Which Medifast foods are vegetarian?

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I have recently decided to become a vegetarian. I love animals and I've thought about doing it for years but what finally pushed me over the edge was really learning about KFC's abuse to their chickens. (If interested in knowing what is going on go to

Anyway, I wanted to know from you guys if you have really found this diet to be vegetarian-friendly?? The only thing that I've eaten before because I like it are the Boca burgers. So I need help!! I would love to know what products you all like and recommend..

Also, do you know which medifast meals are vegetarian??.

Thanks so much!!!.


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Hi Janet!.

I have been a vegetarian for almost 20 years now. Whether I am on a weight loss diet or not on a diet at all, it takes some creativity to be a vegetarian. I have found the Medifast diet to be no exception to this rule. Like most weight loss diets, I find I can follow the diet about 90% of the time. I tend to eat a lot of carbs in my regular diet, so even following 90%, I still lose weight. I do eat dairy products and I find this makes it easier.

I can't tell you how many times people have tried to serve me fish, thinking it was a vegetarian friendly food. I keep it simple and just tell everyone I do not eat anything with a face. Although my brother-in-law insists that clams do not have a face (but I do not eat them either!).

Medifast does list all of their products which are vegetarian and there are a lot of them to choose from. They do not list their chicken soup, chili, or cream of broccoli on their vegetarian list. They are not listed because their bases are either chicken stock or beef stock. However, I have read on these boards that many vegetarians do eat them because they don't actually have chicken or beef in the products. I don't eat them but that is your personal choice..

For my lean and greens, I have been eating eggs, low fat ricotta cheese (my favorite), and some soy products. I do feel that we are getting a lot of soy in the medifast products. Too much soy is not good for you. For this reason, I try to limit my soy for the lean and green if I ate a lot of soy Medifast products that day. If I plan on having a soy for my lean and green, I'll try to stick with the non soy medifast items for most of the day. This way I am not getting too much soy and/or dairy in the same day..

I actually don't like Boca burgers very much. They remind me too much of real meat. Before medifast "gardenburgers" were my favorite veggie burger. But once again, they are much higher in carbs than the others. I must just really love carbs! I really enjoy the Morningstar "buffalo wings." They've got quite a yummy kick to them. I dip them in barbeque sauce or hot sauce mixed with a little bit of blue cheese dressing.

However, when I compared them to the vegetarian chicken patties, they were not that much higher in carbs. So I do have those buffalo wings but not more than twice a week. I have also found that 3 whole eggs is just too much for my stomach to handle. So I will only have 2 whole eggs, but I'll have them twice a week. Another yummy recipe I have discovered is with the "taco crumblers".

I will fry that up with some Pam and some extra taco spice. Then I will add it on top of a tossed saled with some light ranch dressing and a little hot sauce. It is like a real taco salad..

Also, nutrition support has said that we can have vegetarian hotdogs. I am excited about this because I love them. They are so low in calories and fat. I really like the Morningstar brand. When I was not dieting, I really liked the Morningstar corn dogs. As you can see, I am truly a carb nut.

So for me, even sticking to this diet 90% is a very big improvement for me and I've had great results. I really like this diet..

Good luck and feel free to email me any other questions..


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Heidi and Lisa... thank you both so much for your suggestions!! I love the support that this diet makes available through this website!.

Lisa, you mentioned that there is a place where Medifast lists all their vegetarian products, where can I find this?.

I will most definitely have more questions to come, thank you for offering to help!..

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Hi Janet,.

You can download the PDF w/ the vegetarian items listed here.

One thing to note about a lot of the meat substitute products (Boca, Gardenburger, Morningstar Farms) is that they can have some pretty high sodium levels in the quantities used for Medifast L&G portions. I've learned that I'm pretty sensitive to sodium, so on days when I'm having one of those products, I try balance it with the lower sodium Medifast products (like the Tropical Punch or oatmeals). Your mileage may vary, but I figure it's good to point out.

Good luck!..

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I clicked on that link and it was the allergen claim link so I thought that id throw this one out there... it is the lean leaner leanest options chart that has that meatless options on it..


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I also cant find anything at your kentckyfried link...could you check it again?..

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So sorry, it was a typo!.

Thanks so much!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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