Why doesn't Medifast food disolve?

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I had the cream of chicken soup today and I could not get the powder to dissolve. I had the same problem with the hot chocolate. I feel like the medifast food is not soluble with water. What can I do?..

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Add just a little water to make a paste then continue to mix as you add more water...

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I make the soups, oatmeal, and shakes at night, shake them up in a shaker jar and refrigerate for the next day...

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I mix all my drinks in the blender and then either drink cold or reheat in the microwave. Sometimes I do the stir a little water to make a paste trick. It works great..

Soups I make in my thermos in the morning to eat at lunchtime...

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I highly recommend the Sundesa Blender Bottle!! They come with a little whisk ball that blends everything fully. You can find them in all different colors at (that's where I've found them the cheapest). I make everything in them except the soft serve and oatmeal. Even the hot drinks, I mix them in the Blender Bottle first, then warm them up. Makes a world of difference!!.


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This. I use the paste technique for all the drinks and cream soups. For the hot cocoa/chai, I make a paste w/ cold water and then add boiling water from our tea thingie. For soups, I do it all with cold and then nuke the crap out of it...

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The shakes seem to work okay but you really can't put the soup in a blender. I will try the paste method. I hate eating the chunks of powder!..

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Mini whisk. Best invention EVER! And you get a mini arm workout whisking the beejeezus out of your food! You can use this for shakes, soups, puddings, anything you might need to mix with water. I never had a problem. Soaking after being mixed, then whisking right before you drink it helps as well. Then there's the Medifast swirl. It's an skill that takes a little practice, but if you keep stirring your hot drinks/soups and giving your cup a continual swirl to keep it moving, it stays pretty well mixed...

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I have found if I let the soups sit long enough, the lumps come out. I will mix, then let sit a few minutes and stir again, for the cream soups, I use a portable blender, for the stews/chili I just let sit and haven't had a problem. Hope you find a solution that works for you. Dan..

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What I have been finding in all the foods is that you let them sit for awhile then they are much easier. There are a few items that need extra care but most of the food items will mix up if they sit and then you have them.

Good luck in your journey..

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The soups I make the night before. I just pour the packet in my tupperware that I take for work, add the water, close lid... shake it like a polaroid picture over and over again and let it sit in the fridge overnight until lunch the next day. I never have any lumps! In fact, I have my COC soup waiting for me today!.

For the HC (a personal fav), as mentioned above, make it into a paste! I start the paste with cold water and once it reaches a batter-like consistency I add hot water to it - keep stirring the entire time and no lumps!.

Hope that helps!.



Comment #10

Thank you all for the good advice. I will try it..

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