Where do you get Medifast food? (what stores carry it)?

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First question I have is Where do you get Medifast food? (what stores carry it)? Hoping for any answer. My other question... has a good deal on the ninja. I bought one last time someone posted the deal. For those that don't know woot is one deal one day...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I agree and if I hadn't just bought one a couple of months ago I'd be all over this deal. And I'm a woot-a-holic too, lol...

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So does this work well for a single medifast serving? I have a blender that I absolutely LOVE, but I wasn't sure about using it for such a tiny amount...

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Wow, that's a great deal! Too bad I already have one or I would scoop that up!..

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Wow! I already have a Ninja, but I got another one anyway - they are so helpful on this journey and plus I don't have a hand mixer and I ALWAYS need extra cups for medi-drinks! Definitely a great deal! Thanks for the heads up...

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The Ninja I got came with two big blenders and two small mini blenders that almost work like food processors (they dont have a handle). They are tough on crushing ice in like a few seconds seriously! I make my shakes and soft serve with the smaller ninja. I also use it to puree baby food and things!..

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Cool...I don't know if I've just been brain-warped from being in class all day, but I just can't seem to figure out exactly what the woot ad contains when it mentions the 20 oz cups...dang...looks like I have about 20 minutes to take the plunge or not if it is a daily deal!..

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OkI went ahead and grabbed one...figured if my other blender feels OK for the small serving, I can always give this to my son who is blenderless, but if it rocks....well, mommy just has more kitchen toys..

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Thank you for posting this. My 2 year old Magic Bullet is ready to bite the dust..

I have been wanting a Ninja. I have several boxes of soft serve that I want to make with the Ninja!..

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Just a note....the time period for their deals is midnight to midnight, Central Time. Unless, of course, they sell out.....then you must wait for midnight CST to see what the new deal is..

So, you had plenty of time for the deal. But the popular items to tend to go fast, so it's likely a good thing you went ahead and got it...

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This is a great deal! But I just bought one when they had it the last time......If you've been wanting to get one now is the time!!!..

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Anyone have that hand mixer? Just curious if it's worth getting.....

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I LOVE my Ninja. I bought it at Costco and spent more on it than Woot is selling it for - and it's the same as the one on Woot. It works well for many things and especially the soft serve. I used a Magic Bullet before and wouldn't trade the Ninja for the MB .... ever. It certainly is well worth the cost..

By the way, I really love Woot and have gotten lots of things through them. They're reliable and their deals are great if it's something you want and/or need...

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I just went to and I am buying one! Thanks...

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Thanks for posting this!! Yep, it's a good deal. Amazon has the Ninja for the same price but it doesn't include all the extra stuff that the Woot deal does. I'm really looking forward to using this this summer with soft serve and shakes...

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I jumped on the deal as well - I had just ordered a generic bullet from Penny's but this was only $10 more and everyone seems to rave about them!..

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Whats even funnier is there is a Medifast add right on the page LOL..

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So this is a good deal on woot? I saw it last night, but I wasn't sure. Going to give it some serious thought..


(Say No to Scurvy!)..

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Patty, you get the Medifast ad because you frequent the Medifast website. I get Medifast ads all over the place!..

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Thank you for posting this! I just ordered mine..

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DD1 ordered one, too. We love Woot (almost as much as ThinkGeek)...

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Christine that is too funny - I was wondering why I was seeing them everywhere now - I was like wow - Medifast is really advertising hard LOL..

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Oh nooooooooooo! I'd never seen ThinkGeek. They are amazing! I see many wasted hours on their website in my very near future...

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Really? I have yet to see an ad since I been on Medifast and I been on Medifast for almost a YEAR..

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What one did you order from there? The kit that comes with or something??..

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Hey Steph, maybe you have different settings on your browser, you know, letting less stuff through, etc. BTW ThinkGeek is a fantastic web site I've ordered stuff from there at lot but then I'm a geek!..

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Whatever one was on the main site: Ninja Master Prep Professional 450-Watt Food Processor and Hand Mixer Bundle.

Comes with this!.

Product:1 Euro-Pro QB1004-W 450 Watt Master Prep Pro,Hand Mixer,40 & 48oz Pitcher,16oz Bowl,2 20oz Travel Cups.

I'm excited.

I LOOOOOOVE ThinkGeek. If you haven't already, check out their April Fools products, some of them are hilarious. Quite a few of them have actually been turned into real products amazingly enough...

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