Which Vitamin Shoppe make-up brands should I buy?

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I got a quick question: Which Vitamin Shoppe make-up brands should I buy?.

I also got another question: Help! I ordered 7 of the pasta parm w/broc. and I need to have some ideas on how to liven it up a little. I don't actually dislike it, but the flavor is overwhelming by the middle of the tub that I start to get queesy. Anyone have ideas? Thanks..

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Your question was: Which Vitamin Shoppe make-up brands should I buy?.

You know, I use to really like this lunch, but the last batch I, does it really have an offensive smell to it. I'd try adding something like desi said too...fortunately, mine are all gone...

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7 of them ...poor you. Mine went in the garbage. That, the tuna casserole and the pasta primavera with tofu chunks were the only ns foods that I just couldn't eat. Try adding a chunk of laughing cow cheese and some fresh broccoli, mushrooms & chopped onion and let us know if you find a solution to make it edible...

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That's the same thing I did "Leenies" and it wasn't too bad..

This is not my favorite either, but not bad...

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I add some garlic and a little parmesan cheese to mine...

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I've never had Laughing Cow Cheese. Does anyone know where to buy it? I found the website but shipping is outrageous. Thanks..

Comment #5

Walmart, Giant, Kroger, Acme, Weis...depends where you live, but most of the grocery stores seem to have it...

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Okay, great! I'll check out Kroger and Wal-Mart..


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It's pretty widely available you might find it in the 'gourmet' cheese section of your supermarket. Which is funny, because it's just a soft cheese, kind of like French Velveeta!..

Comment #8

I added a can of tuna and FF cheese to was really good. You just have to "borrow" a protein or dairy serving from breakfast or snack to do it though...

Comment #9

Thanks guys...i was afraid I was just reverting to my picky eating days..

Comment #10

I added some steamed broccoli and garlic and I really liked it. I love these boards they are full of great ideas!..

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I usually add about half the water then cool it off in the fridge.....then you can add things and make it a pasta salad....i do that with a lot of lunch things cause I don't like hot lunches.....good luck!..

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This is one of my favorite lunches I have a little "routine" when I make it. I nuke some water a couple of minutes then pour it in the cup, stir it, then toss a wedge of laughing cow cheese (protein from breakfast) in the cup and cover it to sit (and thicken up). Then I put 3/4 - 1 cup of frozen broccoli (in place of my salad) in a bowl, sprinkle it with some Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb, cover it with my lid made for the microwave, and nuke for 3 minutes or so..

When it's done I chop the little florets up smaller and then pour my Pasta Parmesan on top stir it well and it is YUMMY! The added cheese makes it creamy, more like a soup once in a while I will even sprinkle a FEW real bacon bits on top..

Hope this helps!!.


Comment #13

I love the pasta parmesan - but you could also add fat free hotdogs (protein)..

Comment #14

The laughing cow cheese makes this meal taste SO much it more flavor and creaminess!..

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I use to have the same thing ,but I put it in a microwave plate and it came better and the taste was much better and more even ,even with the eggs ,if you put them in a microwave plate it will taste better.enjoy I hope I was able to help .Theresa..

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I wasn't too wild about that one myself, I was thinking maybe adding a little tuna (protein serving) and some mushrooms. Maybe a little cheese( from a dairy serving). That would tone down the flavor and add a little zip to it. Pepper helps too.

Have a great NS day! M..

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You know, I use to really like this lunch, but the last batch I, does it really have an offensive smell to it. I'd try adding something like desi said too...fortunately, mine are all gone...

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