Which is a better program / weight watchers or Medifast?

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Got a question... Which is a better program / weight watchers or Medifast? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... I'm just having a rough time lately and I come here to read a lot. Was away camping at the races for a 4 day weekend (two more 4 day camping weekend upcoming also). It was tough watching other folks drinking beer and eating snacks, dips, sausage, bratwurst, mexican dips, buffalo wings, etc....

I figure I just have to live with these temptations and it will make me stronger. I can't make every person do things different because of me..

Came home went to the doc for a heel pain issue. I figured that I'm now down 70 lbs(I had lost some weight prior to MF) and I still have heel pain it not because I'm so fat..

He prescribed celebrex and gave me a cortizone shot in the heel. Also when I came home, I had a cold. So for a week I've been taking the celebrex and using alka seltzer plus cold medicine. The heel is no better than before(back to the doc again today), the cold is not gone yet. All I want is some comfort food. I'm dying to just eat some normal food, it's driving me crazy.

I'm driving past McDonalds and it's all the power I can come up with to tell my son we are going home for dinner and to not just head to the drive in window for a quarter pounder.....

I'm also hoping that me not feeling well and these medicines don't negatively affect my weight loss. We'll find out in two more days. With the race and the start of the cold, I managed to lose 3.2, see what happens this past week where I was full blown sick.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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You are doing great. Dont let this get you down. I know it's so hard when you are sick to stick to plan. But you can do it. Make some new comfort foods from the Medifast meals. One of my favorites is the Soft Serve.

Also make some special L&Gs. If your craving Spaghetti cook up som Spaghetti Squash with some Turkey meatballs or something. I do that alot with Spaghetti Squash. Its really good and is something I will eat far into transition and maintinance..

Best of luck to you. Dont let yourself get too down. You are doing great, be proud of yourself. For sanity, maybe ask if a few changes could be made just this once since you are sick and feeling weak in your resolve. They can still have their junk just not on your armrest and such. Just an idea...

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Hang in there!! You are an inspiration!! We ALL live with the temptations. I figured I always will and until I learn to eat sensibly I can not give into them. Stay strong...look at you!! 90+ lbs!! What I'd give.......

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First of all congratulations on resisting the donuts. You are a total inspiration and have done so well. Sorry you have been sick, I know resolve is low when you are sick and you do want to be comforted by familiar things. When I'm craving something like that I just try to envision it swimming in grease and the thought of that usually puts me off when I can have a nice piece of grilled salmon and fresh veggies instead. You obviously have good coping strategies since you have lost so much weight, call on those resources and do something non-food related that you enjoy, hug someone, cry, yell, sing, punch a pillow, watch a funny movie. We have all been there, it will pass. Medifast is good medicine...

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Have to give you props! You did a GREAT job staying OP!!! And congrats to the 3 pounds loss!!! We all have our ups and downs...but hang on !..

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Hang in there, you're doing great. You're resisting your feelings and doing the right thing by resisting off plan food. Wow, if you can not eat donuts I think you can handle anything! Stay strong...

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You are so awe-inspiring! It is so amazing that you did that whole weekend (including the donuts) without slipping up. What a testament to how strong you are..

I hope the doc can help you out with the heel pain...

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Man what a past couple of days. Went to the heal doc, got stronger meds and had my foot taped, then that night, woke up with a screaming ear ache and a plugged up ear at 2am and I stayed awake, couldn't get back to sleep. Gosh I don't remember ever having a ear ache and I'm sure I did, but holy cow do they hurt, can you just shoot me now...Wasn't til 11am I got to the doc, got two more meds. On the way home, filled the prescriptions and now had 8 pills to take at one time and had to take them with a meal. Had no Medifast food with me, so I caved in and had 2 McDonalds hamburgers and a small fry, and a small diet soda. Actually didn't even finish the second one or the fries because I just felt like crap.

It may in the end balance it out, because between being sick yesterday a couple cheese sticks and the two burgers were all I ate. Did anyone realize that on the burger wrapper now it lists the nutrition info. I ate about 80 carbs in my one meal. I knew it and I made the choice to do it..

We'll see what happens if it catches up with me..

Today was weigh in day and I lost 5.0 which is my biggest weekly loss since week 2..

While yes, going to McD's wasn't the right choice, when I look at what I did, which was 2 small burgers and a small fry, that's to me pretty amazing since the old me would have had a double quarter pounder, supersize fry and maybe a snack wrap on top of that. So I am changing and that's good. I know I'm strong...Yesterday was one day and today I'm back to plan, got my Medifast food with me here at work. Just wish my ear would unplug itself....

But life goes on, it's back on track and along we go. I'm slighty mad about what I did, but can't harp on it, I look at the big picture. I'm down 59 lbs on MF(lost some on my own prior to that. Last spring I tippped the scale at 301...Today 228...I didn't get fat by eating a couple burgers just once....

Onward we go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Another birthday tomorrow, so that means my cube is party central....shouldn't be a problem though....I think losing weight is more mental than it is physical, and right now the brain is locked into the proper course.....

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First, good job NOT eating the donuts... you have come so far in your journey. there are always going to be hard times. honestly the key to all of this is to change your thoughts about the food... "normal" food, isn't healthy will kill you if you stop your program and eat it... that "normal" food will clog your arteries, make your body work harder and put you in even more pain.

I have a bad knee and when it hurts, I am REALLY moody and life itself is harder when it flares up.... so cut yourself some slack, be kinder to yourself than usual, and by that, I mean, doing something nice for yourself....

The temptations wont always be there if you begin to retrain your mind about food. food is for fuel, for good health and a better, longer , happier life. it's nutrition for our body, energy. you wouldn't use dirty oil in your car, you change it and give it clean oil, etc... you know where I am headed.... eat clean, follow your program and your life will be better for it.

You are doing...... keep moving ahead......

Best wishes,.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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