Which diet plan has the best success rate jenny craig or Medifast?

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Got a question... Which diet plan has the best success rate jenny craig or Medifast? Thanks for any response. Second question.. My first day on Medifast was Monday (4/11/11) and it was a very rocky start - Missed 2 Medifast meals and my L&G because I was went out shopping for 6 hours and forgot to bring a few bars with me. Day two was just as hard but made it through - 5 Medifast meals and my L&G (Yay Me). Day three was horrible I was hungry all day but didn't faulter.

I just don't know if I can do this. I need to lose so much weight and I just don't see it happening. Any suggestions?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Ducati, why did you start MF? Can you remember what your motivation was for wanting to lose weight? I took the time to really figure out why I wanted to lose weight and then wrote them all down. I look at them frequently to remind myself and whenever I get those thoughts of wanting to eat "real" food. It brings me back and then I can refocus on my goals. You've already learned some valuable lessons that will help you stay on track. Look at some of the other posts here that deal with things I wish I knew when I started Medifast and how others have dealt with the same things you are going through. You're not the first and they did.

Just remember, the first week is the hardest. It does get better. You can do this...

Comment #2

Go Go Gadget "Ducati"!.

C'mon take a ride on the weight loss locomotive.

C'mon take a ride on that victory train.

Get on board, Get on board.

And lose those pounds..

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Fight your way through you've nearly made it though the toughest part Day 4 and maybe 5 are difficult, hungry days and then Voila!!! It's okay you aren't starving and realize it's possible!!.

Good luck and good willpower..

Comment #4

Remind yourself how much the Medifast food cost you and how much you want to lose the weight. This program really works but you can't be half-hearted about it. You will be hungry until you get into ketosis and get used to the program. You eat every 2-3 hours so you shouldn't have missed a L&G and 2 meals by going out for only 6 hours. Read the forums, print all the supporting materials and be fully prepared. If you are not fully committed to this it is not going to work for you...

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I'm on day 3 and wanting a Pepsi so bad, but I keep thinking about why I started this and what I'm going to be and look like when I'm done so I keep going. I'm waiting for this exhastion to go away, but I hear in a few days I will have so much energy that I will be good to go. Don't give up.....

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Make a commitment that you ARE going to do this! Even if it's for 30 days! You can do anything for 30 days!!.

For me, my first 5-6 days really sucked! BAD! BUT I am here to tell you that NOTHING is MORE worth getting through than this tough time to get to where you will soon be!.

You have no idea the freedom that's waiting for you! You have to TRUST THE REST OF US!!!.

So get HAPPY and know that what you are going through is temporary and YOU CAN DO THIS! :^).

Leap and the net will appear!..

Comment #7

For many MFers, the first week is the toughest. Once you get through the first week, it gets so much easier. But you have to stay on plan. Like the others said, remember why you started Medifast in the first place..

Be strong. You can do this...

Comment #8

Hang in there, it does get easier. I'm in week three and the first week was the worst. Remind yourself why you're doing this. If you get really hungry, first drink water, wait 20 minutes and if you're still starving eat another Medifast meal. It's better for than giving into temptation which is what got us all here!.

Good luck!..

Comment #9

Its okay to have DIET pepsi. Caffeine free if possible. I drank Coke Zero for the first week and then finally switched to Caffeine Free Diet Coke. It gets me thru the day and honestly I don't want to give it up. Good luck to you and I know you can do it. Don't give up!!..

Comment #10

Discouraged? I am more motivated than ever! I wish you the best and I hope you can work through this. When I caught a glimpse of my relection I was mortified!! I will make sure I get the 5 meals in, eat the L&G, drink the water and not complain about the taste of any of the food! I am committed and in this for the LONG HAUL!!..

Comment #11

My biggest suggestion is to plan ahead. Never go anywhere with the intention that you'll be home in time for your next meal; throw a few bars in your purse whether you need them or not...

Comment #12

Thanks everyone for the motivation. I know this first week is supposed to be difficult I just didn't expect it to be this difficult. But you will all be happy to know (Just as I too am happy) that I did.


Touch that croissant (YAY ME). I CAN do this and I WILL do this. I've never dieted before so this is extremely different territory for me..

@GoneForGood - Thanks for the ideas of writing down my motivations. I will definitely be taking the time to write them all down..

@BeccaBecca - Lmbo, Thanks. I needed that. A laugh and support all in one..

@MaryMotherof3 - OMGoodness, I am so wanting a Pepsi right not. I swear it's my weakness. But I haven't had one yet. I had to stop drinking it like a week before I started MF..

@Hathery - I have so learned from my mistake. I now carry at least 4 bars in my tote..

To everyone else, Thank you so much for the motivation. I so had a bad moment earlier but it did pass and I am still OP. THANKS..

Comment #13

Good for you! You will be SO glad that you were able to stay OP when your first weigh in rolls around...

Comment #14

You made it to day four already and basically you proven yourself that you can do it! Of course it's going to be rough...its going to be challenging everyday where there is food temptations around but one day at a time is the way to further along you go into your weightloss journey you will see how "routine" it comesinto play with your life LOL.....

Comment #15

Every time I walk out the door I pack my cooler pack with a water bottle, a diet something to drink and 2 barsevery time. I have 3 kids, I never know where I will be whenthat way I am prepared. It keeps me completely out of drive thru's, etc. I can honestly say that this has been the main key for me to be diligent in losing weight..

I still have hungry daysand on those days, I eat. that is when I sometimes I eat a few of my Medifast meals 2 hours apart instead of 3. Or I will have an egg beater muffin or a spinach salad from my L & G at lunch time with a diet coke-I am so full after that. Waiting for my L & g until my family eats doesn't always work for me. Just an idea..

Hang in there-you have to want to lose weight more than you want to stay the same. You can do it..

Laura Lee..

Comment #16

Rather than diet soda, have you tried Blue Sky Free or Zevia; they are all natural sodas made with stevia...

Comment #17

Hang in there. Do not give into cravings. Really start to mentally thinking about it and what you really want. Decide to give it several weeks with a 'no excuses' attitude. Do not let anything make you waiver... sometimes we just have to follow through with a behavior and then it really does become a more 'natural' behavior.

And do it with much success...

Comment #18

It took me about a week to really get on plan. You can do it. I also had so much weight to lose I didn't think it was possible. 2 months later I'm down almost 40 pounds. It gets easier really. I was the person who couldn't stick with a diet.

Just give it time and it will become second nature..

Comment #19

I agree on the cooler idea. Especially with warmer weather coming up. The bars can get kind of melty - except the fruit & nut which doesn't have frosting. I always carry a lunchbox size cooler with one of those blue ice things, a few waters, and a bar and bag of puffs..

Also, if you put your bars in a cooler with ice, make sure to put the bars in a ziploc bag first. I found out first hand that the wrappers are not waterproof!..

Comment #20

It is getting easier. I am stating off the scale for now and just working the plan. You are doing great. Hopefully I will be catching up...

Comment #21

Way to go!! I'm very proud of you for hanging tough!! Woo Hoo! A victory indeed!..

Comment #22

You have gotten some great advice! Keep asking for help as you need it... that is 1/2 the battle! Hope you have a great Friday!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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