Which of the three is the better choice? Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or Medifast?

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Quick question... Which of the three is the better choice? Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or Medifast? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... Dang I know I tummy is growling....but I'm ok and can deal with it I who else is in this HUNGRY boat with me today LOL..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Not me, I had a very yummy spicy chicken ceasar salad from Wendy's 2 hours ago and I'm still full! Gonna have to force feed myself I guess within the next hour blah.

Yesterday though, was definitely hungry between meals. I think it's because I haven't gotten my new box of food yet (delivered today!) and I'm down to the things I either don't like or can tolerate but not a fan of so ugh......

Comment #2

I'm hungry today too, but I know it's just from TOM. That seems to be the only time I get hungry on MF. Knowing why I'm hungry doesn't make it easier. Chugging water here too..


Comment #3

I have been SOOOO hungry for the last couple of days....hopefully it is TOM and not a new phase because I don't know much longer I can take it! Doesn't help that my TOM is a lot lighter but lasts days longer. AAARRRGGG! ~Chris..

Comment #4

Woooooow I was hungry yesterday but I think my body knew it was my off day lol but you know what I did I sang karaoke was soooo fun time flew by so fast I almost forgot to eat but I made it through. go n do something outside or read a book, play games.


Comment #5

I'm with you! I've been soooo hungry today! I wasn't hungry yesterday (very busy!) and maybe it's catching up with me!..

Comment #6

I'm hungry too...trying to decide if I should have my last Medifast meal now or wait the extra hour...

Comment #7

I usually get hungry when I'm about to have a big drop. It's like my body is saying "Really? REALLY? You are gonna make me use this fat....REALLY?!?!?"..

Comment #8

Me!! but then again I think I'm hungry every day..

Comment #9

I was hungry ALL of Sunday AND MONDAY! My next munchie day plan is to open 2 bags of puffs and place in a bowl ... snack snack.... and then maybe cut up 3 bars into 12 pieces... and snack snack snack... So, that's a plan... not sure it will actually happen.. but it may be a way to calm the munchie monster.....

Comment #10

I was hungry yesterday...after exercising...but today is fine! First time I really felt that strong hunger and stomach growling..

Hope yours doesn't last too long...

Comment #11

I was fine until this afternoon. Then I couldn't find enough to eat. I had a bar, 4 pickles and the lean part of my lean & green. All in 20 minute flat. Don't know what came over me...

Comment #12

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