Why am I having trouble eating Nutrisystem foods?

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Ok, is it just me or has anyone else found that they are full? I have been on the plan for a week (faithfully). But my stomach must have shrunk because some days I am having trouble eating everything on my plan!..

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Your question was: Why am I having trouble eating Nutrisystem foods?.

Yesterday I switched around and had dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner. It took me 3 hours once I started to finish my lunch I was so full. I eat lots of salad...

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It is importatn to eat everything. Your body will adjust eventually. But for now, perhaps try some less filling add-ins? Fruit and veggie juices, milk, etc.?..

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I feel exactly the same way. Sometimes I get so busy in the day that I don't eat a lot of my add ins, I'm also not hungry so I don't think about it. And when I get home I look at my Nutrisystem book and I'm like "Ooh man, I didn't eat that??!" lol.

Isn't it funny? Because before I would've eaten it all gladly. To get everything I need to get in for the day I graze at work all day. I just finished my Nutrisystem lunch with an added protein, and I'm eating cucumbers and carrots w/ some light ranch, and I have a bag of grapes waiting for me. I've already eaten this morning a Nutrisystem breakfast bar, an apple, and a bowl of cottage cheese and strawberries. I for sure am not hungry! And I have more veggies at home to eat with my dinner along with my dessert. As the days go on I feel like there is more and more food I have to eat lol.

It's a pretty good feeling...

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I'm having the opposite problem - I eat everything I'm allowed, and I'm hungry all day. It's especially bad about an hour after lunch...

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If you are hungry, you are likely not getting in enough protein. Do you want to list your usual protein choices and their portion sizes?.

You can have up to 100 claoires in your dairy/protein servings. So instead of 1 ounce of turkey (the minimum), you can have 3 ounces. The portions listed in your planner are the minimum you have to have but you can max them out if you are hungry!.

Also eat more veggies!!!!..

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Sounds right. I am not eating enough protein either. I can get full but it does not last. I am going to try adding in all proteins at lunch or dinner. I travel some days of the week and it's difficult for some reason to get that protein...

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The problem is I'm not eating enough protein. I'm good about getting my protein in the morning, but after that it's mainly fruits, veggies, and a yogurt. My plan for next week is to make sure I plan my week out and I have the proper protein options available...

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I recommend just eating your stuff (keep the filling addins) and just feeling full. Do it all the way to goal. Will keep the cheats away...

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