Why is my scale so inconsistent during Nutrisystem?

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ARRGGH!! My digital Weight Watchers scale is driving me NUTSO! Just needed to vent. I can NEVER get an accurate reading ... I got on this morning, and first thing it said I was 4 lbs. down. AWESOME!! Got off, got back on, I was still 4 lbs. down ...

Down! I KNOW that's a farce, so I get back on again ... still 7 lbs. down ... walk away, come back in a few ... get back on ...

UP?!! Get off ... get back on ... STILL 1 lb. UP?! This is just crazy, I tell ya!! Anyone else have this problem??.

OKAY, vent over ... now back to your regularly scheduled program!..

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Your question was: Why is my scale so inconsistent during Nutrisystem?.

I have the same WW scale and it does the same thing!!! I am getting another one!!!! GRRRR!!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one having that problem tho.....

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I really was only doing the scale dance (LOVE that term! ) because I didn't believe the initial weigh in of the day. Usually, I ONLY weigh once per week, I also would become a victim of the scale...

Comment #2

Get a better scale. Then get on it ONCE every week. You are a scale slave and that does not help you at all on your journey. You won't see the NORMAL fluctuations every day if you only weigh once a week. Since this clearly upsets you, try another method!..

Comment #3

My scale varies by the spot on the floor and any other variable you can think of. For my Saturday weigh-ins - I weigh myself repeatedly and move the scale around the floor until I see the same reading 3 times lol.

I need a new scale - but chalk it up to me being lazy and cheap, after all - I just bought this one 8 years ago! I found a way to wrangle the one I have into submission, good enough for me. Your post made me smile - I go scale dancing every Saturday morning..

Comment #4

I totally understand where you're coming from. My scale has been like that too. I always step on the scale a few times in a row and then take the number that pop up the most.

I do weigh daily, but have told myself that I can not get upset if the numbers dont' show what I want. I understand that you need to have 3500 to gain a pound, and I'm never near that in a day, so overall I'm cool and collected..

Comment #5

I try to look at averages. If it is in the 50's for a few weeks, then it moves down to the 40's, it doesn't really matter if it is a few pounds either way, it just matters that the trend is down...

Comment #6

I find the best scales to be those whom are not digital. Get one with the dial, and always make sure it's set exactly at 0 before weighing in...

Comment #7

I always place it in the exact some position, get on three times, and take the lowest<G> Or, if the same weight shows up 2 times, that is it..

By the way, it is not a ww scale..


And the black mini poodles..

Comment #8

I have an old standing weight scale - very accurate - could never find a small one that didnt "bounce" all around. Mine doesnt look pretty but sure is accurate...

Comment #9

I thought about buying a new scale yesterday and now after reading this thread I've decided I am going to do it!.

Besides the Tanita are there any other suggestions about the type or brand to buy?..

Comment #10

I got a digital Health O Meter at Wal Mart for $17 and change and it works great. Consistent readings...

Comment #11

She didn't say she was freaking out because she went up in weight posters....she said the scale wasn't giving her one accurate reading, but rather dancing all over in absurb swings! That's why she was hopping on and off. Mommy...I probably have the same WW digital scale you have. These are expensive scales. Mine was $60..

Mine does the same thing. if you touch anything getting on it effects the weight.....if it's on a different floor position, it effects the weight. You aren't going's the scale. I know right where to place mine and how to get on and off for the right reading. But I still do it about 3 times to make sure I get one reading at least twice!!.

But I don't rely on that one for my actual weight for that reason. I use the Wii for my weight and use the WW one for back-up and keeping track of my fluid levels which is something I have to watch..

Sorry guys but I DO weigh EVERY DAY and I use it to know what I need to do that day and the next day...such as drink more water, watch the salt, etc. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I'd never survive with just seeing one weight a week. What if it's a high day? You go the whole next week thinking you gained a pound? That would drive me nuts..

So original's what I would honestly do. If it's really important to you, go to Walmart or somewhere and buy a cheap scale with a glass base or something.... $15 or so as a back up. It will save your sanity...

Comment #12

Thanks, all! Yes, I was really only annoyed because I couldn't get a reading. Actually, my mom was an everyday weigher, and she's lost 70 lbs. (seasheil on here ). I, however, know that once a week is MORE than enough for me, but I need it to be accurate. And, yup, this WW scale wasn't cheap, but I really think I need another one. Probably a dial scale will be my next purchase...

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