Which is easier? Medifast Diet or weight watchers?

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Quick question: Which is easier? Medifast Diet or weight watchers? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Hi all! Do you fix your shakes and puddings/ice creams at work? I share an office and of course a kitchen so what can I do? I dont really want to bring my Ninja blender (its all I have) but dont know if I can do it every morning and mix it myself. I may have too... what are some ideas?.

Thanks all!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I have a little $20 hamilton beach blender that is small enough to put in my backpack and cheap enough to leave at work. But I haven't eaten shakes at work much at all this winter. I put soup in a thermos and have bars and puffs for snacks...

Comment #2

What I do is I have either the hot cocoa or a shake as I'm leaving the house for breakfast, throw a bar & puffs/pretzels into my purse (bar for mid-morning snack, puffs/pretzels for afternoon snack), carry a container of soup (I cook several packs at a time in the slow cooker then separate them into small tupperware containers) for lunch & heat it up there. That's the whole work day, and then L&G for dinner and brownie for dessert :-D..

Comment #3

I've been making soups for work in advance. I like having a shake in the morning which I make that morning. I keep some pretzels and bars in my drawer at work as well as the drinks cause they are easy to mix without a blender...

Comment #4

Usually have bars, pretzels/puffs and shakes while at work. I make the shakes in my shaker jar. You can also make pudding this way...

Comment #5

I make everything here at work.....its my second "home" LOL....I even eat the SS here too...I just had a coffee one..make them into shakes yum!..

Comment #6

Explain this whole soup in the crockpot thing.... ???? How does that work?..

Comment #7

I take 3-4 packets, add about 1.5 cups of water per packet, and cook on low for a couple of hours. I then ladle out however many packets there were into small tupperware containers, put them in the fridge and eat them over the next few days.

Never had an issue of underdone-ness..

Comment #8

I use the GNC 28oz blender bottles - they have a wire whisk type ball in them. I have never used a blender..

We have a freezer so I make ice.

We have a micro too..

On my desk I keep an assortment of choices (soups, shakes, bars, oatmeals, puffs & pretzels)..

In the kitchen I keep a measuring cup and a container that I can use to heat soups & oatmeals..

In the fridge I keep a container of some sort of broth to make soups with or just in case I get a bad case of the hungries..

I make a cappuccino with cold coffee and take for the drive to work..

Then, depending on my mood I make something. If I am in the mood for soup, I'll mix it and then put it in the fridge for about an hour to hydrate, then heat and eat...

Comment #9

CMB, so for 2 hours on low would you say or longer? Curious minds want to know. I'm so doing this...

Comment #10

I keep it simple at work as it can get pretty hectic sometimes. In the mornings I boil water in my kettle while I am in the shower, then use it to make my breakfast oatmeal and lunch soup that goes in a small thermos..

I take bars mostly for my two other Medifast meals at work (sometimes shakes and a shaker jar)..

You'll find a routine that works for you...happy MFing..

Comment #11

Our breakroom has cabinets/drawers that I can keep my.

Single serve blender.




24oz water.

Glass in. I use the hot water from the coffee maker to fill a thermos up w/& chx noodle soup (leave it in the lunchroom to soak 'till lunch time, when it's PERFECT). a co-worker and I alternate bringing in bags of ice to share. I have a cold water dispenser (5 gallon jug) at work also (for capp in the am and shakes in the pm)...

Comment #12

I bought a 12 oz stainless steel water bottle that I use for shakes. I put in water, then the shake, then I shake it up. Drink. Super simple.

Some puffs and bars round it out. Simple and fast...

Comment #13

I usually cook on low for about 3-4 hours, depending on how many packets I threw in there...

Comment #14

I like the shakes made with a little less water in the shaker ball and make ahead of time. Then when I get to work I add a couple ice cubes and drink with a straw. No blending needed. I also make my chicken noodle soup ahead of time. I have a 15 once thermos and I add boiling water and a soup pack and a little boullion(I have no idea if I spelled that right). Then when I get to work, it is "cooked" and ready to eat...

Comment #15

I'm all about convenience...I have RTD shakes in my fridge and bars and pretzels in my desk. No mixing for me! I'm too lazy..

Comment #16

It depends on what you have available. My breakroom has hot water, cold water, coffee makers, a sink, and a microwave..

I take shakes, cappuccino, soups and puddings..

The shakes, I just mix in a shaker jar using cold water and drink from the jar at my desk..

I mix the cappuccino in a mug with a little bit of water, stir until it is a smooth paste, top off with hot coffee, stir, and microwave for a bit..

I mix the puddings in a mug or disposable cup with cold water..

I put the soups in a mug and mix with 1/2 mugful of hot water, then let them sit, covered, for about an hour. Then I top them off the rest of the way with hot water, stir, and microwave..

I wash everything right away since medifast turns into unremovable spackle after a short time..

Although a blender does greatly improve things, you can get a good mix without one...

Comment #17

Great tips everyone, thank you. I am returning to work in a week and a half after being off for two months for foot surgery. I am so going to Target to buy a lunch thermos for soup!..

Comment #18

Be careful with the thermos. There have been some instances where members were unable to get the lids off once the soup was in. One even had her thermos explode after it had sat for a while. hehe..

Personally, I just do the hot water/mini-whisk with the soups and hot drinks and never have lumps. I found if I do the soups this way and let them sit for about 20 minutes, the CN doesn't get quite as thick and gloppy and the veg rehydrate enough to eat and enjoy. The little fake meat bits are still a little chewy, but that doesn't bother me. I make the pancake in a coffee mug (using nothing but water) and just pour on a bit of WF syrup, etc. Shakes I will make ahead and bring in a bottle of some kind, but I usually do shakes at home. I keep a shaker jar with lid and a mini-whisk in a drawer in our break room..

Good luck with going back to work. I had ankle surgery a year ago, but I'm a workaholic and opted for getting a knee walker and doing a combo of working from home and wheeling around the office. Those things are a blast!..

Comment #19

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