Will I get hungry on the Nutrisystem plan?

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I just placed my first order so I'm new to NS. I need advice on how to not think about food! Whenever I "diet" or limit what I eat, I obsess about the things that I can't eat... I'm worried about being hungry on this plan. I'm a busy working mom and sit at a desk all day so I have lots of opportunity to think about food. Also, I'm going to have to cook for my family and I'm worried I'll want to eat that food as well!.

Any advice on how to maintain the "full" feeling is welcomed!..

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Your question was: Will I get hungry on the Nutrisystem plan?.

Hello and welcome..

After 3 years on Nutrisystem I have never been hungry, not once. Follow the plan, spread out your food over/for the day, and you will lose..

Good luck...

Comment #1

To tell you the truth, on Nutrisystem I think about food all the time too. But it's a positive thing. I think about how to organize my groceries, how to cook my entre, how to match my family's meals to mine. So it's not about what I CAN'T have, I think often about what I CAN have.

When you cook for your family you will find that it is the opposite. You don't worry about eating what they have, you offer them what you have!! Since you are making yourself fresh vegetables and a salad, you make the same for them!! Then, on days when you have pot roast, they can have pot roast. You will find that because of your meal planning, your family will tend to eat healthier too!! At least that's what I found!.

You aren't limited - you will be eating 5 times per day and it takes planning!! so channel those thoughts to menu planning and meal time planning and you will succeed!!..

Comment #2

I agree with AT, I think about food more now then ever...but in a very healthy way!.

As to wanting what you're making your family...get them wanting what you're having...lots of sweet fresh fruit, yummy colorful vegetables. When they have pizza, make your Nutrisystem pizza...and lots of veggies for all!.

Welcome and enjoy!!! Before you know it all you'll be thinking about is how much looser your jeans will be the next time you put them on...

Comment #3

The good thing about Nutrisystem is that it gives you a plan so that you can always be eating (just about). I usually have my breakfast around 7:30 and then around 10:00 have my fruit and protein, and then lunch around 12:30 or 1:00 and then my protein and salad around 2:00, fruit and protein around 4:00, dinner around 6 and dessert at 8:30 or 9:00. So if I want something in between I just think about the fact that I will be able to eat something in just a little while...

Comment #4

No matter what you'll be thinking about food, so concentrate on controlling the foods that you do take in. Nice big salads are always a good idea, and water to replace sodas, beer, alcohol, etc. just water water and more water with a side of water works best...

Comment #5

No doubt - I LOVE food. I like to cook it. I like to buy it. I like to eat it. And now, LOL, I like to unpack it from a bbb!.

Anyhow - what I don't do anymore is ABUSE it. I don't use it when I am feeling ancy. I don't use it to 'celebrate'.

I have to young children (13 and 7) and my DH is doing Nutrisystem too. SO - if I am making Nutrisystem spaghetti - they get whole wheat spaghetti w/ sauce and all the same sides. If I make my burger - they are having burger. The difference is they might get baked fries and I have celery sticks stuffed with laughing cow and a big salad on the side and maybe now we have some watermelon too.

My husband travels A LOT so there are days that I cook them whatever -and then choose what I want. Sometime I want mac & cheese -and they don't, so I cook up the vegies still the same and make them their stuff too..

I will say this though - In my whole life, this family have never gone through so much salad and fruit! I swear I am at the grocery 2-3 times a week restocking! BUT - it's great to see my 7 year old sit with a bowl of grapes instead of crackers!..

Comment #6

Don't set yourself up by already declaring what will happen..."Whenever I "diet" or limit what I eat, I obsess about the things that I can't eat".

Try and stay won't be doing that THIS time! Nope, not allowed. Think about what you ARE going to eat. You will be full with all the stuff you can eat. Space out your eat your veggies/salad....then eat your Nutrisystem meal 30-45 minutes later! You will be eating every couple hours! Drink water till you float away and if you get hungry??? SALAD! Go to Walden Farms<dot> com and get some 0 calorie dressing and some lovely lettuce and eat till you are so full you won't think of anything else. Lettuce is fantastic and has almost no calories..

YOU WILL DO FINE! YOU WILL! Think it, and believe it!..

Comment #7

Read Coach Mark's take on the words diet and cheat. Maybe he can post it here for you. I don't remember how to access it. It really hit home with me though about this lifestyle change...

Comment #8

[quote=busymomorange;4630554]Whenever I "diet" or limit what I eat, I obsess about the things that I can't eat..

Get the "D" word out of your vocabulary! You are going to start eating healthy, and continue to do so for the rest of your life!.

Does that mean you will never have a "bad" food? Of course not. What it does mean is that by the time you deviate from the plan you will be equiped with a proper sense of portion control...and you will be in control of the food, the food will not be in control of you!.

So, no more "d" word or thinking about the things you can't eat. You can't imagine how sweet and satisfying a piece of fruit can taste until your palate has been cleansed of all the sugar and fats it may be used to now. Spend your time thinking about what new vegetable or new preparation you are going to try. Think about how to make your plate look beautiful with all the colors of the rainbow from your fruits and veggies..

Obsess about these boards instead of food...

Comment #9

"The following is just my personal experience mixed with some personal opinion...I am not trying to present it as fact, nor should it be viewed as a bear that in mind when reading.

I usually play the class clown here and try not to get too serious but I have seen so many posts lately chastising that I felt compelled to write this..

First, I have a problem with two words when talking about food ...."diet" and "cheat.".

Lets look at "diet".......


Comment #10

I am a newbie, (first post even). I found on the plan I actually eat more than I used to, so hunger hasn't been a problem. In fact, sometimes I have to force myself to eat the dessert at night. (after reading the boards and them saying to eat all that is on the menu for that day).

I also have to cook for my family. Sometimes I don't like having to prepare food for them, and then mine, but it is my choice. I do try to incorporate my food choices with theirs, but not always.

I want to change. This means that I have to choose to not think about food. I have found out that I no longer crave the unhealthy foods that I used to turn to. I truly believe that Nutrisystem helps your body change into healthier habits..

I like Coach Mark's take on diet and cheat..

Good luck!..

Comment #11

Time2lose-isnow, welcome to Nutrisystem and to the boards. this plan does work, so keep your good attitude...

Comment #12

Wow, I didn't expect so many replys! thank you all for giving me such great advice! I know this is going to be successful! a life change and my kids and husband are up for it as well. they all have the "skinny" gene so they don't have to work as hard but they will be supportive :-) I'll see you all back online. thanks again!.


Comment #13

Holly, you will find we all have opinions and love to share them, so ask whenever / whatever. This program works so stick with it...

Comment #14

Pls try to fo(us on what you (an have, as opposed to what your limitations are. You (an have , (omfort foods like meatloaf/mashed potatoes & pasta dishes, you (an have Nutrisystem (ho(olate desserts, & so on. You also get to eat 5-6 times daily, so that you'll stay feeling long as you drink those 64 oz. of water daily. Most of us sti(k exa(tly to the plan 'til we've lost quite a bit of what we want to lose, then, on very rare o((asions for whi(h we (arefully plan, have a (orre(tly portioned meal that's "off plan", & jump right ba(k on our Nutrisystem plan again. We don't use the word "(heat", & "diet"'s just a 4 letter word we don't use re: our New (healthier) Lifestyle.

How you talk to yourself is important to your Nutrisystem su((ess! My best wishes for that for you!..

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