Where to buy sugar free syrups for Medifast?

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Was wondering where to get the sugar free syrups that are in the Medifast recipe book?..

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Your question was: Where to buy sugar free syrups for Medifast?.

If you have a smart and final near you, thats where I get mine but lately I just buy the capella drops, less storage space.. LOL..

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I get my SF DaVinci at Wal-Mart in the coffee section. Linda..

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I bought mine at starbucks. The big bottle is cheapest. $7 and change, they even gave me the pump! Hazelnut and Caramel!..

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Heck... online where I order them you can get them as low as $3.99 a bottle and the sh&h isn't too bad either... I order mine here....


But LOL on the other poster (ToChatty) in buying the Capella drops to save space HA HA... They (Capella drops) are good too... and they have an easier squeeze bottle on a lot of the Capella drop bottles as an option too...

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I sometimes with these bottles were smaller I have so many flavors it takes up the entire botton shelf in my pantry..

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I just picked up some of these SF syrups to flavor my shakes. I bought carmel, raspberry & chocolate. How much should I use?..

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It depends on the syrup, Christakc. They want you to stay less than or right at 1 carb, according to the condiment list. Let me grab you the link real quick:.


Just scroll down a bit and it's right on the bottom of the first page. I use 2 tbsp of the Walden Farms chocolate syrup myself..

I find a lot of the syrups in the health food aisles - or even stuck with all of the diabetic stuff. It just depends on the store. I've had no luck with Wal-Mart, Meijers had a small selection, but I hit the jackpot at Krogers. I think it depends on the area. I live in Southeastern Michigan, so - yeah. If that helps.

You can always order them online, worst comes to worst. I know some Starbucks carry the syrups, too. Good luck!..

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I found just one tablespoon of the SF syrups flavored my Medifast pudding well...

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In the northeast you can find them in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods. I've yet to see them in a Walmart, and we have a Super Walmart here!.

I never thought of asking to buy a bottle at Starbucks.. but I've been looking for SF Chocolate, so I may ask next time I go in! Thanks for the tip...

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I have never bought my Sugar- free syrups from Starbucks..

I order all my Syrups from Davinci. They have so many different.

Flavors you can try. You can order them on-line. I have there.

Sugar Free Chocolate and it is yummy. Enjoy it is awesome in.

The pudding, shakes,cappucino. Have an awesome 100% OP day!..

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If you have a Bevmo store near you they carry a lot of them. I like the Torani syrup the best and they have a lot of flavors.. I put them in my shake cakes instead of water. sugar free almond roca is amazing with vanilla pudding or shake...

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Note: below is my experience in the Central Florida area!.

Davinci sugar-free syrups can be found in limited flavors at Walmart, Super Target & grocery stores (usually in the coffee/tea aisle). You may also purchase them direct from or I like to buy things through I've also found them occasionally at Ross-Dress for Less and TJMaxx in their food aisles..

Torani sugar-free syrups- usually only ordering via the internet: www.Torani.comI have seen them at World Market and think that they usually always carry them..

Best wishes on your journey!..

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If you have a smart and final near you, thats where I get mine but lately I just buy the capella drops, less storage space.. LOL..

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