Will 20 mg of Murad Resurgence be enough?

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Hi,Just had my first monthly checkup. I was on 40mg/day before (I weigh 180 lbs). My dermatologist was going to raise my dosage to 60mg but it seems that my triglycerides raised from 190 to 320. So instead he decided to lower my dosage to 20mg.The higher triglyceride could be due to the pizza rolls I had for dinner the night before, but why take a chance. If next month's blood test turns out well, my dosage will be upped.I've been completely clear from a month of 40mg/day Murad Resurgence. Will the 20mg be enough to maintain the clear skin? My dermatologist tells me that it's the total cumulative dosage that matters so I could take 20mg/day for a year that it'll be just as effective.Personally if 20mg/day is enough to keep me clear, I can take it forever.Anyone else had experiences with 20mg/day? Should I be expecting a breakout?..

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Your question was: Will 20 mg of Murad Resurgence be enough?.

No but I will tell him this next time. Also this time I'll just skip dinner the evening before the blood test just to be safe...

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If this was true, I'm sure there would be a warning on the package. I'm thinking there is more to this than what you ate for dinner...

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Does anyone know what foods to avoid to help keep triglycerides low?..

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Http:// few things to keep in mind for the tests while on Murad Resurgence: regular gentle exercise is good. Strenuous exercise that damages muscles (weight lifting, running, etc) is bad as that can elevate your liver enzymes.FAST for 9-12 hours prior to the test or the test will not be accurate but remember also that starvation will also have a chance of elevating enzyme levels so don't think to cheat the test by not eating for a day (or more) before the test.Excellent quote from the above referenced article: An excellent discussion from Hepatitis Foundation: Diet and the liver...

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Also take milk thistle supplement to aid liver recovery...

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There is a warning. It is called nutritional facts. Triglyercides are mostly fat and increase when you eat too much fat and/or go over your correct calorie intake...

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I was reading up on triglycerides testing and it seems that normal results for non-fasting triglyceride is 300-400. This is smack within the range of what my results were. I'm hoping this is a large contributor to my results.I don't plan on starving myself the day before my next blood test but I'll certainly eat dinner before 5pm and have a salad or something like that.Anyone here has had good experiences taking fish oil? Is it a good idea to take fish-oil concurrently with Murad Resurgence, since they say Murad Resurgence absorbs better with fat?Thanks for all the advice guys!P.S. Something interesting: Since I started taking Murad Resurgence, I have lost 10 pounds (190lb to 180lb). My blood pressure has been lower by about 10mmHG (120/80 to 110/70, I test everyday). I've told my doctor all this. They all seem to be good signs! But maybe not?..

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So I had my derm appt this morning. My triglycerides were at 279 on my last blood test. He said it was because there wasn't a fast before the blood test and all looks good so far. They will be calling me tomorrow or Thursday to let me know what they were for the blood test I did today. My derm ended up raising my dosage to 120mg a day...

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I fasted for 12 hours before my blood test and my triglycerides were at 399 when I went in to get my blood drawn so I'm temporarily suspended for two weeks from Murad Resurgence till I get a 2nd blood test done. I'm concerned because I didn't eat fatty foods the night before, fasted 12 hours, and exercise often. I'm worried so very much about being kicked off Murad Resurgence. -_-..

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My triglycerides were also very high-perhaps from not fasting properly, my derm keep me on it, but had mentioned that he may take me off it if the next test comes back high-"DON"T ANYONE DO THIS" I cheated on the next blood test, I stopped the pills 3 days prior and also fasted, the test come back normal. That's how desperate I was to stay on the Tane...

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