Why am I losing weight slowly with Medifast?

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I started reading another thread and got a little ... well ... irritated isn't really the word. I don't know. Figure out what I am for me when you read this, hahaa..

I see on these boards ALL the time people calling themselves "slow losers" because they lose 2 pounds a week. Um. Excuse me!? 2 pounds a week!? That's a TON of weight in ONE week! I think the figures Medifasts posts and some of the higher-end losers on these boards have jaded us into believing that we need to lose 4+ pounds a week to not be considered a slow loser..

Well, I've lost 16.5 pounds in 7.5 weeks, so that's 2.2 pounds a week on average - technically only 1.8 pounds because the first week doesn't really count. So, by the standards on these boards, I'm a "low loser.".

I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. Yes, 2.2/1.8 is not 4, but it's the most I've lost a week for 6.5/7.5 weeks straight in my entire life! I am in the high 150s right now, a place I haven't been since when I was still growing! And I'm not even two months in yet..

Any other diet in the world would say that 2 pounds a week is on the higher end of being a healthy weightloss - a weightloss you can maintain easily that won't cause health problems along the way - but here, 2 pounds is frowned upon - and I've had enough!.

Be proud of your losses! Stop belittling yourself by saying you're "slow" or "falling behind" or whatever the phrase is! Have you ever lost 2 pounds a week on any other plan before? CONSISTANTLY! I would venture to say "no" because you're here..

2 pounds is a great accomplishment. Don't worry about what the other kids on the playground are doing and concentrate on you. This journey, among other things, is supposed to teach us the value of ourselves and what we want and what we think and who we are. Focus on you! Don't talk down your losses because they are "slow" - they are losses!.


((HUGS)) - I'm not trying to be harsh, just needed to vent. Hehee...

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The intent of my thread was to point out that even in an environment of people averaging larger losses per week, our modest losses (which feel slow) are admirable. If you are on the lower end of the publicized 2-5 range, it can be frustrating. I was pointing out the hope...

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I think the higher range tends to be for people who have 100+ pounds to lose. I've noticed that since I've gotten under 200 pounds my losses have become smaller-more in the 2 pound range. From what I see on the boards the slower losers are those who lose 0.5-1 pounds per week...

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Oh no no, please don't misunderstand my message. I at first read your thread and smiled because I too fall in the category but as I read, I started thinking about it, and the point I'm trying to make is that we shouldn't consider 2 pounds a week "slow" - that's all..

I'm trying to start a new trend of thinking that 2 pounds a week isn't slow. Neither is 1 pound. To get rid of the concept of a "slow loser" because that phrase is just silly..

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I'll agree with this. It all depends on how much you have to lose. Medifast is reccommended to people with 20 pounds to lose to people with over 100 to lose, that's where the 5 pounds comes from. 2 pounds is not slow. That's all I was trying to say...

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Absolutely. My doctor was telling me about prescribing diet pills and giving her patients a diet plan of ~1200 calories, no junk food, no fast food, no pop, etc. I go and weigh in every month and at my first weigh-in, she was telling me how the usual weight loss is slow anywhere from 2-5 pounds per month. I step on the scale and had lost 11 pounds and she was in shock! So 2-5 pounds per week....that's not slow, that's PHENOMENAL!..

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I agree.........2lbs a week is GREAT!!!........I'm very happy with that. I love that it's so consistant. I've been on Medifast since August 19th and still to this day I have never gone a week without loosing. I love my weigh-in days!..

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I proudly wear the term "slow loser"! And my losses don't average 2lbs/week. I wish! I've been on this program for over 7 months - over 28 weeks and have lost 45 pounds, which is something I'm very proud of! That averages to just over 0.5lb/week. The beginning they were larger losses and now have crawled. I'm OK with that and I don't care if I'm slow or not - I'm still losing. So yes, I like to refer to myself as a slow loser because it's what I am, but I still am losing - and that is enough to be proud of.

I understand what you're saying and when people say they "only" lost 2 pounds or 1 pound this week, it can seem annoying because it's still a loss right? I always had that mentality, a loss is a loss. But for those of us who truly do lose more slowly than some of the speed demons around here (which is amazing for them) - it's nice to have people to lean on who can truly understand how frustrating it can be at times. Or to hear "It's okay, I've been there and you can get past this".



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I have been one of "those losers" and my husband is the opposite. He loses 3lbs over nightGrrr. He did have much more weight to lose but still. In mour 8 weeks he has lost almost 65lbs and I have almost lost 20. He ALWAYS reminds me that slow and steady wins the race. So...I am moving on ever slowly to the goal.

Oh well...guess if I worked out like he did maybe I would lose faster. But that probably won't happen. I can't last 3 hours. Plus Medifast says 45 min...

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But that's what I'm saying. It shouldn't matter what the "demons" lose (BTW, hahaa) - we didn't compare ourselves to other people and go, "Hmm, I'm gaining weight much faster than that person" - it just happened. Why can't weightloss be the same?.

I'm just saying that I think it's AMAZING that some of the people (*cough* freaks of nature *cough* - meant in the most loving way possible, haaha) can come here and lose 4, 5, 10 pounds a week - that's fantastic! But 2 pounds is by no means slow, and to call it that is silly..

I dunno. Maybe I'm alone. I just think that a really bad mentality has been drilled into everyone on these boards in that you think you have to lose x-amount of weight to be "good enough" - it's just not a healthy mentality. I mean, I'm sure enough of us have dealt with self esteam and self worth issues in the real world, we don't need to compare ourselves and feel "not good enough" on these boards..

The phrase "slow loser" shouldn't be in any vocabulary on these boards. I think that's the point I was trying to make..

Sorry, I make no sense right now - hunger does that to me, hahaa...

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ANY loss should be celebrated, regardless of how small. I was truly a slow loser, averaging .5-1 lb a week after the 2nd week. But a loss is a loss and there should be no ONLY about it!.

I remember reading a post once from someone who was complaining about "only" losing 9 lbs or something her first week. REALLY??!! I lost 6 my first week...

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EXACTLY! How much were you losing before MF? So then why are you saying "only"!.

I can see if before Medifast you lost 5 pounds a week and then came to Medifast and ONLY lost 2. Sure. But that's not the case with any of us...

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Exactly! And De, I had the same 1st week #s LOL. Maybe I'm following your trends!.

I just don't think of "slow loser" as a negative term because in my mind it never was and will never be. I always believed in the old story... the tortoise beat the hare, and that's been my motto the whole time. I think that's where the OP and I agree to disagree.

And Sam - go eat some food! Some MFin' food, that is!.



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I'm definitely one of the "slow losers" and I have NO problem with that. The scale is going in the right direction I'm learning something new all the time either regarding food or my behavior towards it, and know that in a few months I'll be where I want to be. I think the toughest thing for me is when people ask me how I'm doing, and my weight loss doesn't *sound* all that great. I'm fine when I'm just going along doing my thing, but then someone has to ask me how it's going. For me, I'd rather not think so hard about it or talk about it, but just DO it as I've been.

I've always looked forward to the food on holidays, but this year I am not at all. My husband can't stop talking about what he wants to have on Xmas Eve/Xmas, his birthday, etc., but I just have no interest, which is very unlike me, but Medifast has really reduced my cravings and interest for the crap I used to eat. I'm going to be very careful with my eating over the holidays because as a slow loser I know that I can turn the scale in the other direction pretty easily. I think I timed going on Medifast very well, as I started the last week of September and so I've had time to really get used to Medifast and reduce my cravings. Even when I do want something, I choose healthier options now.

I did actually go to the store once to get one item I was craving, and wouldn't you know it, they were out of it! I think someone was watching out for me that day!..

Comment #13

I'm with you 100% there Lisa. I would MUCH rather make the plan my own so that it's easier to stick with AND go through transition and take a little longer, then worry about every little tiny miniscule detail only to fall of the wagon at some point from frustration..

And I'm trying to space my meals out today. Having some Mushroom Motzzarella Pizza tonight and it counts as the full lean and green AND two meals. I think I may only eat half my serving tho with a small chicken salad on the side so I can have the cheese puffs sitting in my drawer, hahaa...

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I'm over 200 and I lose an average of 1 lb a week.

I have lots of reasons I lose so slow, but most of them are related to years of dieting, and a wanky set of hormones, etc..

I love every pound I lose and don't compare to all the others. My success is big "for me"..

I understand what you are saying, just love the pounds you lose and don't feel less than the rest..

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It was hard to adjust to 2 lbs a week after the big losses during the first 2 weeks. But I'm glad I slowed down. It lets my body adjust better. Plus I worry ALOT about skin elasticity. Imagine if you kept losing at 5 lbs a week how fast your skin would have to adapt? I figure the slower loss will let me skin adapt better and I"ll have less chance of excess baggy skin (if that's not true don't tell me, I like that theory alot ).

I lost 30lbs on my own before MF. It was at a rate of 1/2-1 pound a week and it was alot of work and exercise. I had to figure out what to eat. And then I plateaued for a year and finally gained 10lbs back. I panicked and went to MF, sure it would be awful. Surprise! It wasn't! Medifast is so much easier than trying to figure it out on my own!..

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Before Medifast, all I did was GAIN weight every week. ANY loss is a blessing! I'm still shocked when I see 2 lbs a week!.

I also worry about the skin elasticity, losing too quickly will leave me with WAY too much floppy skin!..

Comment #17

I'm glad you posted this today Sam. When I was first on MF, my losses were at least 3 lbs/week. Then it was more like a pound, if I was lucky, maybe 2 pounds! It almost felt devastating because so many other people were losing weight like crazy! Then one night I realized how greedy I was being! I spent years gaining weight and I found a program that allowed me to get rid of half of that weight in 6 months?! And then I realized that even if I lost a pound or two a week, I'd be at my goal in a year.. or possibly less! Stepping back and looking at the big picture really helped. We've all heard it before... weight loss isn't linear, not everyone's body works the same... I say, if we're not gaining, we need to be pretty thankful )..

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BINGO! Now, I'm not necessiarily calling anyone greedy - but I guess here in lies my frustration about the phrase "slow loser" ... OF COURSE I'd LOVE to see more than 2 pounds on the scale, but that's greed talking - not sense, or reason, or reality, or gratitude..

Now that's just me. I'm not pointing fingers, like I said. I just think the phrase "slow loser" comes from a stand point of greed and comparison of others - not from anything real...

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Personally for me, ANY loss at all is a miracle with my medical issues. No thyroid, unstable levels, fibro, hysterectomy.....Old age <snicker> I was perfectly content with .5 a week as long as it was consistently down and not up! Believe me, I would have loved to lose at the rate of some others here, but it just wasn't realistic for me to expect that...

Comment #20

I'm not calling anyone greedy either... except me I was so worried about how much I WASNT losing vs how much I was losing/ had lost... and that was greedy of me!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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