Why so many gain weight back after Nutrisystem?

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I am new and loving the program so far accept some of the food is a bit gross and I am feeding to my BF as he is dieting as well I have already ordered and received my second month and I am only 3 weeks in.

I have been reading a lot and trying to keep up as this is a large forum. I do have one question for those out there that have done Nutrisystem more than once and came back.....because the weight came back again..

I know there are success stories - I seen a lot of those too and congrats to everyone! BUT I want to know why so many gained it back?.

I am slightly worried by this. My intentions are to continue working out and eat smarter and healthier. (easier said, I know) But I do intend to enjoy my eating as well and not completely deprive myself because I think this is slightly a set up for failing. JMO.

So.....what happened?..

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Your question was: Why so many gain weight back after Nutrisystem?.

In my opinion, if you don't change your eating habits, learn portion control, and eat a balanced, healthy diet, you will gain the weight back. That was my problem. I did well at first, then fell into eating those things which are not healthy and with way too many calories. That does not mean you have to deprive yourself every day, but you need to balance your food plan. It needs to be a permanant change in order to keep the weight off. I certainly will not go back again to those old habits this time...

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I am also a "newb", this is the middle of my 3rd week, but I gained a good 30lbs since last November from job stress, among other things. I just kind of let myself go. I didn't watch what I ate, and I would let myself have whatever I wanted. I didn't realize the weight had crept on until one day I couldn't zip my pants up and had to go to the next size. That was my wake up call.

I knew it was my fault. I did this to myself, no matter how stressed I got, I should've taken the frustration out with exercise. I should have mindlessly munched on baby carrots and soy chips, not doritos and sun chips. I should've had one bite of cake, not two slices.

I think that's what Nutrisystem is teaching me. I can have my cake, but it's going to be a small piece. Instead of inhaling it, I'm going to savor it. I always eat my Nutrisystem chocolate cake heated up with a cup of coffee. I eat it slow and really savor it, and that's the trick I believe. To enjoy eating as an activity and a choice, not because I NEED that cake. I want that cake, but I'm not going to eat the whole thing you know?.

A lot of "diets" do not teach you portion control. Nutrisystem does, and it allows you to have unlimited amounts of the things that you do not need to portion control. No one ever got fat from broccoli lol.

I wouldn't worry so much. Use Nutrisystem as your guide for life, and you will not gain the weight back. Good luck to you and welcome!!.


Comment #2

I did Nutrisystem before and gained the weight back, nut not NS's fault, only my own fault..

I lost almost 100lbs but didnt eat the fat everyday, I thought what the hell is 6 almonds gonna do?! Boy was I wrong, I lost so much hair I was this side of getting a wig.

Deciding I'd rather be chubby then bald, I started eating badly and did get my hair back, then I got preggo & gained more weight..

I will say that Nutrisystem did change the way I eat to an extent, I'm back again to do it again (eating my fat Every friggin day!).

NS really does work though, stick to it! Eat everything they say!.

Good luck!..

Comment #3

I also wanted to add that I went to the extreme at the end, probably in an unhealthy way..

At the end of my weight loss not only was I not eating the fat I was probably not eating enough for the workouts I was doing.

I was going to the gym twice a day and burning 400-500 cals each session on the elliptical (800-1000cals daily) plus I'd try to get in at least 1 circuit on the weights a day or every other day..

I'm not a dietician but seeing as I was burning about as many calories at the gym a day as I was taking in, I'm guessing I should have added something else..

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Hi there,.

Yes, I gained some of my weight back. But, it didn't happen overnight...I maintained for a while....only splurging on the weekends..

But then the weekends turned to week days, and before I knew it I had gained 10 pounds. I tried to tackle it right away, but work and stress got in the way of my success, and I ended up gaining 4 more pounds..

I learned a very hard lesson, and will do maintenance totally different this time!! Only 12 more pounds to get back to goal!!.


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I'll tell you why I HAVEN'T gained it backI have completely changed my eating habits. Eliminated emo-eating, eliminated boredom eating. Can't remember the last time I ate until my sides hurt, even on a holiday. I am also eliminating eating after 7:00 PM (unless dinner is just running late). Nighttime snacking is the kiss of doom for me, so I 'close the kitchen' after dinner..

That is the key. Plain and simple. Go back to old eating habits, and the weight will come back..

I have maintained for several years now, even lowered my goal weight about 6 months ago, and am still maintaining..

I don't use Nutrisystem food anymore, but I do count calories every single day. Plus I exercise 5-6 days a week, including running 20 plus miles per week..

It can be done ...

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Something like 98 percent of dieters gain the weight back, and the statistics are similar for all plans. You have a greater likelihood of surviving pancreatic cancer (the deadliest form of cancer) than you do of keeping the weight off for five years or more..

Most people slowly go back to the way they ate before they lost the weight, so they gain it back...

Comment #7

I would agree with most people's posts, I gained it back by eating a little here and little there... not thinking it would add up. Then you add in work stress and poof, you have 20 pounds back on you. I do have to say that when I started by weight loss journey (on my own, not through NS) I started at 200 pounds. I got all the way down to 143 about 6 years ago. Since then, I have fluctuated between 140 and 160, but never beyond 160.

Now I'm trying to get that 20 pound fluctuation under control!.

It's all about changing your lifestyle and self-discipline...

Good luck in your weightloss journey!.


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I lost 15 lbs awile back, but I got tired of eating just tilapia, peas, cornbread, and cabbage. I was trying to lose weight on my own. I gained it back plus some. I moved 11 miles closer to my boyfriend. He loved to take me out to eat and I gained more. I liked to go out too so it really wasn't totally his fault.

My doctor was also fired. He was like family and it really upset me and I gained more weight. I aso couldn't find a job when I moved. I gained more weight. I weighed 164.0 lbs and I am now 147.4..

Comment #9

Because it was a DIET RACE to them... and they had a FINISH LINE called goal..

This has to be about having a plan FOREVER....the finish line is death..

So the way I see it....I wanna come in last.

Last loser standing wins.


Comment #10

So it's true what every one here has posted. I dont have anything new to add, except for encouragement. Read what they have had to say and learn from it. You may learn the hard way, as most of us have. I lost 40 pounds the 1st time on NS. I went from 150 to 109.

Then when I that low(still didnt hit my goal of 105) for monitary reasons, I got off ns. and then went loco. I ate at fast food restaurants for lunch, and chose the wrong choices. I would have 2 sets of large fries. I bought bags of candy and ate them durring the day.

By 7 months, I had gained 30 of the 40 pounds back. So since I knew that Nutrisystem works, I went back on it. This time I added excercise, but like the previous poster, I didnt add extra food, and so my body, not know WTH was going on. stopped losing. I lost 14 pounds with out excercise, and then when I started excercising, I stopped losing.

Then I talked with a counselor and took their advice. I immediately started losing. I find it hard to balance my food. Eating too much vs eating too little. I am still learning.

I have learned lessons that no one could tell me. and you will too. THe bottom line is that Nutrisystem works AND it provides the tools necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Its up to us to continue that healthy lifestyle after ns. For those of us who are not quite ready to go on our own, Nutrisystem is here for us.

So you will lose on ns, and you may gain it back, but then it's your choice to either do the right thing or come on back with us to ns..

Comment #11

Coach Mark's link he posted above is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Read it - commit to that lifestyle change!..

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This is my first time with Nutrisystem and I've been on it for 3 weeks. I have been on Jenny Craig 2 different times and then in 2003 right after I had my 2nd child I started Atkins. It took me 9 months to lose 85 lbs. I was only doing 5 carbs a day and barely eating. Right when I got to my goal weight we went to visit my husband's family in PA and I was introduced to all the low carb treats. We came back home and I guessI ended up off the wagon since I knew I got to my goal weight.

The first time several years ago I lost 30. The last time was so much harder and I thought maybe I could try it on my own. Nutrisystem works! It's so great eating this kind of food and losing weight! I'm a slow loser, but I'm so happy that it's coming off!..

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I was doing fine with maintenance until my husband and I made the decision to retire. We knew almost a year ahead of time when we would be retire. For some reason I decided if I was retiring it didn't matter how much I weighed or how I lookedso I just started eating what I wantedkind of like when some women get pregnant and think they can eat anything and everything because they are going to "get fat" anyway. What I forgot about was how I feltI was miserable, no energy, hurting joints, etc. So, after two years of retirement and eating I gained everything back plus 10. I finally decided to get back on the plan and make a permanent change because now I know it is NOT alright to gain weight just because I am retiredthis time around has little to do with looks and everything to do with healthI want my bp, cholesterol and triglycerides to get in controlwould be wonderful to get off of some meds! That's my story and I'm sticking to it and my lifestyle change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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