Will 10 mg give me initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex?

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Doesnt look very bad, but ive got a lot of tiny bumps all over.I get a new pimple everyday, and I'm just scared itl keep getting worse....Im going to the derm tday .One problem though... My gurlfriend comes back to town in 15 days Would I be past the IB by then??What if I start with a 10 or 20 mg dosage?? Woudlnt that mean a less severe initial breakout??Thanks in advance:).


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Your question was: Will 10 mg give me initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex?.

Thanks man, I guess it's not TOO bad now. But after sufering from severe acne for 3 years, then finally sorting out your problem for 9 months. Now I'm freaking out as my skin is getting worse.I was on 30 mg of Murad Acne Complex, I know I had an IB, I just dont rmmr how long it lasted. I had made a log for the first 20 days on the site, but I dont know how to find it.Not sure if the 20 mg will slow the process down, but i'd like to hear feedback on that.GL on your course though bro:)..

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Just back from the derm , and I'm angry Hes not going to prescribe me Murad Acne ComplexHe said use dalacine T, and he gave me a soap. I wont change my face wash though, the ones ive been using works fine. Dalacine T never did anything for me before (when I had a more severe case of acne), I dont think it would do anything now. What do I do???=(..

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Use dalacin t lol. What else can you do?..

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Your skin should respond better to topicals after Murad Acne Complex. your skin looks great! If I were you, I would just spot treat. Acne is definitely very frustrating, but it is not the end of the world, it doesn't make you unattractive and it certainly doesn't make you any less of a person...

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Good grief, that is barely a few clogged pores. of course you don't need Murad Acne Complex for that.Try some of the exfoliation techniques that are discussed on these boards, such as the baby's hair brush method. Use a gentle cleanser, too. Use warm, not hot water. You do NOT need Murad Acne Complex. You might benefit from a topical retinoid, but I don't think you even need that...

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Hey, thanks for the advice broWat exactly can I use to spot treat??From what ive heard, differein, and the creams, theyre not used to spot reduce.Im thinking of going for the dalacin t, maybe it will work better this time around. That gets my face REALLY red though , I rmmbr from the last time I used it. Should I just use it on the spots? or every else as well?..

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I would do what Wynne (the poster above you) suggested...

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Thanks man. Makes me feel hell of a lot better Il look for the exfoliation techinques thanks. Dalacin t = topical retinoid??once again, thanks bro:)..

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