Why should drugs always be stored in cool place?

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I got a quick question: Why should drugs always be stored in cool place?.

I also got another question: I am on day three and so far, so good with the breakfasts and lunches BUT.both dinners I have tried so far have a weird flavor or taste to them. Do they all have this issue? Thanks..

P.S. I tried the chicken florentine and the pasta faglioli...

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Your question was: Why should drugs always be stored in cool place?.

I think I know what you are talking about, and there is a common flavor through many of the dinner entrees. I deal with it by adding spices and other flavorings to them. And beyond that, a pepper grinder and a bottle of Frank's hot sauce are always close at hand too...

Comment #1

Franks hot sauce is definitely a life saver!.

I add a few dashes to both the black bean tortilla soup and the split pea soup. I had never tried split pea soup before NSit's actually really good!..

Comment #2

I've never tried the florentine or pasta faglioli but I know what you mean. I think it could be the protein or soy. Even something to do with the soft canning process. Just a guess. You really do get used to it though.

Just try to stick with it. You'll be surprised at how much better the food starts to taste after you start losing..

Good luck! Once you get through the first 2-3 weeks it's all downhill from there. Just try to stick it out...

Comment #3

I've been adding hot sauce to just about everything, the spicer the better. It takes a few weeks to get used to eating this stuff, after that it seems to be easier and easier. Some of the food is barely food at all, you just have to find the ones you can tolerate. Stick with it because no matter what it works. I have found that my system of eating stuff I really like, makes me really fat. By using NS and eating stuff I barely like I get skinny.

Good Luck!..

Comment #4

I saved my protein from breakfast and sliced up 2 hebrew national 45 calorie franks and put it in my split pea soup. yummy!.


Comment #5

This is my 3rd day and I actually really like all of the food I've tried. The Chocolate Raspberry bars have a little bit of a generic "blah" flavor, but still tasty and palletable...Just odd. No sugar, I guess!..

Comment #6

I like the meatloaf and mash potatoes- but I was really hungry. :..

Comment #7

This is when I have my afternoon snack, protien and fruit. Today I had a non-fat yogurt and an apple..

Marla (sharon).


Comment #8

Same here - that is a tough time - I try to have my dairy/fruit then also. I like the Danon LightnFit w/ frozen raspberries - you can stir them together to make a raspberry sorbet texture - really satisfying !..

Comment #9

I found at first that most of the food was much more bland than I was used to. I figure it was from the lower fat content..

Now that I have been on it for awhile I don't notice at all. But I do notice when I eat off the plan!..

Comment #10

I don't care much for the dinners that are saucy and microwaveable.

I order only a few dinners:.

Mac and cheese.




Chicken breast patty.

I decided I did not like any of the reheat tray dishes - they did have that taste you refer to. So - I don't get them anymore and really look forward to my meals now!..

Comment #11

I think it just depends. I am familiar with the 'weird flavors'. So far I've taken the meatloaf, the stroganoff and the chicken patties off of my auto order for next shipment. However, I really liked the spinach/cheese ravioli in meat sauce, thick crust pizza. I think it'll just be hit and miss and I do thing the soft canning process may be the culprit. Overall I'm still happy with the program overall. I'm just normally very busy at dinner time and haven't had time to add spices to perk up the flavor...

Comment #12

I think anything that has chicken in it is terrible and hard to eat. When you adjust your auto order does it really work. I mean I HATE tuna and know that I didn't order any and I received 6 tuna salads in my first order. Does anyone know. Also what do you do when you go out to eat, my family eats out frequently...

Comment #13

I'm guessing we all liked to go out to eat before NS, that's how we got fat.

I didn't go out to eat the first month and we went out a great deal before NS. But I was really determined to lose this time and didn't want to make a career out of it. When I did go out to eat I ate before I went and just had a salad and ordered chicken and veggies. Ate a few veggies and brought most of it home. Some places have a website and you can take a look at it before you go.

Some people love the chicken, but I didn't care for it either. Adjusting your autoshipment should work. Just make a copy of your order to make sure they sent the right stuff. I usually just called in my order...

Comment #14

I am always surprised to read how some people will only eat 1 or breakfasts, a couple of entres for lunch, etc. We all have our favorites, but I make it a point to make sure I am not ordering the foods that are highest in sodium, fats, and sugar alcohols. I purposely mix up my monthly supply. Those that are nutrient rich but not so tasty on their own, I add my own seasonings and/or veggies.

I think that choosing as much a variety as possible is healthier then limiting choices. I know it will help keep me from early burn out on NS and feel I have a more balanced diet...

Comment #15

The weird flavor was only in the dinners, haven't had any issues with the breakfasts or lunches. Last night I had the ravioli, and it either didn't have as much of the flavor, or I am getting used to it. Maybe it is the soy.anyway, I am keeping track of my faves for next month. And I sneaked a peak at the scale this morning (I won't do it again, I promise) and I have lost 4 pounds, so the food now tastes better...

Comment #16

I could seriously eat the same food every day with no problem. I know that's weird to some people. I ate a peanut butter sandwich every single day from the time I was about 3 until I graduated from high school..

I checked with the counselor and they said there isn't a problem doing that in terms of losing weight if that's what you chose to do. I try to switch things around from time to time but I could be perfectly happy eating the same things. For me, it takes some of the focus off food and how it tastes and it just becomes fuel.

I do switch dinners and don't have the same dinner more than once a week. But for breakfast and lunch I eat what's easiest and what fills me up the most. I'm lazy so the muffins are great for me. Or I make muffins out of pancake mix for the week. I do lunch on my own so most days I have a sandwich on low cal bread or a big salad with tuna or chicken..

Hay, whatever works. I do see what your saying. It does seem like a better idea to change up the foods. I just happen to be odd in the food department and don't like a lot of different foods...

Comment #17

4 pounds is so great!!!.

I didn't like the ravioli when I started but now I really do. Sometimes I add a little of my own sauce to it or some LS sauce from a jar and a little FF cheese...

Comment #18

I am so glad that I am not the only one! I love the breakfasts andlunches but the dinners have really been grossing me out. I find myself eating more of the veggies that I cook than the actual meals. I did like the ravioli but everything else is yucky!!..

Comment #19

I'm the opposite. Love the dinners but hated the lunches.

Did you try the burgers? They look odd but taste great. Anything you can have bread with is fine in my book.

If you like the ravioli you'll probably like the lasagna. The potatoes look odd in the meat loaf but they taste good..

Another good one are the tacos. I make a HUGE salad and pour the taco mix on top with a little salsa, FFcheese and FF sour cream. I break up the chips and dip them in. It is very filling.

I happen to like the beef dishes best. I treat the tender beef and veggies and the wedged potatoes and beef almost like a stew. I make a big bowl of veggies and pour the dinners on top.

One month I got about 20 burgers. But I made so many things using the burger. I had it on pita bread, a roll. I made a pizza burger out of it or added mushrooms. One time I made pasta instead of using the roll and crumbled the burger in some LS sauce.

I can't get the link to work but you should check out Lynns blog for great ideas...

Comment #20

I am so relieved to hear others have the same feelings as I do. I am on day 3 and I'm hanging in their, but the dinners have been yuck! I think the breakfasts are good, the lunch is o.k. I appreciate reading any feedback on how to make things taste better. I had the tacos and didn't like them, but the idea of putting them in a salad with salsa sounds great-or better. The ravioli-not so good-I think someone described it as weird?!?! I need to lose 50 lbs. and even though I'm struggling with the food, I feel alot less bloated on day three.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!..

Comment #21

I am absolutely with you on this. I don't think I have more than 2 of anything with my dinners. The other meals aren't quite as varied as the dinners, so that one's harder. I give my husband a hard time b/c he hates left overs and I'm fine with them. However, I could not go for MONTHS at a time eating just a few foods for dinner. It's my own personal preference...

Comment #22

I've been on NS since May, and I still don't like many of the dinners which is my most challenging time of day. I stick with the beef patty and pizzas mainly, then tolerate a few others here and there around my own food or the lunches...

Comment #23

I just finished dinner - today I sauteed some baby spinach in a teapsoon of olive oil with fake salt and garlic powder... then I mixed the sauteed spinach into the Chicken Pasta Parmesean dinner. OH MY GOD! It was SO good. Maybe I'm still a little lightheaded from my workout earlier, but I swear - it was sooo good. I could have had more! I'm on my 2nd week of NS on my 2nd try on the program and I was feeling unmotivated. I don't look forward to the food and as the days go by I get more and more frustrated with it. Well, today brought my spirits up! Try new things with the foods you aren't too keen on - you might end up liking them!..

Comment #24

It's amazing how you get used to the food. I really didn't like it at first, but now I love it. I'm not a cook, so I don't do a lot of fixing up. Pepper and italian seasoning mostly..

I just started putting the tray dinners on an actual plate (and lunches in tupperware for work). I swear it tastes better like that...dunno why but it just does. It's an amazing difference!..

Comment #25

I make extra large servings on veggies on the nights when I know I'm going to have a dinner that's not my favorite. Most of the dinners taste a lot better when poured over a great pile of broccoli!.


Comment #26

I am keeping track and I think burgers and pizza for next time (and lasagna) sounds great..

At first I was going to order 28 bran flakes for breakfast for next month, but then I realized the granola and the scones and the pancakes are keeping me going on this thing.I mean, I am worried about the carb/sugar content too, but people can lose weight on pizza and scones on this diet, so why not do it? The portions are soooo small. And I know the desserts motivate alot of folks as well..

I decided if all I do is eat the high protein stuff, I might as well be on Southbeach and eat all I want.know what I mean?.

I did eliminate all the sorbitol products due to gas, which left me with NOTHING sweet for dessert!!!..

Comment #27

Funny you should say 3 PM. This is my hardest hour as well.

I now eat my desert around 3 PM and save my snack for the evening...

Comment #28

I am on day 4 and haven't found anything I haven't been able to enjoy I do use pepper on my food. Being Texan, I love spicy foods..but then that screams for tortilla chips! I was pleasantly surprised by the BBQ chips. I thought they would taste weird..but weren't as strong as I thought they might be...

Comment #29

Peg, did you see my post to you regarding the sorbitol? I found my gas issues had nothing to do with sorbitol although I thought it did at first...

Comment #30

I dont think it's just the dinners.... Ive noticed it in the bars... like an aftertaste of sorts.......

Comment #31

I struggle with the dinners also. There are a few that I really like, but some that I just tolerate. I need to look at the recipes and see what I might do differently. I do think it helps to put them in another container and heat in the oven. I've done that and added FF cheese to the Lasagna..

I love the breakfast items and most of the lunch items.


Comment #32

I don't care much for the dinners that are saucy and microwaveable.

I order only a few dinners:.

Mac and cheese.




Chicken breast patty.

I decided I did not like any of the reheat tray dishes - they did have that taste you refer to. So - I don't get them anymore and really look forward to my meals now!.

I think you may be right. Maybe this is it. Although the ravioli wasn't too is the chicken breast patty?..

Comment #33

Peg, did you see my post to you regarding the sorbitol? I found my gas issues had nothing to do with sorbitol although I thought it did at first..

No, is it in this thread??? I couldn't find it. I have also had gas issues with the black bean stuff, but I love black beans! I guess I am just afraid of the bars because I have been on Atkins bars forever and have ALWAYS had gas issues with those...

Comment #34

I feel the exact same thing. The breakfasts and most lunches are good..but I end up only eating half the dinner and eating more veggies and fruit, which is good. Has anyone else noticed that some of the lunches all have that chili taste? It's tolerable but just wondering...

Comment #35

Yes, and that is why my next order will only be for the ones in the syrofoam cups. They seem bigger as well...

Comment #36

It's not bad. I find it needs something, I don't usually eat it plain.

I will pop it in the toaster oven with a tablespoon of BBQ sauce on top (free food), and sometimes I save a lunch protein to add cheese to this. It's very good!..

Comment #37

Here it is. It's really hard to find things on this board.


Comment #38


I am a newbie, still waiting for my food box...but I did buy a day of food and thought it was pretty good, but a little bland. The chicken florentine, yes, tasted a little bland, so I added garlic powder and basil. Pretty easy, and yummy. The hot sauce seems to be a good idea. Cinnamon on oatmeal, and thyme and onion powder on beef meals seem like interesting solutions..

Thanks for sharing your tips..


Comment #39

Thanks swed. Makes alot of sense. You know I ate a fudge graham bar today and I did have some minor issues, but not as bad as those first two I am thinking it was the Black Bean Soup???..

Comment #40

That is so funny they are like nuclear farts huh? I think it's the protien. If you eat the "Smart dogs", which are veggie dogs, watch out those will give you the worst smelling, sorry, Im not trying to be gross. My husband eats them too and he thinks it's funny. Ok Im done...

Comment #41

A Few Of Them I Don,t Like But Then I Don,t Order Them Again. I Like The Chicken And Dumplings, Also The Meatloaf, Cajun Chicken, Also The Hamburger, Chicken Breast, Chicken Salad. I Made Waffles From The Pancake Mix And Put On The Surup Yum!! I Made Some Ahead And Froze Them So All I Have To Do Is Pop Them In The Toaster. I,m Crazy About The Choc. Cruch Bars, Ordered 28 This Time Lol Carolyn..

Comment #42

Lol, maybe I'm crazy, but other than that old orange-flavored Nutripeptide drink that they got rid of (which was BEYOND disgusting!!) - I like everything! I definitely have a few things I prefer over other meals, but I guess I'm not particularly picky. And I am also very habitual in my food choices. I can eat the same foods VERY consistently and never get sick of them. And as far as the dinners...except for the Veggie Lasagna and the Veggie Fajitas, EVERYTHING gets mixed with either broccoli or spinach and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese- yummy!!..

Comment #43

I wonder if that common taste is the added protein. They have to add some protein to make everything so high in it...

Comment #44

I thought the chicken florentine wasn't the best either, but Ireally liked the Veggie Lasagna. It had beans in it, which I thought was weird. but I really liked it!.

I'm on day three also!! Keep posting, I'd love to know your thoughts!!.


Comment #45

I think I know what you are talking about, and there is a common flavor through many of the dinner entrees. I deal with it by adding spices and other flavorings to them. And beyond that, a pepper grinder and a bottle of Frank's hot sauce are always close at hand too...

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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