Which moisturizers to use for Murad Acne Complex?

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I really dont have a clue what one is best for tane as I cant remember what I used on my first course, but everyone I seem to have at the moment seems far to greasy as it doesnt really absorb into the skin to well.any help would be great easpecially products that are available in the uk.also whats available out there these days that doesnt look like I have lip gloss on & thats longer lasting?..

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Your question was: Which moisturizers to use for Murad Acne Complex?.

Cerave works really well for me, I'd highly recommend it..

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Dr. Grandel makes Azulene cream, add small amount of jojoba oil if needed. Azulene by Dr. Grandel is the ONLY thing that worked for me = )..

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Remember he is asking about UK moisturisers. Yeah I use Vaseline too, it really does suck, feels horrible on your lips haha, but that's really least of my worries aslong as it's not going to screw my lips up, i'm happy...

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Cl1986If your in the UK too, pop into boots or somewhere and grab some "nivea soft moisterioser", for hands and face , it's brilliant when your out, and you can tell your skin is dry.Just slap it on and it's invisible !Aborbs straight away and smells so nice. keeps skin so soft. it's well worth the 3 or so I paid...

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Thanx for the advice guys.TJM, i'll give the nivea soft moisterioser a try. cheers...

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I see your on Murad Acne Complex too man hows it going?..

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Curel has a good moisturizer.. it's not greasy at all...

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