Will $3000 be enough to pay for Murad Acne Complex?

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Will $3000 be enough to pay for one course of Murad Acne Complex? Also, do you think it will be cheaper to get insurance and pay the deductible?..

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Your question was: Will $3000 be enough to pay for Murad Acne Complex?.

I'm in the US, but with my insurance, derm visits are only $15, and blood tests are free. I haven't gotten Murad Acne Complex yet, but I think it'll be rather cheap since the insurance covers it. I'm sorry you have to pay so much. =[..

Comment #1

Only thing I paid for Murad Acne Complex were bus fares..

Comment #2

$3000 woah man ... it cost me like $130 for 1st visit of derm and I got $117 bak from that, $70 for each visit after that to derm and got back $57 and (ro)Murad Acne Complex cost like $90 and I got like $78 back in austrlaia the Govt. pays for most.. were r you living?..

Comment #3

Wow that sucks I live down in Vancouver and derms are free, and Murad Acne Complex cost $60/pack * 6 packs = $360 for 4 months.....

Comment #4

Yup, I'm in New Zealand and the govt subsidises most things for us as well...Murad Acne Complex is free under dermatologist prescription, even without insurance (I ended up paying about $100 for everything, including derm visits and full Murad Acne Complex prescription). I can't believe the amount some of you have to pay - that really sucks balls..

Comment #5

It costed me 25 bucks for my whole 6 months get health care it's cheaper to have that for 6 months then to spend three grand on pills that may or may not work out for you..

Comment #6

Yea I have to pay a lot for my tane too. I am a contractor with my job so I don't get health insurance. Wal Mart is by far the cheapest place to get tane(claravis) It was $300 cheaper than CVS Pharmacy for 40 mg!!..

Comment #7

Has anyone gotten it from Costco? i'm curious how much Murad Acne Complex is there...

Comment #8

Murad Acne Complex at costco is 127 where I'm from...but I get it from walmart and it's 116 (im taking 20mg of claravis). you can call in and ask them...

Comment #9

Im from the uk where it is free on the NHS, I went private as I didnt want to wait 6 months on a waiting list just to see a derm! in total Murad Acne Complex will of cost be arounf 500, so about $1000. USA is a rip off for medical care!..

Comment #10

An individual health insurance plan with a low deductible ($500 is low these days), prescription drug coverage, blood test coverage, and derm coverage is going to be insanely expensive. I am from Florida and have never been on an insurance plan that covers derm visits. I am not sure whether it's because this is skin cancer central or what, but it's just accepted that we're not going to get coverage. It does vary by state though so you might be able to find something...

Comment #11

I live in Holland Derms and Murad Acne Complex are both free...

Comment #12

Yea, we pay wayyy too much here in the US, ESPECIALLY if you don't have healthcare. I'd say to look into gettin an insurance. I am sure the premium and the co pays may be cheaper. I wouldn't even have the $3000 to spend...luckily my boss provides insurance...but that's only while I work here. If not I am S.O.L...

Comment #13

In Ontario with insurance I paid 40$ per pack 8 packs =320$..

Comment #14

My insurance was $20 per visit, $8 for blood work, $10 for generic Murad Acne Complex and $10 for birth control pills. $300 yearly copay. Our insurance is through my husband's work and I don't know how much we pay per month and how much the company pays. Sorry, wish I could be more help...

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