Which one is better? Herbalife, Medifast, quick trim? Or anything better?

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Quick question... Which one is better? Herbalife, Medifast, quick trim? Or anything better? Thanks for any response. Second question.. I don't have my product yet, so I've been just reading these boards like crazy. I actually went back on many areas and tried to find the earliest posts available and kept reading forward. Now, as much as the posts of those who made it (as I see that they are posting their initial reactions since I'm going so far backbut I see from their tickers, since they update on all their posts that they have made it), I feel I'm also learning from those who disappear from the site.

It's sad, but, from reading these, I honestly feel that I am learning some things. Not that everyone is cookie-cutter, but I do see some things that crop up in some instances of those who disappear.

I just really want this to happen. *sigh*...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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"I just really want this to happen.".

I say this in earnest support - this program works but it takes more than "wanting it." It takes action and continued effort to achieve the results you want for yourself. You are the only person who you should seek to impress with progress toward your goals. You are totally worth your best effort and I'm sending major kudos your way for wanting to succeed. You will make it happen if you do what it takes. That simple...

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Fascinating! Any insights you want to share with us about what you learned? Tendencies or potential indicators among/of quitters, perhaps?..

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If you have a clear vision of what you want for yourself and stay focused on that outcome (your goal), it will be so much easier for you to make the choice day after day to stay on program. Life happens, but don't let anything stand in the way of your goal. You can do this (and you will be glad you did)!..

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In some ways, Medifast is like all other plans out there. Medifast is easy to follow and it works! However, we still have out overeating issues to deal with. Medifast is not a quick fix for that. Unless a person is willing to confront the issues and do the work, they may very well throw in the towel at some point. Only you can decide to not allow this to happen to you. We each have this choice...

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I like looking at the success boards, they are very inspirational and you'll find a LOT of people who did stay with the program and succeed! I was scared too, I have a lot of health issues (including an endocrine disorder) and haved failed at dieting for years... I'm pleased and proud to say that Medifast is working for me (I'm following it under a doctor's care)... I've been 100% OP for over 6 weeks and have lost 26 pounds!!! GOOD LUCK!..

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I think it's very wise to look at what others have done and learn from them. I scoured the boards when I first started, made a notebook full of hints and tips and still have it to look back on. I tell everyone that asks what I did to lose the weight, that Medifast works, you have to work it back. You HAVE to be willing to give up the things you're comfortable with and look for other things that will work in your life. You HAVE to be able to give up your donut, (Oh, but it's just one) or your glass of wine (oh, but it's just one glass) or your whatever and stay focused. If you can do that, you'll be AWESOME..

That's my little pep talk for the day. Lol. I wish you all the best of luck, with all the time and energy you're investing in this before you even get started, you're going to be a whirlwind of success when you do get your food..


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You can learn a lot from people on the boards - both good and bad things. There are some things that people post that is great advice, and other things I don't necessarily agree with, but it works for them (although in some cases, it probably doesn't really work!). Part of this process is learning about yourself and how you got to the point that you are at now. It is about learning how you use and view food, and then changing it. Medifast is an excellent tool, and if you follow the plan, you will lose weight. However, losing the weight is only half the battle.

In the past, I would have turned to food for comfort. Now, I can't do that. I have developed new ways of coping that don't involve food...

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Would love to hear about some of the trends you've noticed, between those that have disappeared vs. those that have met their goals...

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I did the same thing..

Some of the personal stories on here are absolutely amazing, inspiring, heart breaking, riveting ... all of that.

What I figured out from reading successes and failures is that this is a lifestyle modification program. The way I am eating now is the way I will need to eat for the rest of my life..

I'm in this for the long haul.


Oh and Bjourney... I can't wait to read your story and cheer you on..

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Each person is unique, and if you get 1000 people on here you will get 500 opinions on how to do it and what works. That is why I stick as close to the program materials as humanly possible. I don't tweak, I want to do what has been proven to work, not what "may" work because it "happened" to work for someone else. It is a personal choice in how we Medifast, and I choose the route that works ALL the time...

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Becky- I read your thread and I couldn't agree with you more, that is exactly how I feel when I read alot of the posts on here, but whatever works for you. I had the same felliing overtake me last week, under stress I always turned to food to comfort myself, slowly but surely I am beginning to deal with real issues without turning to food, and right now in my life I can say I am liking the new me. I can say that Medifast has helped me through the short journey I have been on and I have a long way to go, but one way or another I will get there without turning to food for the first time in life. Good luck on your journey !!.


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You know, I have noticed some things about the posts where people tend to drop out, but I really would hate to point them out, as putting in others' minds that seeing these things might signal that someone is going to quit is not something I think would be helpful. I think that maybe for myself, it has been good to do this, because I could see how some of those tendencies I noticed could be potential mind-set pitfalls for myself...

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I think it's great that you're learning from others. I do the same thing. I check in on the boards frequently and I find it helpful and motivating. You will not regret Medifast. I feel so fantastic and look forward to weighing in every week! It works if you follow the plan!!..

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What a great way to begin this adventure! I am excited for you that you have prepped yourself so well!..

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Yeah I concur with her!.

You can make it happen....question is "ARE YOU READY"?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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