Wich Vitamin Shoppe brand works best on minimizing pores?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Wich Vitamin Shoppe brand works best on minimizing pores?.

My next question is: Has anyone tried the nacho chips - oh my gosh - I couldn't even force myself to eat more than 2 and I am an potato chip aholic!!!! Can I send the rest back because I ordered like 5-6 of them b/c I thought they would fill the Dorito void - boy was I wrong???.


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Your question was: Wich Vitamin Shoppe brand works best on minimizing pores?.

If less than 30 days from order, you can call NS and get exchange code and return for something else..

Comment #1

How can you stomach them - they taste like cardboard with a little spritz of powdered cheese.. I even had my 4 year old and 8 year old taste them and they both were ready to spit them out.. do you eat them right out of the bag or do you fancy them up somehow??..

Comment #2

I had to eat my nacho crisps with salsa. It really did help with the weird taste and I actually kind of liked them...

Comment #3

Right out of the bag. I even have to hide them from my 5- and 3-year-old grandkids because they love them...

Comment #4

Last night, on Day 3 of the program, those little nacho chips caused me go on a snacking binge. I LUV those little tasty tidbits. I was mad at myself this am for losing control like I did...

Comment #5

I agree, they are awful! I've only tried 4 of the chips and they were my least favorite by far...

Comment #6

Send them all over to me so I can feel like a failure once again...

Comment #7

I wonder if a friendly exchange isn't a good solutions to likes and dislikes, I cannot imagine I will know all my dislikes within the 30 days. I sure do love the granola though, and I have 2 packages of the nutri-flakes that were part of my freebies that I will never eat ( I don't do cereal with milk )..

Comment #8


This page is awsome for trading likes and dislikes around!..

Comment #9

I hated them at first. Now I can't get enough of them. My husband gets 28 of them with his order and I've been sneaking them! It's amazing how your tastes will change...

Comment #10

I have been saving my nacho crisps to have with chili and cheese, and looking forward to it. I hope I'm not disappointed..

The only thing I absolutely cannot eat, so far ....are the pretzels and the nutriflakes cereal.....really bad...

Comment #11

That's why there is an ongoing trade/sell thread here...

Comment #12

I put a little salsa on them and FF cheese and put them in the micro. Great snack that way. Or save them for when I have tacos.

I have a big taco salad and use them to scoop the taco salad..

I also buy the Walden Farms onion dip and have that with the chips...

Comment #13

Putting the cereal in yogurt works well for me. Just a thought..

Best wishes,.


Comment #14

I love the nacho crisps, they have a different texture or something but are really good. Sure beats the taste of the sour cream/onion soy chips.

As with any other dessert, a person has to watch what could set them off ona bing, so I stay away from the NS peanut butter cookies. They aren't the best I've tasted but really make me hungry for more, where the nacho crisps have just enough soy in them that I don't crave them..

Just my two cents worth!..

Comment #15

I would order 28 of the Nachos, but I don't have room for that many bags in my cupboard! I usually eat them plain, but occasionally put a small piece of FF sharp cheese on them...

Comment #16

I love the nachos they are great!i like to fix the chili and pour it over the nachos and add a little chesse!makes a tasty dinner!..

Comment #17

I love the Nacho Crisps. Its so funny how peoples tastes can be so different..

Comment #18

I have the same problem with cereal, but I ate the freebees I got with some yogurt and fruit poured over it and saved my milk for later in the day when I was hungry. That gave my breakfast a bit more substance if I just eat cereal and milk, I bonk. As for the nacho chips, I am going to try and pour the black bean tortilla soup over them for lunch. Wish me luck!.


Comment #19

I would GLADLY send anyone my nacho chips - I think I will attempt to eat them again with salsa and if that does not work - they are heading back!! FYI - day 3 of the program - have not deviated once but boy am I craving McDonalds... I had the flame broiled hamburger tonight and I have to admit that it was really tastey (I added ketchup, mustard and mayo as my fat) - I think next time I will make the sweet potato french fries or the onion rings as a side item (the green beans that I had just wasn't the same as a good old greasy french fry)... does anyone know, when I had the hamburger, do I count the whole wheat as separate calories or is it included?? also, is it ok to save things from one meal to the next (i.e. save my dairy from my pm snack to put on my hamburger at dinner time)... I am still a bit confused on all of this food stuff so any info. would be greatly appreciated.. *One more thing - when can we eat the low glycemic items (bread, sweet potatoes, etc) since they are not a specific item on our meal planner?..

Comment #20

I liked the nachos.., I made a taco salad with the chili, nachos and a slice of fat free cheddar cheese.. I put the chili and cheese in the microwave then put it all on top of my salad.. I felt like I was eating real nachos!!!!..

Comment #21

I love them and I order 28 of them with my order. I eat them right out of the bag!! YUM-O!!..

Comment #22

It's funny how tastes change. I used to LOVE the nachos and now I don't want to see another one!..

Comment #23

I'm so with you! I hate the Nacho chips and I'd like to get rid of them because I'm finding as I come to the end of my month supply that I'll have only the nasty little critters to eat! Yuck!.

I have also used salsa to liven them up. I had to really soak each chip to make any difference, but then they were at least tolerable...

Comment #24

The nacho crisps are our favorite! I ordered 20 bags. LOL..

Comment #25

I LOVE the NS pretzels, both the plain ones and the Honey Mustard ones! I like the cereals, too..

The Nachos - well, I can take or leave those...

Comment #26

I eat the cereal as a snack, because, like you, if I eat it for breakfast, "I bonk"! I love that description! I need more substance in my breakfast food. I tend to eat a bag of the NS pretzels plus one egg and one serving of low fat cheese (like Mini Babybel) for breakfast. Then if I have cereal as a snack later on, that is better for me than eating it for breakfast...

Comment #27

I didn't like them either at first but started eating them with the black bean & tortilla soup and they are pretty good. Still not one of my favorites NS foods though...

Comment #28

Wow, just WOW, I read someone on the forums post this, and I tried it last night it was GREAT.

I saved my nacho crisps for my afternoon snack, used them for dinner, my dinner was the chili with beans, poured those on top of my chips, and they were wonderfuly chili nachos,,, yummy......

Comment #29

You might want to hang onto them for a while. I didn't like them either when I first started, but I gave them a try after being on NS for about a month. Tastes really do change, because they became a favorite of mine!..

Comment #30

I haven't tried the nacho chips yet, but I think I will like them because I like the soy chips alot. I love the NS cereals. I am a cereal person so I usually cut up 1/2 of a bananna or something to put in it...

Comment #31

What a great idea! I never thought of doing that, but it makes sense!..

Comment #32

I like the nacho chips too but thoses so called "beef pattys" OMG this was me > ... well.

Comment #33

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