Why am i not losing weight on medifast?

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I AM SO ********!! that I got that out of my system I need encouragement. I have been 100 percent faithful to the plan, drinking all my water, etc. etc....2 weeks with NO LOSS......***????..

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I wish I had some advice for you. Hang in there. Keep on doing what you are doing, 100% OP. Have you started exercising? Medication? Condiments? Are you tracking EVERYTHING? What about varying your calories or carbs? I've read some post that say that can jump start things again.

You've had great success so far so maybe your body is just adjusting before it lets go of anymore fat. How are your clothes fitting? That is more reliable than the scale.

I hope someone can jump in here and help you more than me.

Whatever you do, don't give up or start to slack. Stay 100% OP and the scale will start to go down again...

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Hang in there! Keep drinking water, and I bet you will have a big loss! Sometimes our bodies need some time to adjust...

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Same thing happened to me. Lost 9 lbs the first week. Second, third, maybe fourth, hardly a thing and even a small gain. Felt great, though, so persisted. Had inch losses. Then all of a sudden I lost and lost and lost and here I am.

Good luck!..

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I was reading recently about the calorie burn infusers....Is that something you might want to investigate? People seemed to report increased success with those. I just this past week or so began to drink 8-12 oz of coffee in the morning, using 1 condiment for a sugar substitute. I think it helped me this week. I didn't do anything else differently and my loss increased from around 2.5 the last couple of weeks to 3. 4 this week..

Best wishes. Hang in these. All these amazing veterans can't be wrong..


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I went for about a month, bouncing up 1.5 lbs and down 1, etc.....

Finally I broke 300 today...

All I can say is what kept me going, and that was, you're doing a proven workable method toward weight loss, keep on doing it...

I've heard people say all sorts of things, like change up the time of day for your L&G change to 4/2 or change to 5/1.

But basicaly for me I was keep on keeping on....

You can do it too, when you least expect it.......

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Thanks guys...i have not done much of any exercise and really do not know whast the issue is. I will NOT quit, however, I am really discouraged. I have definitely lost inches, people say out loud how I am looking "skinny" and they obviously notice. How can I switch things up in regards to the meals? I thought each meal is basically the same in calories/carbs give or take a mg or such.....oh well...guess I just have to wait and see....but I am not going to quit...

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I would not worry about switching up the meals. Seriously, what I read is that in weeks 2 to 4 your body is still adjusting to the program, and that it will take off. Just sit tight, continue to do the program, watch your condiments, eat the lower carb veggies, such as lettuce and cauliflower. It will happen, I promise. I stopped exercising until I basically got to very close to my goal, just recently. Now that I've changed my goal again, I am going to stop for the next week.

That's also normal to lose inches and not weight. And don't weigh yourself every day for now. Hide the scale till it's time to bring it out. I had to break myself of that as well. It did wonders for the psyche once I stopped being disappointed every single day..

Now, if you watched the news this morning, there is something about going out in the cold to revv up your metabolism. What they also talked about is drinking ice water. This is something that I also started to do in those earlier weeks and to this day continue it. So make sure you are not only taking in tons of water, but you are also using ice!! Also as well, are you regular? Sorry to be personal, but if you have that problem as well, try using a stool softener and/or Smooth Move herbal tea. Works like a charm...

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I went through something similar. For two weeks I lost a total of .4. But then 2 weeks in a row after that had a loss of 2.8. I stayed OP and just worked through it. It will happen. Just keep doing what you're doing...

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I know how tough this can be, but it's normal. Some people go months. All our bodies are not the same, some lose inches like crazy and no scale weight. Just try and be patient, it will happen! Probably with a big whoosh... Staying off the scale helps too. That scale will drive you mad...

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Thanks so much for all of your comments and advice...I will keep trucking through. Thanks again!!!..

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