Why is it more difficult to buy drugs at a Vitamin Shoppe than it is to buy a gun at a gun store?

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I got a quick question: Why is it more difficult to buy drugs at a Vitamin Shoppe than it is to buy a gun at a gun store?.

I also got another question: I have been only having 2 glasses a wine a week, but it is New Years. I wanted to have a few tonight! I am cutting way back on the food to have a few. Ofcourse, drinks lots of water. Anyone in the same boat? It feels nice to have some company...

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Your question was: Why is it more difficult to buy drugs at a Vitamin Shoppe than it is to buy a gun at a gun store?.

I'm going to limit myself to one glass of bubbly.

Good luck!..

Comment #1

Hi MsTaylor,.

How did you do at work today? Good I hope..

There is a group formong under the "Newbies get aquainted" thread called 2008ers. Have you seen it yet? It looks like most everyone has started around the time we did, or will in a few days..

Happy New Year!..

Comment #2

One thing you should know is that cutting back on food to allow for the empty calories of any alcohol you may have is a no-no, per the NS dietitians.

And it's true that your body always puts dealing with alcohol (which it considers a toxin) ahead of fat burning. But whether and how much to drink is a personal decision only you can make. Your normal routine of two glasses of wine per week is probably not a problem as long as you are losing at an acceptable rate. (When you reach a stall at some point, you might want to eliminate them.) But, again, never leave out any of your nutrition in an attempt to make up for the calories of alcohol...

Comment #3

Hi Mia....

I found you! Lol. I will check out the 2008ers!.

Work went okay. Even though I spread out my meals/snacks I was still hungry. I think because I go to work so early.

Best luck on Wednesday...

Comment #4

Thanks Taylor. I'm hungry this afternoon for the 1st time. Usually it's right before bedtime when I get hungry. Sniff, sniff..

I have almost gotten through 32 oz of water though, which is a miracle for me. lol.

Have a great evening!..

Comment #5

I have lost all of my weight, and my BMI is 20. I weigh 117 as of last week. I weigh in the morning. So, I decided to splurge for 3 glasses this week for new years. I am still loosing. Won't be giving up my wine. Sorry, even if it is a "No" "No"..

Comment #6

I will be honest not having a glass of wine or two at the end of the week is going to be the hardest part for me, after living in Germany for 2 years wine became like a glass of milk or water at dinner, it was the norm. I had to wait and start today because I knew that going out last night would put me back. My plan is to only drink once a month, that way one glass will be all I will be able to handle. LOL..

Comment #7

I guess to each his own then...I'm glad that PepperMillOne set the record straight for anyone new to NS reading this though...

Comment #8

Today was my first day on the program and it was a relatively stressful day at work, so I came home and had a glass of wine. It made me feel like the "diet" was normal and allows me to splurge once in a while. But, I did add it to my list of what I ate in my online journal - gonna be honest...

Comment #9

Good for have to be honest with's the only way you can find out what you're doing wrong if you stop losing and start getting frustrated. Good luck and welcome...

Comment #10

Sorry sweetie. I'm going out to dinner with the folks and am forgoing the alcohol. Giving it up is hard enough. Plus, I don't want to gain a pound or 2 before I start my program..

You normally have 2 per week and want to have more than that in just one night? Don't use the holiday as an excuse to go crazy..

Plus, I believe, that your body has to metabolize the alcohol before it will burn fat. Consuming alcohol will slow your progress and possibly affect your metabolism..

Stay away from it..

Rip off that band aid and be strong. No booze. Start now. You can do it..

Be a designated driver. Someone needs to be..

Happy New Year!..

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I'm going to limit myself to one glass of bubbly.

Good luck!..

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