Why am I hungry with Medifast?

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I woke up this morning and got ready for work, was running a little late so I grabbed a bar for breakfast instead of my usual oatmeal - no worries, I've done that before..

So I had that bar around 7:30..

Then I got to work and finished a couple assignments and was STARVING, so I had another bar a little after 9 or so..

Then, a little before 11, I was like AHH, so I had my lean and green..

It's 20 to 1 and I'm HUNGRY AGAIN!.

Like, REALLY hungry!.

I only have three meals left to last from 1 to about 1 this morning - 12 hours, 3 meals, one of which I'm probably going to have like ... almost asap..


Days like today suck!..

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Chug that water, girl. And how about coffee? That fills my stomach up like a little meal of it's own. And I use peanut butter as my snack which tends to satisfy me more (although it also releases a beast which craves more peanut butter in the long run. )..

Comment #1

I've had a little of that lately too. I blame cold weather. I seem to get hungrier sooner when it is cold outside. And I don't want a shake or anything cold to eat. When I feel hungry, I drink lots of water (I let it get to room temp), hot tea, coffee to fill me up. Also there is the optional snack.

Good luck!..

Comment #2

I am a little extra hungry today, so I am splitting my L&G and eating every 2 hours. 7 times eating in a day...geez..

Comment #3

I had a few days like that last weekend. They were terrible. Like you, I did eat some Medifast meals to close together because I felt so hungry. Didn't help. I just gritted my teeth and stuck it out and they finally passed. Even if you are already good on your water intake, force yourself to drink some more. Good luck...

Comment #4

I am really hungry today, too! It has only been a little over an hour since my last meal, and I have been chugging my water but still feel hungry. I may have to use the optional snack today, which I don't like to do - especially since tomorrow is my weigh-in day...

Comment #5

Sam- I thought it was just ME....I'm STARVING today!! (Although I think mine may have to do with lack of sleep issues...).

I ALSO had a bar for breakfast!!! Maybe I'll go back to my eggs tomorrow.....

OR maybe I'll remember what someone else posted (I can't remember who at the moment).

Paraphrased- 'Just imagine your hunger like a tiny Pac-man going up and down your body gobbling up all your fat....'..

Comment #6

I found my TOM coming on along with the cold weather kicked up my appetite! Egg Beaters helped. Lots of volume!..

Comment #7

Go with the high volume egg beaters or tofu! Also, when I feel like this, I do the Dill pickle snack. The vinegar and dill taste kill a craving for anything else....just make sure to up your H2O intake bc of the salt! Good luck today SAM!..

Comment #8

I've been extra hungry all week too! I remember someone said (Freya?) they found that extra hungry weeks meant a nice loss. I had a mini one this morning so I'm hoping that's why. Chug-a-lug the water, try coffee or tea or have a snack.



Comment #9

Bullion? That helps me sometimes. I agree with those who have said that the extra hungry times translate to extra weight loss. Hang tough, Sam. You're doing great...

Comment #10

I LOVE this thought! It goes along with the hungry pac-man concept I've seen mentioned all over here....and that's probably a thought from one of the "Council of Wise Ones," too!..

Comment #11

Just wanted to point out that there's nothing wrong with being a little hungry for a couple of hours. I eat at scheduled times and sometimes it seems like there's just too many hours inbetween, but if you stick with it, your body eventually recognizes that you're not giving in. The worst thing I can think of is being done with food by 4:00 p.m. and then having to fight the don't cheat beast until bedtime...

Comment #12

I find that if I don't drink a ton of water with the bars......I get hungry also. Water is magic!..

Comment #13

I haven't been drinking as much water as normal. I hate drinking water when it is cold outside. Room temp water helps, but it is still makes me freeze at work. I have been drinking too much coffee this week! Maybe that isn't helping.

Also, GGRobin has a point - nothing wrong with being hungry for a while...

Comment #14

Like everyone else I was starving after my bar at lunch. My husband said it was because there is a Full Moon on Monday. For me I think it was a lack of sleep and water...

Comment #15

Glad to see I'm not the only one I'm starving!! Thank God dinner is only 1 hour away...

Comment #16

I heard that biting off a FINGER is calories free lmao!!..

Comment #17

Dang.. I wish pickles made me less hungry. I really do! When I eat them as a snack, they really do not help at ALL. It seems like they're gone in 5 seconds and I'm still starving!..

Comment #18

I cut my spears into small, think baby aspirin, sized pieces and savor each one, while drinking 2 glasses of water! Takes a few minutes and the water fills me, while the taste detours other eating for a bit! I haven't had to pull the pickle trick in a couple weeks now, but the claussen's are in the fridge just in case...

Comment #19

I'll try that next time! And Claussens are the BEST!..

Comment #20

Major water helps me and my HC told me that if you are up late into the night, then eat a Medifast meal every 2 hours like you normally may do...She said as long as you are awake, eat!! So if you are up that late, have another couple all evens out. I have found when I feel like that, I drink hot tea, or chicken broth...have a pickle and a small piece of LF cheese and then chug a bottle of water...It passes soon after...Hang in there!..

Comment #21

OH I hate those days too! I have been learning since on this plan though. Its so great to finally be victorious in regards to food!! Being hungry is not an emergency! I have really learned this! Mind you, it is a total different feeling (for me) when I am hungry on Medifast than before. When you eat high protein low carb, I do not get the shaky sweaty have to eat feeling but just notice that my tummy is empty! I have learned to like this feeling! It means the fat is being burned. If we can just focus this way it helps alot. Also water really is key. I chug a huge water bottle room temp -28 oz-and then make a big mug of caffeine free sweet n spicy tea.

But I agree some days you just need to eat a little earlier and have your L&G earlier or split it. I find that if I eat my L&G earlier I can make it the rest of the day. Then I DISTRACT myself. Hanging around the kitchen or the food does NOTHING for me!!..

Comment #22

This happened to me as well, even though I'm on my first week, some days I was fine, the others I was just so hungry. I drank lots of water and I add more veggies to my meal. So if I'm having my L&G for lunch, dinner I'll have my Medifast soup and a side salad with olive oil. I've noticed that I fill up on protein (chicken, fish) I become full...

Comment #23

This may or may not apply to your case Sam. When I am hungry before I normally should be, I really stop to think if I am really hungry or if I am wanting to "emotionally eat". My "emotional eating" tends to be when I am bored or when I am procrastinating. I try to wait at least 15 minutes and see if the feeling goes away and often I forget about it. Like GiGi, I eat at very specific times and track when I eat my meals. That way, if I ate at 9 and am "hungry" at 9:30, I'm probably using food for something other then hunger.

Otherwise, I find that the infusers kill my appetite and definitely agree with the water comments...

Comment #24

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