Will cheating ruin my progress on Nutrisystem?

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I've been following the meal plan for nearly 4 weeks now and today we went to a summer party and there was a barbecue of tri-tip and pulled pork and I had a plate full of it.. Is this going to totally ruin my progress? I can't believe how guilty I feel!!..

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Your question was: Will cheating ruin my progress on Nutrisystem?.

Probably a little. But no sense beating yourself up over it. Get right back on plan, drink lots of water to get rid of the sodium, and learn that next time you can make a plan in order to avoid the pitfalls...

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When you fall down you do not stay down, you pick yourself up clean your bottom and continue on your way. With this program is the same, if you fall off for one meal, just pick yourself up and continue on the plan from there on. Feeling guilty may make you leave the plan and that is not what you want to do. This plan really works, I started in Aug and by April had lost 45 pounds. So Good Luck and Good losing!!..

Comment #2

Yeah Pam!!!!!!!!! I was going to try to say something like that but much less eloquently!!!!!! One thing I'd add. When I have had something off plan, I remember trying to make a wise choice at a restaurant where I had no time to check out the menu online beforehand. Anyway, when I got back to the office I looked it up and realized that I had made a good choice as far as protein goes but the sauces and seasonings were the big problem. And I was shocked to realize I had eaten at least 1700 mg of sodium in one sitting..

I was glad I looked it up even after the fact because drinking extra water, lots of extra water and eating a big salad for dinner I think really helped me out..

So that's my added advice, let some water and good leafy veges flush out your system, it will help you feel better tomorrow. IMHO of course Jillian.

And either way, tomorrow is another wonderful day! And I'm sure you enjoyed yourself and will get right back on your healthy choices!..

Comment #3

I agree with all of this. But the OP seemed to say she went way off by eating "a whole plate full" of meat. That clearly was off plan. Trying to eat a portion about the size of a deck of cards, and adding a low GI carb, would have been OK. And of course veggies..

But the key learn from it and get right back in the saddle...

Comment #4

Aww thank you so much everyone!! This forum is so great. I feel much better. Thanks for the support!! and right onto the plan from here. I knew this party was coming and kept telling myself I would not go off plan but I did. But back to the meal from now on....

Comment #5

One question. Do I eat the normal meal plan for dinner since I had the huge barbecue lunch or should I not eat the rest of the day?..

Comment #6

If you are still hungry I would say veggies would be okay and LOTS OF WATER!!..

Comment #7

I think it matters more to sit and think about why this happened, to avoid it happening again. If you had made the decision that you were just going to eat anything you wanted today, that's one thing. You could just go on and say that you were wearing your grown-up girl pants when you made the decision, and you stand behind it. But you are saying (I think...let me know if I'm wrong) that you were out of control, so to speak.

There always seem to be this party or this event in our lives that involve food that's not so NS-friendly or even healthy, so if we go from one event to another and are not in control, all that can add up. We can be more in control by taking our own food, or carefully choosing what to eat and what to leave alone. I have had times in my life when I just let the winds blow me around, and if there was fatty, calorie-lade food somewhere, I was like "oh well, I have to eat something," when I certainly could have planned ahead, or eaten a little and them ate more when I got home of the foods that were better for me. I was just fooling myself that I was a victim.

There are lots of schools of thought on this subject, and I thought I would just tell you what I thought. Regardless, let the guilt go, admit that the BBQ tasted great (and that Gardenburger makes some great frozen soy "riblettes" , and go on!..

Comment #8

I guess I did make a conscious choice to let myself eat some barbecue today. I told myself I would have some but that I'd have small portions and while I didn't go as overboard as I know I could have, it tasted so good I did have more than I told myself I would. BTW, I have been out with my daughter and husband around 4 times while they have eaten at McDonald's and I didn't have ANYthing at all so I know that when I set my mind to it I CAN very easily resist and avoid but the barbecue food was something I wanted to have so I allowed myself to have some telling myself I would just go right back on plan afterwards and now that's what I'm doing. I didn't know I'd feel so guilty afterwards and that's why I was worried about it and wanted some advice and feedback....

Comment #9

Declare it... Own it... Move on! That's what I do when I mess up...

Comment #10

All of this is good advice. My only additional advice would be don't weigh yourself for a few days as that will make you feel guilty again if it is up. Give it time to settle and you may find you did not do much damagemay just mean no loss this week. At least that is what I would do...

Comment #11

I'm smiling to myself because, even before starting NS, cheating at McD's would not have happened. I can't stand their food! Blech!.

Get back on plan and be ready next time...

Comment #12

Eat huge salads and veggies (and eat first) whenever you are in a social, being out situation. you can have some meat too, but get the roughage in first. Will stop overindulging in high calorie content foods...

Comment #13

Cheryl, maybe the guilty feeling is also just a little anxiety where you stepped into an area that's new eating at a BBQ after you just started NS. And because you ate a bit more than you planned. How many people *don't* eat a little more than they planned !? So consider yourself normal!.

Just a little advice, if you don't mind : McD's and BBQ's with their strong, wonderful smells are hard places to try to stay in total control, without feeling lots of stress. I simply can't go to places like that and eat nothing, or eat "just a little." It just adds stress. You may have a good reason for not eating at McD's those times, but consider eating something just like everyone else is doing so you will feel that "normalcy" that we all want, and you don't feel you're being punished. Just make NS-friendly choices and guilt will be replaced by pride...

Comment #14

Guilt is non-productive. Just forgive yourself and move forward. We're all human and will occasionally fall...

Comment #15

I had a slip myself and had consumed a bratwurst and Bud Light before I knew what was happening!! LOL All kidding aside just keep right on trucking and get back on track..

I did skip the strawberry shortcake !!..

Comment #16

The key to your success is that you get right back on plan. We are bound to slip here and there (planned or not) but the fundamental part of our long term weight loss, is that we start the plan again, the next day, the next meal. I went to 2 bbq family parties this weekend - and honestly I just gave in. BUT back on track the next day. And today. Woohooo! Huge improvment over all past weight loss efforts...

Comment #17

Bbqs can be difficlut. I alays offer to bring a salad so I know there is health-friendly food there. At mine I skipped the burgers and sausage and grabbed a shrimp skewer, fat free cucumber salad, pasta salad with veggies and ff dressing (my contributions) and some green salad. Had a few glasses of wine, but it was a party. Skipped dessert.

Keep an eye on what works, skip over the obvious (sausage!!) And get right back on plan!..

Comment #18

Yes Thelma I agree sausage wasn't a good choice but I won't let this get me down..

This wasn't planned and all they had was hotdogs and bratwurst...

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