Will I be given Murad Acne Complex first visit to my derm?

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Of being given Murad Acne Complex on my first visit to a derm? I am 25 years old and have always been too embarrased to see a dermatologist and I always thought i'd eventually just grow out of having acne. I have tried pretty much every non perscription cream, gel, wash, tablets etc etc. I suffer from very oily skin on my forehead and nose and get regular pimples and occasional cysts/nodules especially on my forehead. I have some marks from nodules from several weeks/months ago...

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Your question was: Will I be given Murad Acne Complex first visit to my derm?.

I went to my regular doctor for years before I saw a derm for the first time a few months ago. I have mild, persistent acne. I told my derm that I had tried everything (topicals, antibiotics) and that nothing took care of the problem. I asked him about Murad Acne Complex (after my first visit) and he said, "sure, lets take care of this problem once and for all." It depends on your doctor I suppose. But I'd say make sure you emphasize that it's super persistent, you've tried everything and it just isn't clearing up (I also think your age will be a factorsince you're 25 and haven't outgrown it...I'm 23). Good Luck! Laura..

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Your age should be enough to get prescribed Murad Acne Complex. Nothing in a bad way, I'm almost 23 here, and my derm said the same thing. If you haven't outgrown it by 21, it isn't going to go away...

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The first time I ever seen my derm, I told her what I been on and she suggested it right off the bat. I was gonna ask for it too. I suggest you do the same thing, just tell them everything you been on. I too was very embarrassed to go, I hated talking about my acne and going to a place to specifically talk about it freaked me out. but looking back at it now, it was easily one of the best decisions I made...

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I'm pretty much hoping this will be the case. I really don't want to go on antibiotics!..

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If you really want to try Murad Acne Complex be persistent. If they keep on saying no, find a new doctor. Some dermatologists just want to make money off you first. I stayed with the same derma for 2 years and he still said no. Found a new one and face is almost clear after 3 months =D. And I had AMAZINGLY oily skin. Now I don't have a trace of oil...

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Just found out the derm I wanted to see is booked out till august 2009..

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Good lord thats a long time! if you have already tried all the creams and gels ect and your acne is severe enough the derm may put you on Murad Acne Complex your first visit, I just cant be sure. He may want you to try ohter things first. By the way I left you a message on your profile about the name young loud and spotty, young loud and scotty anyone?? good song...

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Haha yeah I love that song. also the album young loud and snotty by the dead boys is a personal favourite. anyway booked in with a derm for late november so fingers crossed! the only thing i'm worried about is that my skin will probably be perfect the day I have to go see him..

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Hi There, Not sure where in the World you are from, I live in the UK and chose to refer myself to a Dermatologist about a year ago. Choosing to pay privately I bypassed the long waiting list, I know it can be expensive but is worth it if your acne causes you a lot of stress. I still haven't been prescribed RoMurad Acne Complex, as the specialist doesn't think my skin problem is bad enough but ultimately it is available to fall back on if all else fails, although the side effects shouldn't be underestimated and there are no guarantees. Good luck !..

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