis, and you are not hungry or thinking much about food. If you do NOT eat all 6 meals a day, your body will think you are starving it and your weight loss will stop. If you run out of time for the day, eat two Medifast meals at night at the same time. It is crucial that you get all 850-900 calories. That is equal to 16-18 Weight Watcher points.

Do not worry about anorexia. Once you get to goal, go through transition and then maintenance, you won't obsess about food, but when you eat you will enjoy it. For me, it's all about continuing to control my portion sizes, and eating 2 Medifast meals a day for my snacks..

So the bottom line is that fear of anorexia is not an excuse to eat fewer meals, or get off the plan. You know what to do, so get rid of any fears. This program is a life changing deal, and the only side effect is getting thin, healthy, and free from food addiction..

God Bless You,.


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I wasn't Anorexic but I was bulimic. It happened for multiple reasons more or less it was my outlet for stress, hate and a lot of things. If anything though being on Medifast has helped with it. Yes thankfully for supportive friends etc... I found a way to stop. Unfortunately I still have my relapses, but compared to how I was before Medifast I've learn to deal with things and food much better.

If anything medifast gives you hope and structure to not depend on food for the wrong reasons...

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I worry about anorexia all the time. I have a history of self-injury and am always vigilant for the thoughts that go along with it. I found recently that I was falling back into old patterns not eating enough calories because I didn't really want food, exercising a lot and with the intent to exhaust myself, thinking I need to lose faster. These things happen. I caught myself, I corrected my eating and exercising schedule, and I continue on.

MF is just a program. All diets have the potential to create these thoughts in people who are susceptible. Many overweight people have eating disorders the reason we're overweight. The first line of defense is to have a plan in your own mind on how to take care of yourself. If you have these thoughts and don't think you can control yourself, then I strongly suggest you talk to a doctor or therapist. They can help you control the actions sometimes even find the cause of the thoughts and get rid of them..

You aren't alone in having these thoughts and fears and you don't have to go through this alone. There are people here who understand....


Comment #3

MFA cannot lead to eating disorders at all!.

IMF with zero meals was the original MFA program and is still used by doctors for morbidly obese patient.

I have just for quick attempted one day and I won't do it again. I actually see why they switched to a 5MF plus L&G..

For one those L&G are helping us forge new healthy eating habit and teaching us portion control..

When I did a day of IMF and nothing, STRONG craving overwhelmed me all day long..

Next day I went right back to IMF plus my beloved L&G. And I know MFA cannot heal my stress eating. I alone need to continue working on my stress eating demons for the rest of my life!..

Comment #4

Oh wow, I sure hope that you are eating your lg!.

My problem was "over eating" over the years lol, I would never consider starve myself!..

Comment #5

Last night I had a bulimia relapse. I've got to take my husband for an MRI right now. Will share more later...

Comment #6

I believe, if you don't get help for your disorder, that Medifast will be a temptation for you and can be a tool for you to relapse. Medifast doesn't cause eating disorders. Those are psychological conditions that are present in some people. I have certainly considered this, because I have a history of self-injury and self-punishment. If I'm in that mindset, Medifast can be used (outside the recommendations) to help me injure or punish myself. But the Medifast is not the problem.

If you are afraid that you are thinking about (or are using) Medifast incorrectly to starve or injure yourself, then you should see a medical professional a visit to your GP, an appointment with a therapist. This is something you should take seriously..

If you are just curious about it, fasting doesn't usually cause psychological issues unless trauma is involved. Medifast is a safe program used by many medical professionals as a tool to help their obese patients..

I hope this helps....


Comment #7

On the contrary, the 5/1 trains us to eat frequently...small meals throughout the day, to keep our bodies fueled WITH food instead of withOUT food. I used to starve myself all day & eat one huge meal in the evening. Nowadays, I am in the habit of doing just the opposite..



Comment #8

Emma is wise.

Personally, I think that the regimented style of Medifast is perfect for a lot of people, but could be dangerous for those that are predisposed to disordered eating.

It's a slippery slope. My best advice would be to seek out a professional to speak with if you feel like you are struggling. Don't brush it off.

Best of luck to you...

Comment #9

I have a past with eating disorders and Medifast is honestly what saved me from going deeper into them. I don't have to THINK about what I'm eating all the time but I'm still losing weight...AND nourishing my body. I never thought I'd find something that could do all three...

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I thought I read somewhere in fine print that Medifast is not recommended for people with eating disorders. It's obviously helped people, as stated in this thread. Perhaps if that fine print warning was indeed something I had read, it was just for a precaution?..

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I struggled with anorexia and bulemia from the time I was 12 until I got pregnant at 22. Even now, at the age of 34 I have urges to binge and purge, but I don't give into them. It is something I will probably struggle with for the rest of my life. Medifast is teaching me how to eat healthy and still lose the weight. I am so glad my mom pushed me to do this...

Comment #12

No, you are correct. People who have/have had eating disorders are not supposed to use Medifast without being under a doctor's supervision. It is similar for almost all commercial weight-loss programs...

Comment #13

I had to get the ok from my doctor and have to check in once a week to get my vitals checked and to see how I am doing...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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