Why do they wear helmets when they go to the local Vitamin Shoppe on a field trip?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Why do they wear helmets when they go to the local Vitamin Shoppe on a field trip?.

My main question is: It's cold and I wanted a warm stew. I have two NS dishes (lunch & dinner), that I semi-like: Cheese Tortellini and Hearty Beef Stew. They are OK by themselves, but after reading some other posts, I decided to try something different..

I mixed the two together in a big pot. I added 4 half servings of my dinner vegetables, chopped up (onions, fresh green beans, baby carrots, zucchini) and celery (basically free). I added a little NS friendly beef broth. Let it simmer a while..

WOW, it's as good as mom's winter beef stew (minus the corn she would add). The cheese tort is hardly twangy now, and it improved the hearty beef stew..

I will eat it all by end of day, some for lunch, some for dinner, so that I get all my proper calories and nutrients from the two meals (a lunch + a dinner). And of course, I will eat the fruit/salad, fat, etc. that I didn't add to the pot...

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Your question was: Why do they wear helmets when they go to the local Vitamin Shoppe on a field trip?.

Oh, that sounds really good! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion...I'm going to try it soon!..

Comment #1

Pru, thanks for sharing..

How creative you are! I have been adding seasonings and a few sauted veggies to my entres, but never thought about combining lunch and dinner for an entirely new dish. I have both of these entres on hand and will be trying this recipe...

Comment #2

Hey Denise!.

The drawback is you have to eat it twice in one day (because it's a lunch and a dinner). But I was in the mood, so it didn't bother me to eat it twice today..

I couldn't tell you how to split it up, to be able to save some for another day...

Comment #3

I don't mind same day leftovers for dinner....especially when the "sum" is better than the two parts. LOL..

Comment #4

Thank you it is 12 decrees with 1 foot of new snow here today and it will be the same for Sunday so I will have this for sure!!..

Comment #5

Belle, I like that idea of yours. Since I got the stew frrom NS as a sub this past month, I will give your recipe a try this week. Thanks for sharing. I like trying new things and like others do not mind leftovers.....

Comment #6

Very creative! I won't order the tortellini again but if I have any hanging around I'll definitely have to try this...

Comment #7

That sounds great Pru..Those are the 2 NS meals I am not fond of...I will eat them of course, as I would never waste the foods I paid for, but this sounds like a great way to mask the taste of each one when alone...thanx!..

Comment #8

Thanks for the great idea! sometimes I miss my nutri-lunch cause I'm so busy at work that I have to eat it when I get home, this eliminates having to mix and match!!!..

Comment #9

Hmmm, makes me think about those of you who work the late shift and have to eat lunch and dinner away from home.

Put it all in a big thermos and munch away throughout the evening. And it doesn't have to be the two I picked. You could mix any lunch/dinner together with veggies and store in a big thermos.

Only drawback is eating same thing for lunch and dinner. Could get boring...

Comment #10

Thanks for the ideas! When I think about eating the same thing for lunch and dinner I laugh because before NS...I ate such tasteless, wasteful, JUNK everyday ! (fat, carbs, sugar, fat, carbs, sugar) That there is no way I get bored with any of the nutritious food from NS.

Have a great day!..

Comment #11

I do something very similar with leftover veggies from the night before (which I always make more of so I have the leftovers!)..

During the winter, I really don't get jazzed about the salad for lunch; it's just too cold. So I overmake veggies the night before and make a soupy stew for my lunch the next day..

2c leftover dinner veggies (salad replacement/equivalent).

1 1/2c low sodium chicken broth.

Almost any NS lunch entree (tortellini, any of the soups - canned or dried, chicken & noodles or veggies).

Combine them all and heat thoroughly; make sure dehydrated soups are fully reconstituted during the heating process.

Serve in a large soup/pasta bowl.

Sprinkle with parmesan, top with dollup FF sour cream or NF Quark.

I also buy dried soup mix from and use them instead of the NS lunch entrees sometimes. Today I used a Cream of Broccoli and it was yummy with my kale/broccoli/carrot/onion/mushroom leftover mix...

Comment #12

Thanks so much for the website!! I just got my first shipment and am holding off even opening it until Christmas day so I can start with a reasonable expectation of succeeding. I have a long way to go - looks like you have already made your goal - you look lovely...

Comment #13

Good luck to you! Looks like you have thought about your plan and set your goals. Can't wait to hear how you do!..

Comment #14

I tried this Winter Beef Stew the other day and it was very good! I wasn't real fond of either one by themselves, but using your recipe was great. Thanks so much!..

Comment #15


I tried this the other day. Loved this...keep cooking up new "recipes"! I used a bag of organic stir fry veggies and this was very tasty. I didn't mind eating it twice in the same day at all.

As NS entres go, I rarely eat things "as is". I prefer to cook them on the stove (NOT boiled....but with the package opened) in a saucepan and add my own salt-free seasonings. I just never thought of combining two for a new treat. Thanks!..

Comment #16

What a great idea for a cold day !.

Thanks for sharing -..

Comment #17

Oh, that sounds really good! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion...I'm going to try it soon!..

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