Why am I having a plateau on Nutrisystem?

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I've been weighing in around 182-181 since the 27th of June and I can't seem to break past that point. The scale won't budge!.

With the exception of a couple of glasses of wine on Father's Day and two Gin and Diet Tonics I had on the 4th of July, I have been 100% since I started June 1st. I drink a minimum of 108oz of water daily. I increased my run to 4-5 miles 4x's weekly. I even tried adding an extra protein on the days when I run and still... nothing. I just go back and forth with the same pound..

I lost over 10 lbs my first month without batting an eyelash. My goal is to loose another 10 lbs this month but I'm hanging on the scale. I'm not giving up but we are nearly half way through the month and it doesn't look like I'm going to make goal. In fact, at this point I'd be lucky to drop anything at all by the end of the month...

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Your question was: Why am I having a plateau on Nutrisystem?.

You're doing great. Please have patien(e with yourself & the s(ale. You might want to start tra(king your measurements, as well as the numbers on the s(ale, be(ause sometimes the in(hes drop when the lb.s don't. I measure upper arm, upper abs, waist, lower abs, hips & thighs. My bust won't drop a (up size 'til I'm almost at goal. Measuring it frustrates me...

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I haven't been on Nutrisystem long enough to to know the suggestions regarding how to break a plateau..

On other plans I would mix it up a bit by eating "over" the calorie limit for a day or two and then eat "low" for a couple of days. I was told this helps kick your metabolism into gear again if it has become used to the same old calorie count and exercise day after day. Any thoughts on that theory?.

Hang in there nomnomnomnom......

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M2marsh- There is a lot of good information here. Some things I've tried and some things I haven't. Thanks for posting. It is really good to have this on hand for certain!.

Zenouba- I thought I would measure every 10lbs. I am very happy to announce my 2" loss off of my waist! WooHoo! I decided to go through all of my smaller stored clothes today to see if there was anything that I could bring back up to my closet. (I kept all of my clothes from my size 4 skirts and dresses all the way up to 16) I'm a solid size 14 now but there were a few size 12's that actually fit! I probably have another five lbs to drop before I can bring all of my 12's up. I measured my progress in dress size and fit as opposed to the scale and it really helped my mood..

Miss_Bubbles - I've heard that it helps jolt the body out of starvation mode but I have yet to try it. I get a little nervous when it comes to doing something that is off plan but it seems as long as there are good nutritional choices made this might be a viable option...

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Can I ask why you replace your c's with ('s?..

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If I am getting the Nutrisystem lingo down that is a awesome NSV!.

WTG! nomnomnom......

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I think her "C" key is broken on her key board..

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HAHAHA... Thanks! I'll take any and every NSV I can get no matter how small!..

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Where can I find a healthy recipe for a breakfast berry smoothie?..

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4oz Dannon Light 'n Fit Yogurt (any non-fat, no sugar added yogurt will work).

4oz Skim or Fat Free Milk.

1/8 Cup Raspberries.

1/8 Cup Blackberries.

1/8 Cup Blueberries.

1/8 Cup Sliced Strawberries.

1/3 Large Banana.

Blend in blender until smooth..

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