Wich Vitamin Shoppe brand works best to get rid of blemishes?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Wich Vitamin Shoppe brand works best to get rid of blemishes?.

My next question is: Has anyone ever used Alli with Nutrisystem? Any success?..

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Your question was: Wich Vitamin Shoppe brand works best to get rid of blemishes?.

ALLI works by blocking fat absorption, which means you "excrete" it out (the more fat you consume, the more you excrete, which causes the side effects of diarrhea, gas, oily stool, and "leakage"). The point of ALLI is to teach you to eat a lower fat diet..

NS is already a low fat diet, with correct (healthy) amounts of fat, carbs, protein, etc. If you prevent absorption of too much fat, it's unhealthy. Your body needs a certain amount of fat to maintain your skin & hair, as well as your heart & gallbladder!.

It's actually a very BAD idea to combine ALLI with NS...

Comment #1

Alli supposedly reacts like a laxative.. I have not taken it myself. I don't recommend it on Nutrisystem either. It's not safe!.

Has anyone taken colon cleanser pills? I would like to know what it's called and about how much it costs so I can buy it?? I wonder if it really works...

Comment #2

Lots of people have posted here that they tried Alli. No one reported anal leakage that I can remember (and thank God for small favors) but most people also said it didn't help them lose weight.

FWIW, I tried Xenical years ago for a few weeks with same results- no leakage/ no weight loss.

Save your money...

Comment #3

I take Alli with every meal right now.. I didnt take it the first 2 weeks. I do not think they make a huge difference at all but to say they are "unsafe" is a little bit dramatic. I did spend quite a bit on these pills so I am going to finish them. You are supposed to take them with a low fat diet so it's actually good timing for me....

Comment #4

The problem is that this is a really low fat diet, and you don't want all the fat removed from your diet because it's unhealthy. People report all sorts of health problems when their diet is too low in fat like gall bladder problems and hair loss and constipation problems. If there isn't that much fat in your diet to start with, what are the pills going to remove?..

Comment #5

This is what the Dietitian has answered in the past about the use of Alli:.

The NutriSystem meal plan is very low in fat, so you are not likely to get any additional benefit by adding the Alli. We need a small amount of fat in our diets and it may not be healthy to block the absorption of these essential fatty acids...

Comment #6

Yes. I use the GNC brand.

When you say "if it really works" it depends what you're looking for. Yes, it works - it cleanses the colon as it is suppose to if you take it correctly (i.e. per the bottle). But it is meant to be more of a laxative (what I use it for). It's not going to help you lose weight, no. I really haven't had to take it much on NS...but it does give me added fiber without the sodium.

I use to take them on my last successful diet. Again, no magic pill, just supplementing fiber in your diet...

Comment #7

On NS you get 23-26 g. of fiber. I don't know what the recommended amount of fiber is, but it's more than I used to have...

Comment #8

It's 25 grams, Swedish8Fish...hence my need to not really use it on NS...

Comment #9


Been there done that. Alli does not work if you are eating a lowfat diet already. It tells you to take a multivitamin pill at night (bedtime), as it may prevent absorption if you take the vitamin in the morning/during the morning. Wow, that's a good feeling - not. 6 weeks was a long waste of my time on that blue pill...

Comment #10

Do you know what the recommended amount usually is? I was always curious about that...

Comment #11

25 grams a day is the recommended amount of fiber...

Comment #12

I remember I believe it was Dr. OZ (on Oprah) saying we are supposed to get 35 grams of fiber daily. But really..who actually gets that much...

Comment #13

If you were ever on weight watchers, you learn that the more fiber a food has, the fewer points the food usually has (eh hem, the better it was). I use to take a fiber supplement (a big fat horse pill) when I worked out heavily and lost all of my weight last time. It has it's uses in a healthy diet/workout regime!..

Comment #14

I hjave used Colon Cleanse but only as a laxative. It works for me and is not harsh...

Comment #15

Ok, thanks! I was wondering how the whole point thing worked with WW. So, do you still take fiber pills? Would you recommend them? Are there any calories in fiber pills?.

Sorry for so many questions...

Comment #16

Actually a colon cleanse is more than a laxative. It takes out the (hence the gross term) 'sludge' built up over years and years. I learned that watching the infommercials...and 10 pounds of weight or more can be lost from a colon cleanse. I don't feel comfortable buying it on TV. And I am looking for a good store version...

Comment #17

There IS no such thing a a "true" colon cleanse other than a colonic when they actually squirt warm water up inside your colon and "flush" it out. But according to my doctor, that's all ridiculous anyways. If you've ever had a colonoscopy, or seen one, when you fast for several days your colon cleans ITSELF out through normal processes. There is no "sludge" remaining, otherwise a colonoscopy would not be able to see polyps! Think about it: if there was sludge in the colon, like plaque in your arteries, the colonoscopy camera would show nothing but buildup!.

I saw my SO's colonoscopy on the screen, and all you could see was the actual pink walls of the colon: no sludge, no years of buildup..

So Colon Cleanse is selling a giant pile of crap, literally. You get exactly the same cleansing by not eating solid food for 3 days and taking laxatives during that time...

Comment #18


I appreciate the information because this is NEWS to me!! And here I was so concerned about build up! Hah!..

Comment #19

I started taking Ali when I started NS. I am at about 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I am not sure how much it's helping. I think I will keep taking it. I havent had any of the extrem side effects some people report - probably because, as many people mentioned on this thread, NS is pretty low fat. That said, when you take Ali they have a recomended diet and it is very low fat as well.

Ali is low dose version of a prescription weight loss drug. OTC is 60MG and the perscription is 120MG. It is the only OTC product FDA approved for weight loss. So it's likley that it does help a bit and, if taken correctly, it should be safe if you are healthy...

Comment #20

The thing is, if you are ALREADY eating a low fat diet, then there is no extra fat in your system for the ALLI to absorb! That's how it works: by preventing the absorption of fat in your digestive system..

I'm not trying to knock ALLI (heck, I used to work for the ad agency that did the Xenical advertising, and I was on the new business team that won the darn account in the first place). I think it's a terrific tool with no systemic issues. HOWEVER....I don't think you need it on NS, and I can't help but be concerned that ALLI might prevent you from absorbing some of the fat you NEED when you are on NS. Plus the cost.......

Comment #21

Well, I tried to stay off of this "Death to Alli" bandwagon but I'm going to have to jump on and save the darn thing. I've been using Alli off and on since it came out in June. In fact, I bought a new bottle last night. I don't use it on a regular basis but last night for example, I went to a dual 50th b-day party. They had one small tray of veggies and nothing else healthy to snack on. I ate before I went, but by the time 11:00 rolled around, I was hungry.

I've been using it as an aid for times like this for 6 months. I've only had one instance of adverse effects and really, it was just loose stools, nothing embarrassing. I've purchased 2 bottles in 6 months and I seriously believe that it has helped me to maintain my weight whereas without it, I would have gained 2-3 lbs which would have thrown me into a "well, I blew it spiral". It's true, I think you'd be wasting your money to take it when you're strictly following NS but for the occasional off days, I think it's worth it...

Comment #22

That makes a lot of sense - using it to prevent temptation!.

I'm not on the "death to Alli" kick, I just think we need to be careful on NS not to cut back too much on our fat since we need it to maintain our hair, heart & gall bladder!..

Comment #23

I tried the prescription version before I was on NS and it honestly didn't do a thing for me.

I don't care either way if people take it and I think the 'accidents' have been blown way out of proportion. I'm just wondering how it's possible that it works even if you just take it every once in a while.

It only blocks fat, and only 20% of the fat at that. You'd have to go out and gorge on cheeseburgers for it to do anything. And it wouldn't block proteins or any of the other additional calories. It would probably be just as effective to take a laxative.

If 1 lb of 70% lean ground beef =750 calories and there are 446 fat calories. Alli would block about 89 calories. I guess 20% is better than nothing but I don't see how it could make a huge difference.

If they ever come up with a carb blocker, sign me up. But fat? Foods high in fat are also high in other calories and not just fat calories...

Comment #24

My husband and I did the colon cleanse, it did seem to help clean you out, but not like I expected. I did manage to loose 6lbs that week and it was Thanksgiving week. What I read was it is recommended to use twice a year.

Usually when Dieting, we become more constipated, but that isn't happening with NS. Thank you NS for your help!..

Comment #25

SwedishFish...No, I'm not using extra fiber (or a fiber pill) on right now. Other than colon cleanse, if I need it. Yes...some pills have calories others don't, so do watch what you take. The colon cleanse that I did post from GNC does not have extra calories, sodium, etc.

I'm sick right now...I feel like a took a major colon cleanse (I DID NOT!)!! I lost over a pound in a day...this is not cool or healthy. Hopefully I feel better soon...

Comment #26

Thanks for the info, this really helps. I was actually thinking of trying Alli along with my NS, but now I will not. I've heard of people losing weight really fast from a really really low fat diet and they ended up having their gallbladder removed... You were right, you do need some fat, which NS provides....


Comment #27

Getting back to Ali. I think I would recommend going with just NS at first and see how a person does. I for one never needed it and it would have been a big waste of money. Maybe others would find it helpful. Especially if they like to cheat a little more with their fats. But try NS first without the Ali...

Comment #28

I would agree with you. I, for one, have experienced the unpleasant side affects from Alli (before I was on NS - IMHO, I don't believe it's healthy to be on it while on NS, again IMHO for ME). I would never go on it again for those side affect reasons - not worth it. For those of you not familiar, orange deposit of fat in the toilet are not cool - neither is it cool wiping it off your body if you catch my drift...

Comment #29

Does anyone have problems with having gas after eatting the breakfast meals. This is really gross and sorry...

Comment #30

We here on the boards like to call those"Nutritoots". Some ppl get them some ppl dont...

Comment #31

They do get better over time. It also depends on which foods you eat. The Nourish versions of the blueberry muffin and the cranberry pastry seemed to be the worst offenders...

Comment #32

I must agree with everyone else on here...although I was wondering the same thing...

Comment #33

Yes I have, but only if I go out to eat with my family, and of course eat what I really shouldn't have (mexican is my weakness)..

Comment #34

I had bought Alli and before I decided to go on NS. When I ordered NS, I took a look at the Alli book and saw it blocked fat. I read up about NS and saw it was basically low fat and wondered if it would do anything, though I haven't taken it yet. I've been thinking of using it only when I was going to go out and eat. I am going out to eat next Friday, but I'm a little nervous to take it. Mostly because I'm afraid of anything embarrassing.


Comment #35

If you keep the total fat content of your meal below 15 g you shouldn't have any uh *treatment effects*...

Comment #36

If that's the case then what are you blocking?..

Comment #37

I started the program on 1/2/08- I want to lose 25 pounds..starting weight 160, I am 5'5" and 41. I have followed the program (except for my Mich Ultras....but have cut WAY down and am working out (Tae-Bo and Step 3-4 x per week) I have lost 3 pounds and 1 Body Fat point ( I have a scale that measures weight, body fat, H20 and Bone Density) I really thought the weight would come off faster....started Relacore on Sunday (seems to give me more energy...tomorrow I will take 2 in a.m. and 2 at lunch...I fear to take them in the evening since I already have trouble staying asleep) I started ALLI today (I bought 90 capsules for $30 from a co-worker that bought it and then had stomach stapling) So thought if if would give me a boost, so be it!..

Comment #38

You just started 13 days ago and you started working out. You haven't even given your body a chance to adjust to all of the changes that you gave it. AND you're adding things that aren't in the plan - beer (no sympathy, others have completely cut it - I did). I think it's a REALLY bad move to start ALLI on this diet. It's a low fat're WASTING your money, and putting your body at risk of getting sick, and your trying to remove the little fat that YOUR BODY NEEDS. If you do the plan AND FOLLOW works by itself! You spent how much money on this food...I don't get people not being disciplined enough to let it work. IMHO..

Comment #39

Rescue-a-ShepardYou make a great point....I do need to give up my beer....alot of it is habbit...and one I need to sacrifice while I'm on this diet!!Thanks for your input.

How long has it taken you to lose the 28 lbs??? Great job!..

Comment #40

I have to agree about giving up the Adult beverages. I was losing pretty slowly but have not had a beverage since Jan. 2nd. I only had 10 pounds to lose at that point and now I have 6. I am losing 2 pounds a week again. My exercise is on/off so I know a lot of it is food and drinks.

For me, drinking starts munching and feeling blah the next day which messes with my willpower to not eat the wrong things the next day, and so on , and so on..

You will feel so much better if you can quit. I sleep better, have more energy, less headaches. I am not sure that I will be a drinker when this diet phase is over. I have decided it is not worth all the fall out..

Good luck. This plan really does work and is very easy. I have lost 14.2 pounds since October 29. I took the week between Christmas and New Year pretty easy and cheated quite a few times. I think that is great since I only have 20 pounds to lose. The more you have to lose, sometimes the faster it comes off in the beginning...

Comment #41

I've been on the plan 100% since October it took me under 3 months. I wasn't even exercising much - other than pilates and to me, personally, that's not much exercise. I don't mean to insult anyone but I was use to going to the gym 6 days a week, full speed cardio and weight lifting so it was a drastic change for me. Unfortunately I got really sick and couldn't do my old routine, BUT, NS still worked for me because I made it work by following it. Cool? Very! Now, just 2 weeks ago I started back at the gym. I'm at a bit of a stall and haven't lost anything in those 2 weeks (but I haven't gained either), but my body is in complete shock ("dude, you went from stretching and walking to running and weight lifting - not cool, we're holding on to some fat in case you're trying to starve us!") and readjusting.

So, sorry for the kick in the butt, but I know (personally) that some of us need it. So...come find me whenever you need your butt kicked. You can do the same for me...

Comment #42

Thanks for all your input ya'all have been really insightful..

Rescue-a-Shepard you have given me hope that I will lose what I want to before our annual Spring break vacation the frist week in April. I had planned and budgeted for 3 months on NS. The I will be in a place to know my portions and stick to a low fat diet on my own. Probably buy and extra month to be able to have some on the go foods etc. and string them out through the summer. My body is in shock right now too because I started working out hard again so my weight is going to start coming off slower now I suppose..

Shazoo66 you can give up the beer. I gave up my margaritas and the last time I even tried to drink one I couldn't even have more than a sip. And believe me I loved them, wasn't an every night thing but when I drank thats what I drank. So go for it and give them up. You will thank yourself in the long run...

Comment #43

Keep at it're doing great - down 12 pounds already! I did 1-2 pounds a week (I lost a good amount the first week because I was eating so poorly). But there are so many people on here that have hit plateaus and they just keep plugging away and eventually, that weight disappears. I'm going ot be one of them!! You know how hard that last couple of pounds always is. Good luck!!..

Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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