Why should I use egg beaters during Nutrisystem?

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No...I don't mean together...well maybe, you Nutrisystem cooks are cleaver..

Just two things I saw ppl talking about here. I bought them and haven't really used. Is the Almond Milk a substitute for real milk? I did use it on cereal, Is it really healthy? Or better to use the real thing. It is thicker which is nice in cereal. I'd like to hear how you use it..

The Egg Beaters...why do I want to use this instead of real eggs?? Is it just the lower cholesterol? Would like tips for using this that is different than real eggs?.

Also, once opened, how long do either of these keep in the fridge.?.

TIA... Thanks In advance.


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Your question was: Why should I use egg beaters during Nutrisystem?.

Someone had said they put 2 tsps of McComick sausage gravey mix in there egg beaters for flavor and I tried it and loved it. I fix in a skillet and it makes it kind of like a crepe. Love the flavor it gives. My morning breakfast protein..

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How does that sausage gravy mix count?? Sounds interesting.....

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I do not worry about the egg yoke. I certainly understand why one would use beaters if needed to stay away from yoke. I will try the microwave - would be easier for hubby than the "hard" way. If it goes bad in 7 days, I probably should have waited and looked for a pint no qt. Before opening is several months away.


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Egg nog..well I'll have to remember that for holidays..!!.

So I still need to know what to do with the Almond Vanilla Milk. You are right it doesn't lighten the coffee..probably the main reason I got it. It just sounded good. I just always buy too much "stuff" when starting a new eating program!!..

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I have not tried mixing eggbeaters with silk for eggnog, but I would imagine baked it would make a good custard. I get the costco version (eggstarts) and it is cheaper and fewer calories than whole eggs. Of course if you want to make something with stiff egg whites you sort of have to do the separating the egg thing...

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One egg only has about 8g protein; eggbeaters have 6g per 1/4 instead of an egg I can have 3/4 cup eggbeaters at 90 calories and it will have 18g protein...or I usually just have 1/2 cup 60 calories & 12g protein...also it makes a larger amount..

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As others have said, you get a lot more volume and protein for calories with egg beaters than with regular eggs. I use both depending on what I am in the mood for. The egg beaters come in handy when you are making one of the recipes (like Paul's bundt cake) or just need a tbsp or two. The carton says use in 7 days, but I have routinely kept it for much longer (weeks, maybe a month) after opening with never any issues. As long as your fridge is cold it should be fine. I buy the pints, not the quarts since I don't cook breakfast that often..

Almond milk is not a substitute for regular milk as it does not have very much protein. I use it occasionally when I don't want very many calories (40 calories in 8 oz of the SF vanilla). I use the Kashi Go Lean cereal and it has a ton more protein than the Nutrisystem cereal, so if I use the Almond Milk, I'm not worried about the shortfall in the protein. Overall, I like regular milk better and may stop buying the Almond..

The almond milk actually lasts a long time too in the fridge. That, the egg beaters and some of the other brands of milk are all UHT/highly pasteurized and last longer than the 7 days they put on the container...

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That's why I like it to! You can actually have more, it's convenient, and they taste great. Perfect for omelets...

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Ah ha!!! That's what I was looking for...I can have more!!! I just have to try this ..let you know..

And thanks for the suggestions for the Silk Almond milk..good to know those things..I should research before I buy something. But I did like it in my cereal...

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Joyce, the main reason I use eggbeaters is you get the equivalent of 2 eggs (1/2 cup) for 60 calories vs 70 some for one egg. No, you don't need to count calories, but I'm stuck so close to goal that I try to get the most bang for my "buck" without getting in too many calories LOL I do use them in baking and cooking as well, and save my regular eggs for hard boiling..

I've used the almond milk as a coffee creamer extra mostly. I prefer skim or soy on my cereal...

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I use egg beaters all the time. I use them the same as whole eggs - in baking, as a wetting agent for breading, and as scrambled eggs- most frequently I make omelets with them. Never had them spoil so I don't know how long they last. They are tasty with fewer calories and cholesterol...

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Well, if you mix them together, would be kinda an egg nog.

I've tried almond milk, but I am stumped with a regular use for it. Not thick enough for my coffee(prefer ff non-dairy creamer) and I don't put milk in my cereal..

As far as the egg beaters go, they are pretty much the same as egg whites as they are low fat. Just pasteurized, so don't have to worry about salmonella(so good for eggnog, like I said). And may have a flavor to suggest they contain yolks which they don't...

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I know the carton of Eggbeaters says to use within 7 days of opening...

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I buy the egg beaters because I like the flavor better than egg whites and I don't have to mess around with separating the egg whites. I just pour into my bowl, nuke for a minute or two, and off I go. At the end of the day it's really personal preference. It's my opinion that Egg Beaters are much more expensive than buying a dozen eggs and gathering your own egg whites but it's an expense I'm willing to pay for the grab and go convenience...

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Someone had said they put 2 tsps of McComick sausage gravey mix in there egg beaters for flavor and I tried it and loved it. I fix in a skillet and it makes it kind of like a crepe. Love the flavor it gives. My morning breakfast protein..

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