Which pancake mix is better for Nutrisystem?

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Krusteaz Buttermilk/Heart Healthy.

1/2 c. mix.

Calories 200.

Fat 2g.

Carbs 40g.

Fiber 2g.

Sugars 6g.

Protein 6g.

Bisquick Heart Smart.

1/3 c. mix.

Calories 140.

Fat 2.5 g.

Carbs 27g.

Fiber les than 1g.

Sugars 3g.

Protein 3g.

Looking of a substitute for Nutrisystem pancake mix. Want to make Paul's Bundt cake, Easy Chicken, biscuits and gravy bake, Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Bowl.....stuff like that...

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Your question was: Which pancake mix is better for Nutrisystem?.

I guess you all are saying, either one of the brands I listed would do as a substitute???..

Comment #1

The bisquick heart smart really does not have enough protein but if you add egg beaters, it would raise it a little...

Comment #2

I was going to ask about fiber one pancake mix because that is what I have in my cupboard........ thank you.............. 1/3 cup........ good. I know what I am having tomorrow morning..

Comment #3

I use Lehi Roller Mills Whole Grain Heart Healthy Hotcake mix. 1/3 c., no need to add milk, egg, etc. Just add water..

It has 8 grm. protein, 3 grm fat, a little high in calories - 170, but pretty good..


And the black mini poodles..

Comment #4

Lynn - do you buy it from the company directly or are you finding it elsewhere? I see that Netrition doesn't carry it...

Comment #5

Fiber 1 pancake mix just requires water, not milk so I figure that gives me a bit more milk for my latte. It also works well to make biscuits. I used it to make Christina's rye bread and it was perfect...

Comment #6

Wow....that's a lot of protein. I just bought a few things from netrition for the first time ever. I wish I had seen this before I submitted my order. I've been using the Bisquick Heartsmart for things, because it's cheap and you can find it in any regular store. I wanna test the Maple Grove one out to compare the two. Based on calorie & protein, I'm already leaning towards the Maple Grove...

Comment #7

I find the MGF pancake mix in the supermarket...

Comment #8

Really? Maybe I've overlooked it. I'll keep my eyes peeled next time. I guess that's easy to do if you're not actually looking for it...

Comment #9

Yes. My store has it segregated from the rest of the pancake mixes (maybe with the baking items). Look where they have the different types of flours and other whole grain baking items. Or just ask at the courtesy counter if they carry. I haven't compared prices with netrition though...

Comment #10

I buy the Lehi at the grocery store. I had to look in a few different places, but this one is by the pancake mix..


And the black mini poodles..

Comment #11

This is Christina Gray's Pancake Mix Substitution:.

NS Pancake Mix Substitution (single serving).

4 tsp wheat gluten.

2 Tbsp Biscuit mix.

1/4 tsp baking soda.

1 tbsp oat flour (finely ground up oatmeal) Or Wheat flour.

2 tsp splenda.

Mix together and store in a baggie. Makes 1 serving. (I will make up a few batches at one time to have them on hand) Calories would be a little less when using wheat flour.

About 130 cals.

10g protien.

25g carbs.

NS Mix:.

120 cals.

8g protein.

30g carbs.


Blueberry pancake mix: take 1/2 tbsp of dried blueberries and chop them up and add to mix.

Chocolate chip: Take 2 tsp of mini or regular chocolate chips and chop them up a bit. Add to mix..

NOTE: I now use Poly D in just about everything and would include it in this as well. It would increase the cals by about 12, but up teh fiber by 11.5 grams!! Poly d can be found on under the fiber catagory...

Comment #12

I like Fiber One Pancake mix. I use 1/3 cup mix.

Nutrition Facts.

Serving Size: 1/2 cup mix.

Amount per ServingCalories 180 Calories from Fat 30% Daily Value *Total Fat 3.5g 5%Saturated Fat 0.5g 2%Monounsaturated Fat 2gPolyunsaturated Fat 0.5gTrans Fat 0gCholesterol 25mg 8%Sodium 440mg 18%Total Carbohydrate 36g 12%Dietary Fiber 5g 20%Sugars 4gProtein 6g 12%..

Comment #13

I use this SF one. I add egg beaters to make it puffy. 120 cals and 15 protein..


Comment #14

I did not care for the Maple Grove Farms so what I had, I mixed into my Fiber One. It turned out pretty good..

Comment #15

I guess you all are saying, either one of the brands I listed would do as a substitute???..

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