Will Medifast help with high blood sugar?

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Can anyone tell me if this program is the way to go with a high blood sugar problem. I am new to this problem (high blood sugar). I just got a call from my doctor and she said my blood sugar was high and she wants to recheck it in 3 weeks. Will sticking to this program help with this? I have been off and on the program for a few months but now I am scared. Any and all advise from anyone will be gratefully received...

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MF should make a big difference for you it sure did for me! After 4 months and almost 60 pounds I am completely off two of the diabetes medications I've been on for years, and am tapering down on the third one. My doctor is thrilled but more importantly, so am I!!.

Good luck with your journey! We are all here to cheer you on!.


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At first my blood sugar didn't seem like it was going down. Then about the fourth week I see a consistant change. I used to be in the 130-140's all the time. Now I have started to see a consistant 110 area. Morning sometimes I am in the 120's but not often. Shoot...I am seeing 99 and 94 more now..

I believe that Medifast is helping to bring my blood sugar down along with my weight. I've been this weight before and my blood sugar was higher.

Good luck. You will make it work for you and your heath..


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Anna it's been a while since you posted so I hope you come back to read this. I wish I would have listened to my doc when she told me my sugar was to hi. No I thought that can't happen to me and ignored it for years. now I'm a diabetic for real and take meds. Medifast works to keep my sugar at a normal level and I'm already down to just 1 pill per day! I'm doing great and I hope by now you are too. If you will lose weight and exercise that's the best medicine to keep your sugar under control! good luck! bb..

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It definitely works for me. I was on 4 meds trying to keep it down. I was doing pretty good - I was getting close to normal 3 month tests (Hemo A1C). 4 weeks on the plan, I was 5.4 which is in the normal range and 1.2 points lower!..

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