Will Medifast help if I have Insulin Resistance?

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I found out today (just starting MF, waiting on an order) that I have insulin resistance. I've done tons of research online and talked with my LNP today extensively, and they say Medifast is definitely going to help that. I can't help but still be freaked out, though. I've never dealt with this before, and I don't know what to expect. Anybody been there, done that?.

On the other hand of being freaked out, I'm kind of relieved to have an explanation. I do my best to eat healthy, proportional meals every day and I just keep gaining and gaining weight. A big part of that is being insulin resistant. The glucose cannot be released from the cells, so turn into more fat, and more insulin is produced, leading to a vicious cycle. Next time I feel horrible about myself, I can at least feel that it's not ALL (yes much of it) just me...

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I have been insulin resistant with PCOS for years. This has been the best thing I have ever done. I feel better than I have in years. Insulin Resistance can be treated - don't freak just try the program and have your bloodwork redone in a few months!.

Good luck!..

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Jolie, I also have PCOS with Insulin Resistance. This is the 1st time I have been successful in losing weight. I was diagnosed 10 years ago, but started steadily gaining 20 years ago.

You will definitely begin to feel better as you stay on plan. I'm starting Week 5 today and I am so blessed to have lost 14lbs the 1st month. I was terrified it wasn't plausible, but the very 1st thing I did when I joined this forum was look for other women with PCOS and Insulin resistance and low and behold, there are MANY success stories to be found and FINALLY, I am one of them!.

Do your best to stay OP. It will take a few weeks to get into your groove, but it is possible and there are many of us here to support you..

Keep up the great work you're already doing!..

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Jolie, (the below links are more helpful in describing it than I am).

PCOS is short for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

In short, it is a Hormone problem causing all types of cycle issues and for many women, humiliating circumstances that lead to poor body image. When you combine PCOS with Insulin Resistance, it can really cause some psychological issues. I'll have to stop here, because I can't bring myself to talking about my own demons "outloud."..

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As someone with PCOS I can say, for me at least, the demons can be a hunger-gaining-compulsive eating roller coasted that no one wants to have..

Add to that I can gain weight 100x's faster than I can lose it, there are complications with TTC and other fantastic hormonal disorders that are not fun...

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Thank you for sharing. My issues cause me to feel like a freak, which is why I won't discuss them here in the open, but I am working on that..

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You are certainly not a freak and more woman are in this situation than the medical profession is willing to admit. Too many women go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and wonder why nothing works. You're in good company here...

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Thanks, y'all. Beth, you are not a freak, but I understand. When I talked to my doc, it helped me to STOP feeling like a freak because I was hungry all the dang time. Keep up the good work!..

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I am also IR! What a relief it has been to me to understand why I was craving certain foods like a drug. I still do-but I understand if I eat them I will start that vicious cycle again. I have probably had it for years and never knew-doctors just did not listen to me..

Laura Lee..

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How do you ever get to the fat burning stage when you are insulin resistant? I do great the first week and a couple and a couple of pounds the second but by the third week I am so tired from not burning fat that I feel the need to cheat with a carb to get energy!! Any suggestions?..

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I'm in Week 5 and have only had 2 insane desires to cheat. One was on day 4 for some Peanut Butter, the other last Friday night for Popcorn. The girls that were here on the Board helped me press through that Peanut butter craving and last Friday night; although I posted about it, I was able to get through it on my own..

I never believed in a diet that could help stabilize my body until I talked to my Doctor about Medifast and got through the first week. On Day 5, I could already see a difference in my Face/Neck and could feel the difference in my Breasts..

I am doing everything I can to not cheat. I already know Pizza, Popcorn and French fries are something that will simply have to not be a part of my life. It is poison for my body...

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I have pcos too, and it's not fun to deal with and Im glad that there is this diet for us that have to deal with this "beast" lol, and we are able to finally lose weight for once! And yes, I have problems with TOM (like now) and a lot of other problems, but once I lose this weight Im hoping and praying that this disease can get under control!..

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Anyone who is very overweight - probably also becomes insulin resistant...

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Xsyarn, yeah I know all my problems are because of my weight, but thats one reason I am losing is to be "normaL" and not worry about dr saying you have to lose weight now they will actually look at mea and treat me different instead of just looking at "weight" being the main issue!..

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Yes, I know - someone's body size becomes the first thing people notice, especially medical people...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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