Which is the best sunless tanning lotion i can buy at the Vitamin Shoppe that will give a good sunki?

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I got a quick question: Which is the best sunless tanning lotion I can buy at the Vitamin Shoppe that will give a good sunki?.

I also got another question: I am starting to have a hard time drinking all of my water. I love water so in the summer this is not a problem but, since it has begun getting cold, I want warm drinks. I know that drinks without caffine can count as water but I read somewhere that a certain amount of your water intake should be pure water as opposed to decaffinated or non caffine tea. I am wondering... what do most people drink to get their water?..

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Your question was: Which is the best sunless tanning lotion I can buy at the Vitamin Shoppe that will give a good sunki?.

Me too I am forcing myself to drink ... this is really hard...doing the decaf thing..

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Actually I while I sit on the computer I have a jug of water nearby that I make myself drink.......aahaha, then I go get a sweatshirt because I'm cold! Haahhaha!.

Think it helps to keep telling myself it's good for me!..

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I'm having the exact same problem Artisfun....and I LOVE my water, but I have noticed for the past few weeks that I am not getting in even my minimal amount of water(64oz) and I was drinking 100oz a day for months.....

I don't have any liquids near my PC, I spilled water once on my LT and it cost me 3,500 for a new one..

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I'm drinking hot tea. Mmm... I seem to drink faster when it's tea, too. I add it in with my daily water so I don't think it's a big difference if you have that compared to water. Now if you're drinking regular soda then that might be a problem...

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I started letting my water get to room temperature so it's not so cold. It has helped (whereas in the summer my water has to be ICE COLD or I can't drink it - bleh!).

It is a little trickier. DH and I were out and about this weekend and I had my 1 Liter bottle of water with me. It was a little chilly to hang on to while we strolled around - so I kept my glove on. Yeah, I may have looked stupid (or like Michael Jackson) BUT...I'm a skinnier stupid!..

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I drink room temp (or warmer) herbal tea naturally caffeine free and the fruit flavored ones taste good hot, cold or in between....


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It is harder to drink cold water when the weather outside is cold and yucky, but like graylady I try to drink my water at room temperature. I find I can tolerate it easier..

Also I drink a lot of flavored tea. There are some good ones out there that are decaffeinated...

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I'm not a huge water drinker to begin with, so I set my bottles by the clock. I have to have one finished by the time I get to work, one I finish on my way home from work and then I must drink at least one by noon, then one by 5pm. Since these are liter bottles there is no way I can chug them at the last minute so I'm forced to do it all morning and afternoon long.

JMD, I keep my LT safe by only bringing fluid with tight caps on around it. And then minute I finish my swig, the cap goes firmly back on...

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I also find that I am not reaching for water as often as when it's warmer. But I find that drinking it from my PUR water pitcher at room temperature helps. What really helps is getting on the treadmill (or any indoor aerobic activity) and getting my pulse up and sweating! I start out drinking 1 or 2 glasses before I start and keep sipping 16 more oz while I work out for an hour...

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Hot herbal teas are what's working for me these days, and room temp water, sometimes with Crystal Light, the rest of the time...

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I had a problem too. It ended when my husband started drinking Glaceau SMART WATER. I use the empty bottles-33.8 oz each. I drink and finish one on the way to work and one on the way home. I drink one after work out. Anything else during work is a bonus.

I move around a lot at work and kept forgetting the water bottles. Nowadays I keep the two filled bottles in the car. I am hitting 100 oz everyday without a problem. Hope this helps..

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In Vegas it's very easy to drink water when the weather is hot out, NOW different story. We arent even cold like the rest of the country. I started something new. I keep a bottle next to my bed. Since I get up at least twice durning the night I sip more then too. I am finding I get at least a 8ozs.

Tea seems to do it between water durning the day now...

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Thank you everyone for your postings. I am sticking to herbal tea and drinking room temp. water. That seems to help but the whole diet thing is hard during the holidays. So far I am maintaining which makes me happy!..

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I keep a water bottle by my desk (32 oz.) and try to get through it at least twice during my shift, including two cups of green tea. When I get home from work I make myself drink another (16 oz.) bottle of water. Sometimes I chug to get down a bunch of water quickly. Before bed I have a cup of decaf tea. I'm also a diet soda addict and try to drink more decaf diet sodas while at work..

Tea is mostly water and unsweetened so don't worry about that...

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This time of year I too use room temp water and herbal tea........

One thing I have started doing is drinking one bottle of water ( two servings) before I ever leave the house for work in the mornings.....then the only thing I have to worrying about is making it all the way to work and having to run to the lil girls room.

I have also started marking my bottles..... I use ozarka bottles and on the top of each cap I wright my number... that way I know how much I have had or how much I NEED to have...... I use the date and the bottle number..... 12/16.



And so on! This has really seemed to be working for me.... well and it keeps the guys at work out of my water stash!!..

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It seems like a chore to get all the water in. I also don't seem to hold it very long eitherI do 2 glasses when I get up in the morn with meds, another 2 before lunch, one with lunch, two with afternoon snack, and one with dinner. If I drink anymore any later than that I'm up half the night! Also, room temperature works best...

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I drink room temp water, decaf teas or sometimes will boil water & add some crystal light to it (sounds odd but tastes good!)..

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Decaf tea is okay to drink in place of water. When the recommendation for pure water is made - I think that refers more to artificially sweetened drinks..

Tea is 97% water anyway, without additives..

I drink a lot of coffee, tea and seltzer waters. More hot drinks now...

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Me too I am forcing myself to drink ... this is really hard...doing the decaf thing..

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