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My first question is Which site offers Medifast coupons? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... Today and got Huge Crab Claws for dinner tonight. They have the best seafood. Can't wait till my L & G tonight. Also bought Filets. Tomorrow night for dinner...

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There are tons of Medifast special deals available. Good opportunity to save money on Medifast now. I suggest you to subscribe for their emails so you can receive notification of their most recent online coupons. They usually send once a month or so..

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I forgot to check this time. I am excited about the crab. It is so sweet and succulent. LOL..

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LOL, I'm not a seafood fan..but if I was Id prob have better LG meals lol.....

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Loving costco! I go to the one on north 183... I think we are headed there this weekend... I will check out the bubba burgers... they have these burgers there by the name of AmiLu... they are chicken, roasted red pepper and gouda cheese... you can have approx 1.5 of them...

Also bought the chicken/spinach sausages... yummy! I forget the name, but you can have 2.5 of these too......

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Mmmm. The chicken spinach sausages sound amazing. When you remember the nme, please post so I can check for them at my Costco. Thanks..

Comment #5

LOL we live in the same area DFW ...yes please let us know what you find..

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Casual Gourmet Chicken Sausages. They have 3 varieties, I think, and only 2 are OP. So yummy! They come with 3 packs of 5 links, which works out perfectly if you're feeding two OP people.

I usually find them near the meats and that cold room where they keep the fruits and veggies...

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That is the one I go to. Message me and let me know if they have those burgers please..


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