Where do you get your water during Medifast?

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So I have been wondering. We drink SOOOOO much water on this plan. Multiply that by two cuz my husband is doing Medifast too. We go through about 300 oz/day. A case of water from the grocery last about 2 days and at around $5 per case...that adds up.

So what do you do for your water? Drink it straight from the tap? Brita? Bottles? Zero Water?.

I just bought a Zero Water on Black Friday. The water taste a million times better but only 10 days later and I need to replace my filter already. At $15 a filter, Zero Water will end up pretty expensive too. You can buy the filters in bulk and save but still....

So what do you all do?..

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I am probably the only one, but I do indeed drink tap water.

Hasn't killed me yet and it's cheap.

Just my two cents.


Comment #1

We cross posted, Glad to see I am NOT the only one...

Comment #2

Tap water and I use a Britta filter. Bottled water is expensive and bad for the environment...

Comment #3

Tap water drinkers are not alone. i, too, imbibe the tappage ...

Comment #4

I have the brita gallon in our downstairs fridge. I have the brita half gallon in my fridge at work. I have a water cooler in the bedroom. Our local hannaford has a refill station for 45 cents a gallon. So once a week we refill our 5 gallon jug for upstairs.

I have big mugs for on the go. I seldom need to buy a bottle of water..

Comment #5

I drink tap water a lot, from a BPA free plastic bottle. Or, I sometimes buy a bottle of water at work and then keep refilling it from the water fountain (I work in a school) all day...

Comment #6

I use a Pur filter...and drink from the tap. I am a I don't like the idea of paying so much for water. If we buy water, we pay more for it by the gallon than we do for gas. Luckily, I like the taste of our tap glug glug glug!.

Bottoms up.....


Comment #7

I never ever use bottled water, as it is expensive and really bad for the environment. I use filtered water from my fridge dispenser and when I go out I use either a stainless steel water bottle or a Nalgene bottle. It has saved me a fortune! I drank a ton of water even before Medifast so it's been my lifestyle for a long time..

Our tap water is disgusting, so for me it has to be filtered first!..

Comment #8

Straight from the tap the way God intended. And besides, bottled water is just too expensive. I'm too MFing poor from these $2 packets of space food..


Comment #9

My fridge has a filter on it, so I get it from there. We do drink it bottled if we're out...

Comment #10

The water from my frig door is filtered, so in the beginning I drank only from that. But in no time at all the filter needed to be replaced, and they're really expensive, so I've turned to tap water. My tap water tastes great, and it's a whole lot cheaper than constantly changing that filter in the frig!!.


Comment #11

Filter system in my housemy area has high levels of mercury. Was about $500 initially for the system, then $50 per year for new filters. Had it 8 years and it's been worth it to avoid the stinky water in my town...

Comment #12

Tap, baby!!! We have a filter on our fridge (it's a new thing and I LOVE IT!). And when at work, I used to fill up at the water fountains, but we just got a new UV filter system for their tap, so I use that. Only if I'm out of the house and in dire need of water do I buy it...

Comment #13

I think the people who "invented" bottled water were geniouses. "Hey, let's take something that is ABUNDANT and FREE, and get people to PAY for it!!" I can hardly fathom it. Well, I am sure *some* places have no access to clean water but really....

Anyway I bought a PUR pitcher for $7 and that takes out the chlorine and makes it taste better (takes out any other stuff too but I think most water from the tap is safe enough)...

Comment #14

I use both bottled and tap. If I am out then I pick up some bottled water but when I am home I drink tap water...

Comment #15

Filtered from the fridge at home..

At work we have a water cooler with Sparkletts, so I keep refilling my water bottle there. Free to me.

I admit, I used to be an avid bottled water drinker. I have seen the light, repented and changed my ways. No more bottled water for me...

Comment #16

Tap water. It's almost certainly better for me than almost all bottled water - the tests they do for quality indicate you're just as well off drinking tap. And I like the taste of it...

Comment #17

Tap water, but I do buy an occasional bottle if I'm out and about and didn't plan very well. It's a band-aid for me!..

Comment #18

Mostly from the tap without a filter. I have three 32 oz containers that I rotate in and out of the fridge. Also have a couple 16-20 oz containers that I use when I'm out of the house. Either BPA free plastic or stainless steel...

Comment #19

Love how you worded it. LOL. Same here, tap water drinker..

Occasionally I'll but bottled water, but I always feel guilty. A moment on the lips, forever in a landfill ... although I do recycle...

Comment #20

We have a water cooler. We go through about 10 gallons every week. I also either use bottled water at work or from the filtered cooler in the break room. Tap water in AZ is really BAD. I'll use if I'm cooking or nuking hot items, but not to drink...

Comment #21

I filter mine in a Britta pitcher, more because it tastes off to me if I drink it straight from the tap. I do have a case of 16.9 water bottles and I usually keep one in the fridge, just so that I always have one ready if I'm in a rush, but that single case has lasted a couple of months, because it's just for back-up..

I've also been trying to drink a lot of my water at work, though, so I don't have to refill my pitcher at home more than once a day...

Comment #22

I'm a tapper too with a filter in the fridge......... we always have a few bottles in the fridge, but mostly just refilling my 33oz bottle... over and over again...and then repeat. =)..

Comment #23

Filtered tap water in a 32 oz container - it's easier to keep track of my water that way too. my DH knows I can't go anywhere without my bottle..

Comment #24

I'm gross and buy the nasty plastic 16 oz water bottles, and I buy them anywhere. We have well water at our house but it irritates my stomach, or I would drink that...

Comment #25

I have gross, metalic tap water...WITH FLOATIES! So I love my Brita pitcher! Amazon has great deals on the filters, if I'm ordering other stuff, and Walmart is almost as cheap...

Comment #26

DH and I fill up two 5-Gallon, reusable water bottles at the Glacier machine outside of the grocery store. It tastes great and it costs us $3.50 to fill both containers. Tap water in California was just plain nasty, so I got used to the Glacier water and love it now - and no bottles in a landfill...

Comment #27

Straight from the tap in a lead lined, non-reusable, non-recyclable mug...

Comment #28

I am a tap drinker too but we have a well so I don't use my tap water for draggin around all day, too much bacteria. I drink bottled when I am out and about, keep a huge case in the back of my car so I never run out. I know it is bad for the environment so I try to always recycle the empties. I also worry about the heat here in the summer and storing them in my hot car, is something in the plastic leaching into the water? Anyway I have had kidney stones for the past 22 years, I can never get too much water...

Comment #29

Filtered tap water and for a treat, Pellegrino..

8-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #30

Tap water all the way! New studies are showing bottled water is a problem for a lot of reasons from questionable origins of the water, landfill waste of the bottles, to the plastic bottles leeching chemicals into the product itself. And any of those little carbon things you put on your faucet are going to do way more harm than good after about 30 to 45 days as the carbon becomes exhausted and starts breeding bacteria.

I am on a deep well, I should add, so what I get from the tap is Florida Aquifer water, which I believe is still relatively pollution-free. I don't know if I would feel the same way if I had some gaud awful, overly chlorinated municipal water on tap...

Comment #31

I get my water straight from cold, mountain underground springs!!! Yummo!..

Comment #32

Half tap and half from the fridge filter. A whole house filter system is on my Christmas list..

If I have to buy bottled water, I always recycle the bottle. The bottle I'm using at work is one I've had for several months...

Comment #33

I use Pur water filter pitchers in my fridge, I have 2, I don't believe that tap water is good for you and would prefer to drink from a well or auquifer or mountian spring if I could..

The Pur water filter only makes me feel slightly better than tap water, but I need to drink it so I do..

I also buy good bottled water when I can, including some sparkling Italian mineral water from World Market, so I can make my own sodas with Torani syrups...

Comment #34

Filtered tap for me...I tried just tap but I couldn't stand the I caved and bought a culligan pitcher..

Comment #35

I use Brita filter pitcher at home... when I travel, I take a case of bottled water, never leave home without it...!!..

Comment #36

I am super fussy about what water I will drink, and I'm WORTH it. I buy my Deer Park water (my first choice) in the 35 count case of half liter bottles at Costco. The price varies a bit depending on their costs and the season, but is usually between $4 and $4.50. At about 12 cents a bottle I can handle it.

I hear ya on the double dipping on the water supply - DH is doing Medifast with me, so we both hit the supply pretty hard..

We do recycle the bottles at least...

Comment #37

I'm not saying you're not worth it, but I personally think the cases of bottled water thing is excessive as far as waste goes. I'm not trying to single you out b/c you're not the only one, but I'm wondering why people don't just buy a water bottle and a filter for the sink or a pitcher? It's a lot cheaper..

Thank you for recycling the bottles though...

Comment #38

I refill my Nalgene bottle at work throughout the day, from the water cooler. At home, I use a Brita filter. Every once in awhile I buy flavored Skinny Waters when they go on sale...

Comment #39

At home, I drink straight from the tap. I bring a 32 oz. jug to classes with me every day. On the occasional days I forget it, I buy a water bottle at the caf...

Comment #40

We have well water and while we use it to cook with, I do not drink it. We have a water cooler and go through about 8 5gallon bottles a month. I fill 3 32oz rubbermaid bottles to take with me to work each morning. Its well worth it for us...

Comment #41

The tap water where I live does not taste great. I use a Brita pitcher & a reusable stainless steel bottle {klean kanteen} for when I need to take it on the go. The Brita filter is about $9 & lasts 2 months.

I haven't purchased bottled water in years! Forget the expense, it's terrible for our planet...

Comment #42

I'm a from the tap kind of gal. I have 4 BPA-free water bottles that I refill from a gallon jug that I keep in my office (I work from home, and the kitchen is downstairs, so I only fill one thing and lug it upstairs)..

Hubby drinks it filtered from the fridge. He's pickier about his water for some reason - has to be ice cold. I can only care so much..

I drank this much water before Medifast so it's nothing new for me...

Comment #43

At home I drink from the tap. My office supplies us with bottled water...

Comment #44

I have a Brita water filter pitcher, but I still don't like the taste of my tap water even after being run through it. I won't drink it if it isn't exactly what I want, so that's why I do what I do. I'm glad everyone else seems to be better at this whole water thing :-)..

Comment #45

At home I have a Brita system and a nalgene bottle just for me. At work I get water in my nalgene bottle from the soda station...

Comment #46

Tap water and the occasional bottle if I am out somewhere like grocery shopping and feel parched. I use my Solstic water bottles from BB&B and fill them straight from the tap or the refrigerator dispenser. I read somewhere not long ago that lots of the bottled waters are simply expensive tap water...

Comment #47

I can't stand tap water here or pretty much everywhere I have lived. I also didn't care for the Brita we had a few years ago but after starting Medifast we decided that it was way too expensive and bad for the enviroment to get 2 cases of water a week so we changed over to Culligan and WOW are we happy with it! My husband and I use 7 5 gallon jugs every month. We use it for any Medifast meal and drinking and it is JUST enough for us. On delivery day we are usually empty completely. I have sensitive teeth so it is too cold from the machine for me but it works for me to buy a 6pack of 24oz. bottles every 2 months and once I have drank the bottle I refill and by the time I need that bottle again it is a bit cooler than room temp which is good for my mouth Works good for me and when I change out my bottles I do recycle but unfortunately I still buy the bottles on a regular basis.

In without worrying about keeping track too..

Comment #48

Walgreens sells some awesome reusable stainless steel bottles for about $5 ea. Think they are about 20 oz each. I will probably always keep bottled water in my car, heck I live in the desert! I've been giving some thought to that water station I've seen advertised that filters water directly into 4 reusable 16 oz bottles. I could buy some extra bottles and make it so I don't run out. Maybe I'll ask Santa for that for Christmas...

Comment #49

We have a reverse osmosis filtering system at work and home, so I usually drink filtered tap water.

But I do buy bottled water if I'm out. I agree that it's crazy to spend money on something that's freely available, but the convenience factor of having a cold bottle with a replaceable cap wins out on an occasional basis. When everyone else in my group is getting a pop, I get a water!.

This thread reminded me it's time to buy new filters!..

Comment #50

We have beyond nasty tap water, so we have a water cooler and two five gallon jugs. We go fill them up usually about once a week at a place in town that offers filtered water. We pay $1 to fill up each 5 gallon jug...

Comment #51

I never used to allow myself to buy bottled water because I felt guilty about the environment. But then I didn't drink much water. When I started MF, I allowed myself to buy water during the 5&1 stage to help me get in tons of water without any excuses.

Now that I've been on Medifast for a couple of months, this is my routine: each week I buy a 6-pack of the large Deer Park bottles with the sports cap. Each day or two I get a fresh one from the fridge and then refill for the rest of the day (up to 2 days) from the filtered, chilled water in my fridge door dispenser. This way I have the convenience of bottled water in my fridge when needed, but most of my water is actually coming through the house tap water via the fridge dispenser. When one bottle gets too "germy" I put it in my recycle bin and get a new one..

Hope this helps!.


Comment #52

BPA free reusable 5 gal. bottles from our Health Store @ 39 cents/gallon for refills; been doing it for over 20 years. It's part of our emergency preparedness food/water storage!.

Continued success to all!!!! Belly up!..

Comment #53

The water from the tap here is great, so I happily drink it. City Gin all the way for me! When I find a new job, I will bring water from home with me if they do not have a water cooler there. I do not buy bottled water if I can help it...

Comment #54

As with many - used a PUR filter until we moved. rental has a lower faucet so no filter. come to find out - faucet and chilled is JUST fine but for me - chilled is key...

Comment #55

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