Which has better tasting food, Medifast or Jenny Craig?

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Got a quick question: Which has better tasting food, Medifast or Jenny Craig? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I'm getting ready to place my next Medifast order. I was looking at the cold drinks and wonder if the tropical fruit drink or the cranberry mango drink are any good? I sure don't want to end up with something that tastes like medicine!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Made as directed, I found them to be nasty! I ended up making them as slushies instead of drinks and they were quite good that way. I added more ice to the blender to make them thicker and then stuck them in the freezer for a bit. The cranberry mango was very good that way, especially on the hot and humid south Florida days!..

Comment #2

The mango one is tasty, IMO, but not very filling...

Comment #3

I tried the cranberry mango one and it was horrible. Was thinking of making it and then adding seltzer to it to dilute it but not sure how that would be...

Comment #4

Who likes what is really subjective. You can order single packets so you can just try for yourself. Don't depend on the pictures for how refreshing the drinks look..

I say that, but I like all the non-coffee drinks and shakes. I just don't necessarily think they look all that pretty..

Don't count anything out based on the first try, though, especially at the beginning of your Medifast journey. Your taste buds WILL change and what you didn't like at the beginning you may actually love later on...

Comment #5

I found that adding a tiny bit of crystal light lemonade makes the cherry pomengranage drink taste great! I put it in the blender with ice and make a slushie, I would imagine that would bode well for the cranberry mango and fruit drinks as well?..

Comment #6

I love the cranberry/mango! I better love it, I ordered a CASE! I put it in my Health Mate blender with some ice and blend the heck out of it. It is great. It has zero fat in it, however, which is why it ends up not being as filling as some of the other meals. I usually have it just before bed...

Comment #7

Love them all.

I particularly love CranMango blended with a can of diet ginger ale and ice, for a really big slushie...

Comment #8

I love them, but I have to admit that I was taken aback the first time I tried the peach and raspberry teas. I was expecting them to be like an iced tea - clear - but to me they are more creamy and really nothing like an iced tea..

But I really like them all, and the cran-mango is my fav. I drink more of them over the summer...

Comment #9

I adore both the raspberry iced tea and the cranberry mango drinks. Never could get past the pinkish color of the fruit drink one though - too much visually like medicine. Definitely suggest the 'order one packet' strategy though - great way to try before committing!..

Comment #10

I thought the cranberry mango was okay, but it was too "frothy" for my taste. The fruit punch, in my opinion, was terrible. You could always buy one packet of each to see if you like it (I'm so happy we have that option now)...

Comment #11

I love the cold drinks, but find them very strong and syrupy when mixed as directed. I mix mine in 16 ounces of water, then divide (8 ounces in each of 2-1 liter bottles. I then top off with water, so I get 2 liters of extra water with each cold drink mix. Did I say that I LOVE the cold drinks!?!.


Comment #12

Thank you all so much for your opinions and advice. I think I'll order a box or two of the cranberry mango and maybe just one packet of the fruit punch. (Don't like coffee or tea). I need something easy for my mid morning meal at work. I don't really get a break and now I'm just using water and a soft serve and shaking in a shaker glass and I feel the need for a little change...

Comment #13

To me the Tropical Fruit Punch tastes like Hawaiian Punch.....Same color too...

Comment #14

I think they are THICK, and very concentrated, when mixed with 8 ounces of water. I don't like real strong tasting drinks I guess. I like the "essence of flavor" so mixing it in 2 liters of water works for me....AND ups my water intake in for the day. I usually do one fruit drink and one iced tea every day, so that's 1 gallon of water right there. I usually drink almost/all of another gallon just plain...

Comment #15

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