Why hasn't my body fat change during Nutrisystem?

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So far on NS, I've lost 11 lbs (29 May-24Jun) according to my scale. However, my scale also reads body fat and that hasn't changed and I'm not noticing a change in the way my clothes fit. Am I expecting too much, too soon? Please help!.



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Your question was: Why hasn't my body fat change during Nutrisystem?.

Hi Shrinky!.

I had to lose 20 lbs before I could move down to the next size pants (from 14 to 12)....sometimes it's where we lose first (face and chest first....thighs and waist much later. ) I am now in a size 8 because I did not get discouraged....I did not give up!.

As far as the scale. You will have to do some strength training to see a move on the body fat....even though you are losing fat, the scale is giving you a % of body fat. You'll need to build muscle while you lose fat (and make sure you are hydrated when checking body fat %).

I "only" lost 7 lbs my first I really think it takes some time for your body to adjust to this 'new way of eating!".

You are doing GREAT! YOU CAN DO THIS!!.


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From what I understand, bathroom scales that show bodyfat % tend to be way off depending on how much water is in your body. I wouldn't put too much faith in those things.

If you haven't bought a tape measure yet, you should. Our bodies are odd things. Sometimes we lose pounds without seeing any inches lost. Often you'll see inches lost without losing pounds. If you are losing one and not the other, just let the one you are losing as a motivator...

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Thanks for the information and support. I didn't lose anything this last week but will not allow this to deter me. I'm about to start my 2nd BBB and look forward to what the bottom of that brings...more weight loss. I won't give up! So, now, I'm no longer paying attention to body fat % on the scale and only watching the scale and measurements..

Thanks again!! Happy and safe 100% Nutrisystem 4th weekend! -Nicole..

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I don't want a scale that can tell me how much body fat I have! I can 'pinch" it! LOL!! Just keep doing the program and enjoy the results. I did not move down a size until 20 pounds. I still have a tummy..


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