Why have I not lost any weight in 2 months with Nutrisystem?

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I am on the Nutrisystem diabetic plan. My boyfriend and I have a fight almost every night on the phone. He says that I am eating too much sugar and carb on the diet, with the chocolate cakes, cookies, etc. Besides telling him that Nutrisystem has tested this and it is safe for people like me and that it is my health and not his, I don't know what else to tell him so that he will stop the complaining and negging,.

Also, I have not lost anything after being on the plan for almost 2 month. Following the meal plan 6 days a week, except the 64 oz of water everyday can only get 16oz down, and am too tired to exercise. Actually lost 2 pounds, then had a family get together and everything came back..

Any suggestions?..

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Your question was: Why have I not lost any weight in 2 months with Nutrisystem?.

Call the counselors and ask they why the diabetic plan looks like it is high in sugar. They can help you explain it to your boyfriend.

Also, how is your blood sugar? Has it been steady?.

After 2 months, you should have lost some weight so I suspect you may be doing some things wrong on the plan. Agree with Jenn, if you post your standard or example menu, we can probably help you formulate a better day. You should only be having one cake or cookie per day.

Lastly, drink your water. Just do it. Start carrying it with you - it's a new habit and it will help...

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First off, I am diabetic and I've lost almost 65 pounds and lowered my BS down so I don't need any medications at all any more. SO tell boyfriend he doesn't know what he's talking about. IF anyone should be concerned, it's your doctor and once they are okay with the plan then tell him to butt out and refuse to discuss it with him. If your BS is coming down and your Hemoglobin A1c is getting lower then you will do fine.

If you follow the plan carefully, you should have been losing weight. Is there a reason you don't do it 7 days a week? Are you eating whatever and everything you can on that 7th day? You can essentially negate an entire week good deeds in one day if you are eating 3000-4000 calories in that day. One Flex days you shoudn't eat any more than you do on the Nutrisystem days, but your own food..

Call the Dietician's and counselors and go through everything you eat with them. Now, you simpy must drink more than 16 oz. of water. It's water it won't kill you. Other than water, there's not much else you should be drinking. Limit your diet soda's they are just chemicals.

You don't have to exercise on the plan, but I will tell GIVES you energy!..

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First thing is first. Don't stress over DBF. I would just tell him that you are trying something new and that you are monitoring what you consume sugar wise. Stress can make it harder to lose the weight. Just relax and don't focus on the weight loss. Water is also an important key to success.

Try to drink more water. Have you tried those crystal light packs, or even the packs that came with the Nutrisystem the first time. I think they send out lemonade and ice tea. Also, what have you been eating? It could be that you are either missing a veggie or fruit, or maybe you need to switch your meals around to jumpstart your body. I would also contact a counselor to see if there is anything else you can do.

You can do this and we all here for you!..

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Thanks everyone for your kind words and reply. I started the Nutrisystem with QVC and they have a plan where you're on Nutrisystem 5 days a weeks and 2 days off. I am now to one day off because on Sundays I visit a friend where only food from the vending machine is available, so after visiting the friend when I get home about 5 I just grab something from the drive thru..

My BF looked at the nutrition info on the packages from the packages and he says that it is way too much sugar and carb, I think in his mind I should not be eating any sugar or carb at all since I am a diabetic, that what kind of diet let a diabetic eat chocolate, cakes, cookies, and pasta. I told him that I will try for 6 months and if it does not work then I will stop. He says that we can get the same thing at the grocery store and be a lot cheaper. We fight almost every night over NS..

My BS level is around 140 in the morning before breakfast, which is very good for me, my doctor recently added insulin for me, but I no longer need it. I talked to my diabetic doctor and he says to not get on the Nutrisystem unless I want to stay with it the rest of my life, he is against it, he is no longer my doctor..

I am at a lost for the daily fat and dairy groups, even after reading the grocery guide several times. On a typical day, I start with Nutrisystem breakfast and 8 oz of milk at around 8:30; then at around 10 I have the dairy or protein which is a 70 cal no sugar pudding or a yoplait no sugar yogurt, or cheese, and 1/2 c of fruit; at around 12:30 I have my lunch that consists of Nutrisystem lunch, 2 cups of salad, a hard boiled egg, another veg., low fat or no fat dressing; at 3:30 I have my snack of a pudding or yogurt or cheese whichever was not the morning snack, and 1/2 c of fruit; at dinner (6 pm), a Nutrisystem dinner, 2 cups of mixed salad with low fat dressing or 2 vegs., sometimes a piece of bread if the Nutrisystem is speghetti or lasagna; and at around 8 pm a Nutrisystem dessert of cookie(s) or cake. The daily cal intake is usually around 1300 to 1500, is that too much?.

I talked to two counselors yesterday, one on the phone and one online, the one on the phone was very helpful but I could only write down half of what he said was not fast enough, yet the one on line was not helpful at all...

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Have you considered packing foods? What are the vending options? I used to get nuts (fat serving) and fruits. Then, when I got to my car, I would have my lunch bar (on ice if it was hot), a dairy/protein, and some carrot sticks. Depending on the time of day of my visit, this would determine what I would pack. If you're not eating enough calories or the wrong calories on the one day off, you're sabotaging yourself. Nutrisystem can fit into many life situations. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box.


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Have you used the on-line food tracker. that might help with carbs and calories. it will help you keep track. stress does weird things to your body. try to destress. also medical advice has it's merits too.

If you do not get a responsive and responsible counselor, ask for a supervisor. try adding a no calorie no sugar drink mix to your water. that helps sometimes to get the water down. relax...

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Ditto the suggestions to drink the recommended amount of water and to pack some food. Depending on what you get at the drive-through, it can undo all your hard work during the week. At the very least, the fast food is probably high in sodium that will contribute to the scale not moving. "Days off" on Nutrisystem still means following the guidelines for NS-friendly meals......

I'm not familiar with the NS-D plan, so I can't judge your menu very well. Hopefully someone on NS-D can chime in. However, I have a few observations:.

1) I thought that NS-D program runs about 1350 calories a day, so 1500 would be above the range. (Or, do you have more than 100 lbs. to lose?).

2) You might also want to double-check that the pudding and yogurt fit the Nutrisystem guidelines for dairy/protein add-ins. They should have at least 7 grams of protein and less than 3g of fat. They should be less than 100 calories a serving, although you could go up to 120 calories once a day for the yogurt..

3) Also, why are you adding the bread to the Nutrisystem spaghetti and lasagna? Does you plan call for the carb there, or again, do you have more than 100 lbs to lose? I ask because generally speaking women only get carb servings with the beef patty, vegetable fajita, chicken breast, etc. but not with the lasagna and the spaghetti...

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Just down my 64oz of water, yea!!.

Yes, I use the online tracker to write down what I ate and the little book that comes with the shipment to plan my daily meals..

I will now try to pack food on Sundays and see if that works..

My goal is to lose 30 pounds, I did not know about the 1350 calories, thank you for letting me know, I will see how I can cut down. I have been adding the bread with spaghetti and lasagna to wash it down, did not realize that it would make such a big difference, I will now stop that..

Anyone have any other protein/dairy or fat ideas?.

Thanks everyone!!..

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I think you should call a counselor and make sure you are following the plan every day, even on days where you don't eat Nutrisystem food. This plan works if you work it but your off days sounds like they are sabotaging you..

Fat servings.

Almonds 6.

Avocado 1/8 of one avocado.

Brazil Nuts 2 medium.

Cashews 4-5.

Flaxseeds 1 tbsp.

Hazelnuts (Filberts) 5.

Hummus 2 tablespoons.

Macadamia Nuts 3.

Mayonnaise (regular), low sodium 1 tsp..

Mayonnaise (Reduced Fat) 1 Tbsp.

Non-Hydrogenated Oil Spread (e.g. Benecol) 1 tbsp..

Oil (Canola, Olive, Peanut, Corn, Safflower, Flax) 1 tsp..

Olives 5 large.

Peanut Butter 1 tsp.

Peanuts (out of shell) 10 large.

Pecans 4 halves.

Pine Nuts 1 tbsp..

Pistachios 15.

Pumpkin Seeds 1 tbsp.

Salad Dressings (reduced fat or light), low sodium 2 tbsp..

Salad Dressings (regular), low sodium 1 tbsp..

Sesame Seeds 1 tbsp.

Squash Seeds 1 tbsp.

Sunflower Seeds 1 tbsp.

Tahini or Sesame Paste 2 Tsp.

Walnuts 4 halves.


Bacon Substitute 2 tbsp.

Beef 1 oz Round, Sirloin, Flank, Tenderloin, Chuck,Steak, Rump, Ground Round- (All Trimmed of Fat).

Buffalo 1 oz.

Calarmari 1 oz.

Canadian Bacon 1 oz Note: Sodium content high.

Cheese 1 oz Fat-free or Low fat.

Cheese (Ricotta) 2 tbsp Made with part skim milk..

Cheese (String) 1.

Chicken 1 oz White meat, No skin.

Chicken Wings 1 wing Note: Not Fried.

Clams 2 oz.

Cottage Cheese 1/4 cup Fat-free or Low fat.

Crab 1 oz.

Cream Cheese (Fat Free) 4 tbsp (2 oz).

Deer 1 oz.

Duck 1 oz No skin, Well drained of fat.

Edamame Beans 1/3 cup.

Egg 1.

Egg White 3.

Egg Substitute 1/2 cup.

Fish 1 oz Cod, Flounder, Haddock, Halibut, Trout, Tuna, Lox, Herring, Salmon, Catfish. (No breading.).

Ham 1 oz Fresh or Boiled Ham.

Hot Dogs 1 oz 3 grams of fat or less per ounce.

Imitation Crabmeat 2 oz.

Lamb 1 oz Roast, chop, leg.

Lobster 2 oz.

Mussels 2 oz.

Octopus 1 oz.

Ostrich 1 oz.

Oysters 6 med.

Parmasan Cheese (grated) 2 tbsp.

Pheasant 1 oz No skin.

Pork 1 oz Fresh/Boiled Ham,Tenderloin,Loin Chop.Canadian Bacon,Cured,Canned Note: High Sodium.

Protein Shakes View Label 100 calories or less with at least 7-8 grams of protein, Whey or Soy Protein.

Salmon 1 oz Fresh or canned.

Sandwich Meat 1 oz 2 grams of fat or less per ounce.

Sardines (canned) 2 med.

Sausage 1 oz 3 grams or less of fat per ounce. Note: High Sodium.

Scallops 2 oz.

Shrimp 2 oz.

Smart Dogs 2 oz.

Soy Beans 1/3 cup.

Soy nuts 1/4 cup Unsalted is best option..

Squid 1 oz.

Tempeh 1/4 cup Note: Medium Fat Meat (Limit).

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) 1/4 cup Note: Medium Fat Meat (Limit).

Tofu 3 oz Note: Medium Fat Meat (Limit).

Tofu Hot Dog 1.

Tuna (canned in water) 1/4 cup.

Turkey 1 oz No skin.

Veal 1 oz Lean Chop, Roast.

Veggie Burgers 2 oz 100 calories or less with at least 7-8 grams of protein.

Venison 1 oz[/quote]..

Comment #9

Sugar free pudding cups are not a protein. The don't really fit into the plan at all. They don't have nearly enough protein in them. What type of cheese are you using? Is it low fat or fat free? Is the milk skim?.

Dairy/protein=12g carbs, 8g protein, trace of fat (aprox 3g or less), 100 calories...

Comment #10

Also go to the diabetic chat thread,,,great info and support..

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