Why can't I eat extra strawberries during Nutrisystem?

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I am discouraged with 3 weeks of Nutrisystem and lossing 3 lbs. I am confused as I don't really understand why if I eat extra strawberries, it supposedly throws everything off. Is there a book or something to read to help understand the diet as a whole? My husband and I are both on it, and he has lost only 5 lbs. We both are active, exercise regularly and both have under 20 to lose and are both just over 50 years young...any advice would be greatly appreciated. Today I just think we are throwing away our $$$...

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Your question was: Why can't I eat extra strawberries during Nutrisystem?.

The average weight loss is 1-2 lbs a week, so at 3 and 5 lbs respectively you are both within the average. You also have relatively little to lose. When I got down to 20 lbs left, I could go weeks before I even dropped 1 lb. Stick to the plan and it'll work. It's been proven that losing slowly is better for you; your skin doesn't sag as much as quick loss and the longer it takes the better you build new and lasting healthier eating habits...

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I think you are doing well. 1-2lbs a week is considered a healthy weight loss and you both are within that range. You also do not have alot to lose compared to others on the plan. For example I had 125 to lose and in just over 9 weeks I have lost 22.5 lbs. You are allowed "free foods" 3x a day up to 20 calories so eating an extra strawberry or 2 wont mess with the plan but if you eat a quart that could be an extra couple hundred calories and would slow down weight loss. I havent figured out the glycemic index and how it works but I do know that sticking to the plan does work...slow and steady and you will reach goal..

The way I am looking at this program is that I am spending $300 or so for Nutrisystem foods then another $150 or so for the add-ins...I would spend near that on food that would cause me to maintain or gain weight and I have to eat so why not eat foods that will help me learn healthier eating habits while losing weight at the same time..

I am sure that the more veteran Nutrisystem people will be more helpful but this is how I look at Nutrisystem after the 9 weeks that I have been here. And posting on the boards is amazing, the feedback is usually very good...

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Both you and your husband have two factors that are going to make your weight loss slower than what you might see here and, of course, slower than you want. Those factors would be age and a small amount to lose. With that in mind, your loss is really OK though I know you want it to be more. As far as wasting your money, you are going to spend money on food anyway so why not NS? There are threads on this website that can teach you how to cook and eat by Nutrisystem principles using your own food so you might want to look at that route once you get familiar with the plan. I honestly have no idea if that would save you a lot of money. Our money savings has come from not eating out all the timeamazing how much we spent doing that! By the way, I am 56 and want to lose 55 poundsI am a little over halfway and I am losing it slowly but it is the advertised 1-2 pounds a week.

I hope this info helps you. One other thingnever underestimate the power of the water! I drink 12-14 cups of water a day and on days I drink less, I can tell. Drink that water!!!!!..

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I'm 68 and I know from personal experience that the ability to lose weight quickly diminishes with age. What is meant by "quickly" can be interpreted different by different people depending upon what they personally desire. Not only age, but height and current age also enters into it..

Since going on Nutrisystem and eating a better diet with add ins I might not have eaten as regularly in the past, I have lost weight slowly. The added benefit is that my cholesterol level is now within the accepted range. This has resulted in a small savings on my insurance premium as well as a reward check from my insurance company. Had I been of acceptable weight, I would have received an even bigger reward check..

I have to eat food so I chose Nutrisystem for it's convenience and to help me again continue my weight loss efforts after two years of maintainence. The money I have saved from eating out is helping me pay for the program. When I work, I often do 12 hour days. It was convenient as a single person just to stop at the carryout on the way home. I usually did this twice a week. Since I track my expenditures, I know that I am saving $80 to $100 a month from not eating out..

I'm on the Costco 35 days of food program. Since I'm flexing, these 35 days can last two months at an average cost of $130 a month. Since I'm not eating out at the carryout, I'm saving money that can be used toward this expense, leaving about $30. In addition to eating out, I would buy food from the supermarket much of which I didn't really need for a healthy diet. Some of that stuff is expensive..

What have been the advantages summarized? Slow and healthy weight loss; savings on insurance premium; savings from eating out that can be used toward paying for the program. We have to buy food, so why not buy food that is healthy?..

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