Which is better: weight watchers or Medifast?

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Question I have... Which is better: weight watchers or Medifast? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. Hi! I seen on here where alot of people love the Keurig machines. I have seen them on QVC and other places but they seem kind of expensive. Are they worth it? My husband and I love coffee, but I understand that each little container just makes one cup....

Please give me your opinions on this. Thank you so much...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Completely worth it. They have a little cup that you can put in it and use regular coffee so it isn't any different than a normal coffee pot. My kids use the hot water feature for cup o soup, ramen etc., I use the hot water for Medifast soups and hot cocoa. We actually wore one completely out last fall and I rushed out right away and got another. Totally worth it!..

Comment #2

Dbarnett, I did not realize that Keurig would do all that! WOW Thanks for letting me know. I am going to have to look into this.......

Comment #3

I love mine, but I got it for Christmas. The k-cups can get pricey, but I have found that you can get them super duper cheap at Macy's if you plan right. Normally a $14 box of 24 is only $9.99 at Macy's, then wait for their coupons (which come all the time in the mail or paper) and you can get them almost 50% off..

However, the largest cup of coffee that mine makes is 7oz, which in my opinion isn't very much. If you want more then you have to use 2 k-cups...

Comment #4

I just got mine from QVC yesterday! The one I got came with different types of coffee as well as the little filter cup thing that you can use your own coffee in. I've only had 3 cups since it arrived, but so far so good!..

Comment #5

YES! My husband is a coffee addict and he loves our Keurig. I am a tea drinker and I have found that I much prefer to have my tea made in the Keurig than with a regular tea bag...

Comment #6

We have the Cuisinart version and love it. We use it to make pretty much anything that calls for hot water. Coffee, tea, mashed potatoes (pre MF), oatmeal (also pre MF)..

I don't drink much coffee, but the hubby does. I use it mostly for hot water or tea. I haven't tried using it with the Medifast foods yet, though I am thinking of trying it..

The Cuisinart machine seemed to be built better, was less expensive, and uses the same "K-Cups" as the Keurig. We buy our regular coffee-flavored-coffee cups at BJs. If we are in the mood for something different, we get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We've seen cups sold at other places too, like the grocery store and Wal-Mart..

If you are thinking of buying one, I highly recommend one that has a rinse cycle. My old office had a commercial grade machine that had no rinse cycle, and after about 20 cups of coffee, the flavors started getting mixed up and kind of gross. Automatic shut off is nice too..

So that is my .02...

Comment #7

I have one at home, one at my parents and one at work. I can't breathe without it!!! I love it to peices, I start my day with 16oz of coffee and yes I use to k-cups. I by mine at BJ's wholesale club, they also sell them at Cosco and Sam's, it has I think 86 cups in a box for around $35. They are more than worth the $!!!! Do yourself the favor and invest in one!..

Comment #8

I had not thought of going to Sam's to look for one. Great advice!! We don't have a BJ's or a Costco here in the boonies but Sam's stores are about 100 miles from here and doable. THANK YOU ALL!..

Comment #9

I was never a coffee drinker until very recently. I started off with a basic single-serving machine and found it too cumbersome to have to fill it for each cup of coffee. Now I have a Keurig that has 3 different cup sizes, auto-on and -off, and a large reservoir tank, all the bells and whistles. I buy K-cups in certain flavors, but since I hate the waste of plastic I use my own coffee in the other filter that comes with it..

The only thing I would caution you about is using tap water in the machine. I have read that they are easily clogged by the minerals in tap water, so I use filtered or bottled water in mine. They are not hard to clean (just run white vinegar through the brew cycle), but I don't want to have to clean it often...

Comment #10

I will check out the Cuisinart also, KMAGICA. Great thoughts on the rinse cycle and auto shut off. Mornings are wild at my house with me going to work and my husband going to the farm and rounding up our three little farm loving schnauzer girls to head out with him. I am bad to forget to shut off something.....

Comment #11

Just wondering why this is so much better then a regular coffe maker?..

Comment #12

I love my Keurig (I have two, one at home and one at work)..

For me it is preferable to a regular coffee maker because:.

1. my husband and I disagree on coffee strength and flavor. The Keurig allows us to make our own cups without compromising..

2. Clean up is 100% easier (especially at work where I do not have a kitchen).

3. Variety - you can use the machine to get hot water for soups/oatmeal etc..

Amazon also often has good deals on K cups if you shop around...

Comment #13

So this thing doesnt actually make the coffee taste better?..

Comment #14

Just have to say I love mine - even convinced my boss to get the industrial one at work -..

Comment #15

They are also making large brew k-cups now that have more coffee in them in a few flavors... because on the 9oz or larger setting for the machines that have them the coffee can start tasting watered down if it's not the boldest of bold flavors to begin with. Green Mountains cafe club has a pretty good deal usually for lots of flavors you can't get elsewhere on carries a few different brands (autoship every 1-3 months and you can change to whatever flavors you like and however many boxes you want with a discount bigger discount on the 80 count than the 24 count boxes). Also bed bath and beyond plus their 20% off coupon sometimes is a good deal especially when the k-cups are on sale (not often but once in awhile) Amazon has them on sale once in a while too..

FOR ME, It's better because I like different flavors often. I bore easy with the same coffee over and over. I'm the only person in the house who drinks coffee. This brews my cup and I'm good to go. If I happen to want a second cup a minute later it's ready. I don't have to throw out a whole pot...

Comment #16

LOVE LOVE LOVE my keurig and we get the cups online at different sites.... coffeeforless dot com, bigcatcoffee dot com, amazon, lots of places and all have coupon codes and some take ebates.... just google keurig coffee cups..... oh my lord it is THE best tasting coffee.... and the flavors have saved me from wanting dessert... I get the flavored ones for after lunch/dinner and oh I could go on and on.......

Comment #17

Hands down! It has been one of the best purchases ever!..

Comment #18

Kohls and Bed Bath and Beyond have them as well, if you can get coupons for them then it makes them worth it, although when I compair prices Kohls is the most expensive for the machine. The k-cups are sold everywhere so they should be easy to find but since I stick to usually the same type of coffee getting if from Sam's is the best way as far as cost goes. Good luck and let us know how you make out!!..

Comment #19

It does if your other option is the weak a** pot of coffee your husband makes.

Seriously if you have access to good coffee from a regular machine and you don't need variety and clean-up is not a problem for you, you might not need a Keriug. For me, however, it is one of the BEST purchases I have ever made (besides, of course, MF)...

Comment #20

Ok good deal. The premium coffees at the grocery store taste great to me. So no need for this, although it sounds like it would be fun to have...

Comment #21

Im not a coffee drinker capp though yum!..

Comment #22

Are there any calories, sugar etc in the coffee? I wasnt sure, but they sound neat, I still have a senseo from a few years back and didnt really like it, How are these different? They do seem to be really popular..

Comment #23

I was just wondering about the sugar or carbs in the flavored coffees as well. We have a Keuring at work and I have used it for coffee to mix with my Medifast Hot Cocoa (YUM!!!). Anyway just dawned on me that I have no idea (no info on box that I could find) if the "Donut Shop" coffee has sugar or carbs...

Comment #24

We bought our Keurig at Costco - it came with quite a few K-Cups to sample taste. We make 2-3 cups of coffee per "cup" - neither of us likes it "strong" so there's no issues with weak coffee on the second cup; the third cup might be too weak for some..

I've used the hot water from it for making diet Jello, the Medifast Hot Cocoa, Cappuccino, and Chai Latte..

Do shop around for the best buy - there are seven or more models available, and they may or may not come with a sample pack to try the different drinks available...

Comment #25

I love our Keurig, it's probably the most used household appliance we ever purchased..

I have a model that brews up to 9oz drinks. Using one k-cup, you just have to use extra bold if you want a large cup..

As far as taste goes, most of the K-cup producers are small(ish) gormet coffee roasters, and the quality of the coffee is superb, plus because each k-cup is sealed, it's fresh, like using a brand new pack of coffee every day, and unless you brew a few pots of coffee a day, by the time you get to the end of a package of regular ground coffee, it'll be stale. I used to be a massive starbucks snob, even after drinking a cup of regular brewed coffee in the am, once we got the Keurig, I stopped going to starbucks, just didn't feel the need anymore. Husband said it's saved us thousands, and it's not like that was on purpose..

We also like to purchase a bunch of different coffees for variety, although our hands down favorite is donut shop, which is just a strong donut shop style (no sprinkles or carbs!)..

As far as the cocoa goes, if you go to the green mountain website they make a cocoa and also the cafe escapes cocoa you find in the stores, and they have the NI for that, it's not OP for MF, though, I remember that much..

Oh and we've had our Keurig brewer around 4 years, it gets used a lot every day, and it's still working just fine...

Comment #26

No, flavored ground coffees and whole beans do not have extra calories, carbs or sugar. Black coffee has something like 8 calories per 8 ounce cup, and flavored coffees are no different. They are flavored by having the coffee beans tumbled in a flavor additive (sometimes natural, sometimes not). The beans become infused with the particular flavor...

Comment #27

I have had mine for 2 years and love it. DH doesn't drink coffee, so making a pot of coffee never seemed to work well for me. I get the variety packs with 20% off coupons at BB&B..

I use the auto on and off features...

Comment #28

I love the Keurig. We have one at home and my wife gifted me one to keep at work. The one at work probably paid for itself in less than six months with the money I saved buying overpriced crappy coffee from the cafeteria. My wife and I drink very different coffees, so the Keurig allows a peaceful coexistence...

Comment #29

Yes! It's worth every penny and then some!.

I drink decaf and my husband drinks caf. And, we only drink 1 cup each. The Keurig makes this possible without hassles or waste. The kcups do get expensive but you can find them on sale or I buy my husband's at Costco. We also have the my k cup thing, so we can use our own coffee to make a cup..

We bought ours at QVC. I bought the mini version and my only complaint about it is that it doesn't make a very large cup of coffee. Otherwise it is one of my most favorite kitchen accessories (besides my knock-off MB)..

Comment #30

Love, love, love mine!.

Have one at work that I use all the time and so had to buy one for home..

Use it all the time for everything, coffee, MF, etc..

My neices and nephews love to use it to make their hot chocolate. I have taught my neice that when she uses it for hot chocolate K-Cups (which I buy for her every once in a while after she "works" for the money) to run through 2 just plain water cycles after she makes her hot cocoa without K-cups to rinse out the chocolate. Since mine doesn't have a rinse cycle, that's what we do to keep flavors seperate..

I bought mine off ebay for about $75 bucks which has been the best money spent in a long time...

Comment #31

Love ours my husband got it for Xmas from his sister. I thought humm I wonder about this thing. I love it I make my Cappuccino and make the coffee and together they are so good start my day that way. It is so nice because my husband and I like different kinds of coffee and we can each have our own. I agree that it is one of the best things we have in the kitchen..

Comment #32

We love ours. We used to waste alot of coffee because we never drank a whole pot, and I like decaf and H drinks hi-test. I like that the tray comes out and you can fill your travel mug right from the machine. I buy my cups at on a recurring order and save a ton plus free shipping...

Comment #33

I have a Tassimo brew bot which is the same thing as a Keurig but it also makes lattes, cappuchinos, etc. (even though I can't have those now LOL). Anyway it works the same way, uses the little disks, and we love it's ease and convenience. The coffee always tastes fresh and delicious!..

Comment #34

I could not live without mine. Goodbye bulky coffee pot forever...

Comment #35

We love ours, too! We have one that brews either 7 or 9oz cups and actually use only one kcup and run it through each one to make a 16 oz cup of coffee. It's not weak at all. Also, you can get kcups cheap and with free shipping on Coffee Wiz online...

Comment #36

Thanks for the info - I wondered how they got the flavor in. Good to know because I am enjoying my Medifast Hot Cocoa with the coffee..

Love the profile pic BTW. GO RAVENS!!! I am northeast of Baltimore and a huge fan!!.


Comment #37

If you decide to purchase a Keurig be sure to save your receipt. Keurig will guarantee the coffeemaker for one year and will replace it without a lot of hassle during that year. Really great customer service! Like many others that have posted I have found that we waste a lot less than before when we would brew an entire pot of coffee only to pour it out later in the day. Now, my husband has his coffee the way he likes it (too strong for me) and I have my cup and everyone is happy!..

Comment #38

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