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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Where is a reliable Vitamin Shoppe in Canada to buy prescription drugs on-line?.

My main question is: My husband and I started on the Mens/Womens Silver Program on.

December 22. We are pleased with the portion sizes, but not pleased.

With the food flavor. We wish we had more microwaveable meals for breakfast and lunch, instead of the many soups that we were sent..

We were sent a variety but some items we received many and did not.

Get to try other foods that are on the list..

Overall, I would give the food a C+..

We are trying to decide if we are going to order again...

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Your question was: Where is a reliable Vitamin Shoppe in Canada to buy prescription drugs on-line?.

You will have to try the various dishes to find out what you like and what you don't, and then only order what you like! There are a lot of options, but I find I like about 40 choices all together, and that's exactly what I get. No need (after your first "favorites" experience) to order anything you hate!..

Comment #1

It is really funny to read about what people like and dislike on the program. Some love the meatloaf and some can't even eat it! It took me a full month or so to find my favorites. Also adding spices, herbs, asian oil and laughing cow cheese to many of the offerings has really helped alot.

It is wonderful that you and your husband are doing this together. What a support system! Try to focus on the positives and embrace being challenged to find what works and what doesn't. Don't give up..

My fav's..

Breakfast - low fat granola with Dannon light and fit Yogurt instead of milk..

I like to save my protein from breakfast and cook 2 Hebrew low fat hotdogs and serve with the cheesy potatoes and a little bit of sauerkrautYUMMY..

For dinner I enjoy the thin crust pizza. I save some protein from earlier in the day and top the pizza with Turkey Pepperoni and cheese and olives. Or onions and mushrooms. Again use your creativity to make something you think you'll like. I also really like the Chicken and Dumplings!.

For snacks - I think they're all good. Sometimes I want something crunchy and sometimes something sweet. Great options. But if you find one that you LOVE then order 28 next time!.

Good luck and check the boards often for tricks and tips!.


Comment #2

So, you've given the program a whole week, huh? I'm not sure I had a grasp on the program or the taste of the food (as a whole) in a week. I personally give NS an A- overall...pretty good in my opinion!.

Oh, BTWthe soups are the lunch entrees I prefer...not a real fan of the other lunches...

Comment #3

The food you received may get a C+ now but the results can be an A+ if you find the foods you like and follow the plan. Good luck...

Comment #4

The following is priceless: Graylady (Lynn), a very successful NutriSystem member, has taken the time and energy to collect tons of information about how to make the foods taste the way YOU like them:.

Link to Graylady's Recipe Collection.

I've never tasted any of the food "as is"...I add spices and seasonings and fruit and veggies and broths and make it taste EXACTLY the way I like it. Of course, I would have eaten the boxes the food came in to have gotten the results that I've gotten from this marvelous plan. Good luck on whatever decision you make...

Comment #5

I really think that a week is not nearly enough time to find your favorites. Keep detailed notes of what you like & what you don't. Use all the resources available here to spruce up the ones that aren't great. If you really hate something, there is an ongoing trade thread in the NS Meals forum.

And don't forget that NS will be rolling out new foods soon. You have a fantastic support system if you & your hubby are doing this together. Don't cheat yourselves by quitting this soon..

Good luck to you!..

Comment #6

You will have to try the various dishes to find out what you like and what you don't, and then only order what you like! There are a lot of options, but I find I like about 40 choices all together, and that's exactly what I get. No need (after your first "favorites" experience) to order anything you hate!..

Comment #7

You haven't even been on it long enough to give the food a chance. Say the pizza for instance. All of them are QUITE small, add those veggies on, just pile them on as high as you can, add the cheese, and add more cheese as part of your dairy if you want to bind the veggies together so they don't fall off-it's delicious!.

You've got beef patties to make hamburgers or add some veggies to it and make a soup or casserole. You've got cheesy mashed potatoes for lunch and you can have 2 FF hot dogs with it, for your protein.

Please give it a chance, and experiment by adding your additional grocery items. Believe me, it is so worth it. The convenience, and the food is so ideal. I've never met anyone that didn't like the food with NS. There are always some things we won't like on it; even a lot. Graylady's recipe collection is fantastic if you want some variations and so is Bunnie's-she's even in the process of making a cookbook.

Good luck and Happy New Year!..

Comment #8

If you can stick it out, you will love your results. You really need about two months' shipments. You will find a batch of things from each of these two that you like and dislike and then for the next following shipments you can get a full order for each month that you like. If not a full month, then at least 3/4 of a month and then just repeat a few that you like and you will be satisfied and lose weight in the process. Good luck..


Comment #9

I hope DahlingILuvUButGiveMeParkAve sticks with the program because I like the screen name...

Comment #10

Oh, don't quit because of a week! For instance, Wednesday I had the black bean tortilla soup yesterday and thought it was disgusting (couldn't even finish it even though I was starving). I immediately went into my meals for next month and took them all out and added something else. Lo and behold, had the fettucine alfredo today and absolutely loved it - plus it was more filling than some of the lunches..

I'll be trying out all the foods I ordered this first time and probably editing my next shipment every day until I have all the things I know I like!!! (Pretzels off, caramel chocolate bar on )..

Comment #11

I agree with you SF Fan. That's what made me click on this thread. LOVE the name!!.

And I agree ... I'm only on my second week with NS and feel like I've just figured out what to do on the program. Please give it a little more time. You will be glad you did. Good luck to you and your husband...

Comment #12

Put a side the foods you don't like for a month or two and eat the ones you do like. Your tastes really do change and you might want to give the discards another chance later on. There are some meals I thought were awful but when I tried them again and fixed them up a little (with Grayladys help) I now really enjoy them. Don't look for a reason to quit. You will be so glad you stuck with it!..

Comment #13

I am lucky in that I like at least 95% of the food that I have tried and I don't doctor anything up. A lot of the appeal of this program to me is the convenience. And I love the results so far also...

Comment #14

I'm a newbie too! I haven't been dissappointed in the food. It is actually better than what I expected. I was on the NutriSystem program 17 years ago and lost 60 pounds. I'm looking for 40 now and know that NS can deliver that. I agree that you have to spice things up sometimes and not just eat everything as is. Dieting is a retraining of how you think about your food - learning new tastes to replace the old bad habits or at least keeping those things in check.

It sounds like you let NS pick your foods instead of you making your own customized order. I would suggest highly that you choose your own foods and pick things that sound appetizing to you. I love all the italian dishes and the thin crust pizza definately has to have some veggies added to give it substance but overall the flavor is not bad. And the consistency of the food is satisfying as well. Please stick with us and stick together!..

Comment #15

Of course I agree with the posters who say give it time, find the foods you like, and keep ordering them. It's a learning process to do that. I started NS by ordering from QVC, and received three months' worth. Truthfully, I would never have lasted for almost a year and a half on NS (since July of 2006) if I hadn't switched to ordering from this web site and getting only the foods I liked. The foods in the prearranged month's package from QVC had too many of them that I didn't like, and dreaded eating and hated feeling unsatisfied after having to eat them. Ever since I started ordering from here and customizing my menu to the foods I like, I've been fine.

Also, please know that some of it is an acquired taste. I didn't like the pretzels at first - the taste was too different from the pretzels in the real world , but I gradually learned to like them for what they are, and now they are one of my favorite snacks and I order lots of them each month. You need to realize that just because a food item has the same name as "real world" food, it isn't necessarily going to taste the same, such as the pretzels, the pizza, and lots of others. That's true for frozen lo-call dinners too, such as Lean Cuisines, Healthy Choices, etc. So if you adopt that attitude and give the foods a chance, you will acquire a taste for most of them and for the ones you don't, order something else for the next month...

Comment #16

I'm new also and working my way through the variety of foods. Unfortunately I ordered 3 cheese tortellini - thinking that would be a very safe pic - and cannot stand the taste of them! Anyway to exchange and/or return the other 2 of them???? Yuck...

Comment #17

I understand how you are feeling. I reaaly do but get through the first week or two. You really do not know the program yet. Read the boards alot. The wonderful people on them will help you. I am a little lazy when it comes to foodI do alot as is and learn to like the food because I love what it does for me.

I wish I were. I gues I need a private chef. Of well I still lovce it. Yes , the lunch is the most difficult. The rest is great..

Comment #18

Shelldon, I could have written this very same post. I'm exactly the same as you in handling the program (and not cooking or re-doing any of the meals) and have the same thoughts. I also agree with your last two sentences.

I thought the cheese tortellini was only "OK" at first, but I learned to like how filling it is compared to some of the other lunches, which made me like it better...

Comment #19

You can fix this one up. Crumble up a morningstar sausage patty and add italian seasoning or garlic pepper and a small scoop of ff cottage cheese. It makes it kinda creamy like ricotta in lasagna...

Comment #20

After only a week you can't possibly know how all the food is. And you also won't have seen any real results. You've been given a lot of great advice on how to make the foods taste better. You can also trade the ones you don't like for ones you do in the Meal Plan Discussions forum - there is a sell or trade thread there..

Bottom line, if you WANT to lose the weight and are really COMMITTED to it, you'll stick with it. We all put on the weight by eating A+ tasting food. If it takes eating stuff that maybe isn't quite as good to lose it, isn't that a fair trade-off? There are lots of microwave lunches that are awesome (for me it's the chicken & barley stew). And personally I love many of the cup lunches.

But find the ones you like and stick with it. If you do the plan, you will lose the weight. Simple as that. Using the taste as an excuse is just that: an excuse..

Sorry if I sound unsympathetic, but no one claimed this is "gourmet" food. You can't lose weight without a little compromise. If you want great tasting food, doctor it up or give up. Your choice...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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