Who had made "The Medifast Diet"? did result to you?

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My 1st question is: Who had made "The Medifast Diet"? did result to you? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Just wondering if anyone has ever done like a protein powder for the lean portion of your meal. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to eat meat lately. I find the meatless options too high in carbs and I'm lactose intolerant (that and cheese is a trigger food for me)..

I've been browsing some protein powders and some would fit the bill. Anyone else done this?.

I'll also ask NS, too, but I prefer the advice of the people actually going through the Medifast journey..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Right. I was mostly asking to see if someone else had already done it..

I have no interest in the fast, just an easier to swallow lean. One of the perks is not being hungry, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining...

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I have used the Mori-Nu SOFT Silken Tofu in a shake as my Lean. It is on the meatless options list. Make sure you get Soft Silken. You can add half a block to a shake... I used it in a chocolate pudding shake (with water and ice and a little sugar free syrup added) and it is so rich and creamy! Love it...

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Lyn - I always forget about tofu and the different things you can do with it. I've used it in a couple of recipes before, but it still scares me a little bit. hehe. Putting some silken tofu in a shake sounds like an AWESOME idea!..

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What a great idea for tofu! I wonder if a small amount - maybe 1/4 of a block - added to the pudding made as pudding would give it a more pudding-like consistency?.

For other ideas - what about some sort of pureed soup? I'm thinking something like "cream" of broccoli or asparagus? I have no idea how it would taste, but you could use fat free chicken broth as a base, and probably puree up some protein with it, say tofu or even chicken? I don't know if this is liquid enough, or if you were thinking about something more like a shake or drink? Cody-Jo has a recipe where she purees chicken with broccoli and I believe egg beaters and cheese, and bakes it up like a quiche. It had never occurred to me before to puree chicken, but the photo she posted looked yummy...

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I'm so glad you asked the question...I had forgotten about silken tofu!.

I'm looking forward to working with it..

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Silken tofu in a shake, I never thought of doing that.... sounds wonderful..

Also, De mentioned calling NS.... I have a few questions and I never thought of calling. what is the number?.

Thanks for the shake idea..

Also to the OP... I know that sometimes the Lean in the L & G can be hard to swallow, I have a few times, taken the beef stew, or the a soup and added lots of "green" to it... also, make a pizza from the tomato soup and add veggie and cheese.... but like everyone said, talk to Medifast is the best way to go...

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[quote=kayhamil]silken tofu in a shake, I never thought of doing that.... sounds wonderful..

Also, De mentioned calling NS.... I have a few questions and I never thought of calling. what is the number?.

I haven't used this number in a couple of years but the one I have for them is : 1-800-509-1281. Hope this helps you!..

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I also have tried making pudding with the silken tofu and it was very good too, like a KozyShack texture but not quite as thick/set up because of the blender. I had to add a bit of Splenda or sf syrup to it. It's a very easy way to get your Lean in when you just don't feel like eating meat or cheese..

For those who like dairy, sometimes I eat the ricotta for a Lean, with a packet of Splenda and a splash of vanilla mixed it. It's like a dessert. Good with cinnamon on it too...

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If I'm not mistaken, you can have 15 oz (basically a whole package) of tofu for a lean, correct? Which means you would have to have it in more than one shake or pudding to get in your entire lean. I'm really kind of liking this idea and may just have to make a stop to pick some up today. Perfect for those days when I struggle to get everything in. Thanks again Lyn..

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I'm ordering some Morinu Soft Tofu, Silken from


I'm going to try it as I fix my "Frosty" by using one Medifast Hot Cocoa instead of the pudding. Should be an interesting shake!..

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Cottage cheese also works well this way. I either do the cinnamon or add in some SF syrup as well, which is really nice to give you different flavors. Raspberry works very nicely, to give a fruit and cottage cheese taste. Greek yogurt, certain varieties of which are on the Medifast not recommended but meet the guidelines list, are also really good with SF syrup. There are days when I need to get more lean in, and I will eat this...

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I personally LOVE tofu, and use it constantly for my L&G. I like to cube it, add Thai seasoning and brown it in canola oil. Then I set it aside and use the same pan to stir fry vegetables asparagus being my favorite and toss it all back together. Yum!.

Here's something really gross-sounding, but delicious. Mix a HALF portion of tuna with a HALF portion of cottage cheese, and add a teaspoon of mustard. Excellent! That's something someone showed me when I was in high school. : ) Yeah, I was dieting when I hit 140 lbs at 5'9". Good grief!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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